Do Vizsla Dogs Sweat?

As a dog owner, you may be used to seeing your canine companion pant in hot weather, which makes us wonder if dogs really sweat. 

do vizsla dogs sweat
Do Vizsla Dogs Sweat?

Yes, dogs sweat. When dogs sweat, it is only a small part of the process they use to cool down. 

Vizslas dogs are canines that spend most of their time playing, jumping, and exercising with their owners, members of their human family, or other canine companions. It is to be expected that these wonderful slender and resistant canes sweat, but there is nothing wrong since it is normal in all dogs. 

How Do Dogs Sweat? 

There’s a reason you’ve never seen your dog sweat like you have, and that is because dogs only produce sweat on certain parts of their body. 

Dogs have two types of sweat glands: 

  • Merocrine glands. 
  • Apocrine glands. 

The merocrine glands function similarly to the human sweat glands. These are located on your cute dog’s paw pads and are activated in hot weather to cool it down. That is why you may notice wet paw prints on the ground during particularly hot days. 

Apocrine glands are different from the previous ones. Apocrine glands are considered sweat glands, and their main purpose is to release pheromones and not cool your dog down as in the last case. These are found throughout all dogs’ bodies and help a canine identify other dogs by their scent

Why is My Dog ​​Vizsla Panting So Much? 

Vizslas are extremely energetic dogs, so they always spend their hours of the day exercising and staying in shape. 

Sweat plays a very small role in cooling your Vizsla dog. Dogs rely on panting to control most of their temperature regulation. When these furry friends gasp, they evaporate moisture from their tongues, nostrils, and the lining of their lungs, cooling as air passes over damp tissue. 

How Does My Vizsla Dog Stay Cool During Hot Weather? 

Both dogs of other breeds and Vizslas cool themselves through vasodilation. It consists of the expansion of blood vessels in the face and ears, allowing blood to flow closer to the skin and heat to be exchanged with the outside environment. 

Despite your dog’s cooling mechanisms, canines are still prone to overheating (hyperthermia) and heatstroke. However, don’t let your Vizsla get too hot, or it can be very dangerous. 

If your dog spends a lot of time outdoors, make sure he has access to shade and plenty of clean water at all times. You may not think that your dog is suffering from the heat as it has a short coat. However, it has a high energy level that will allow it to continue playing and exercising, regardless of the temperature. 

We recommend maintaining the proper temperature inside your home to make sure it is cool enough for your Vizsla. 

Thirsty Vizsla dog
Thirsty Vizsla dog


Don’t Exercise It in Hot Hours 

Don’t exercise your dog when it’s too hot outside. Instead, do it very early in the morning or wait until the end of the day. If it has been playing “fetch the ball” for a long time and it is very hot, take it home, so it can breathe better and cool down comfortably. 

You can also buy a cooling vest to keep your dog comfortable for longer. 

Don’t Leave Your Dog Alone in a Car 

Never leave your dog unsupervised in a car, not even for a few minutes, as temperatures inside a vehicle can quickly rise to dangerous levels and suffocate the canine. 

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