A Complete Guide To The Weimaraner German Shepherd Mix

Pets are part of the daily life of many families around the world. The most popular species that people desire are dogs, cats, birds, rodents, and snakes. However, we all know that the most common are dogs since they are usually the animals that have the greatest facility to form strong bonds with people. 

weimaraner german shepherd mix
Weimaraner German Shepherd Mix: Complete Guide

The number of dog breeds around the world is extensive, and we can find canines with all kinds of varied characteristics, both in their appearance and personality.

Two popular species are the Weimaraner and the German Shepherd, both known throughout the world for their excellent skills and physical characteristics. 

The Weimaraner is known primarily for its extraordinary silver-gray short coat. In fact, that’s why it is called the “Gray Ghost.” Its high physical level and proficient skills during hunting make it a very versatile dog when it comes to doing any work or outdoor activity.

A Weimaraner is a friendly and affectionate canine with its owners and members of its human family, so they will not represent a problem as a life partner. 

On the other hand, the German Shepherd is one of the most versatile dogs out there. It is a faithful and loving breed with their loved ones. They are active and energetic canines that need to exercise daily in order to release all the energy they accumulate.

The German Shepherd is usually used as a herding, police, guardian, military, guide, or search (and rescue) dog. It is also characterized by being very reliable, safe, and courageous, so it is used for protection and guard work. 

Weimaraner German Shepherd Mix 

This mixed breed originated through a cross between a Weimaraner and a German Shepherd. The union of both canines received the name “Weimshepherd.” It is a beautiful dog that exhibits interesting physical characteristics and abilities.

We can say that this breed of dog presents the high level of physical activity of a Weimaraner while its calm personality was inherited from the German Shepherd

This canine not only stands out for its physical attractiveness but also for being versatile when performing different activities and jobs. In addition, they are very trainable, so they are excellent pets for any family.

In fact, training is essential for this type of mixed breed since that way, it will be able to control its instincts. The Weimshepherd is not recommended for beginner dog owners, but with good previous training, it is possible for them to get along well together. 

Weimaraner German Shepherd Mix: Physical Characteristics 

Both breeds used for this mix are considered medium-large dogs. The average size of a Weimaraner, regardless of its gender, varies between 56 cm and 69 cm, while its weight is between 23 kg and 32 kg. A German Shepherd tends to be between 55 cm and 67 cm tall and between 34 kg and 44 kg in weight. 

A Weimshepherd can present an average size of both breeds. Generally, these dogs can measure between 58 cm and 64 cm and have a weight that varies between 27 kg and 35 kg. Its final size will depend on the dominant characteristics of its parents as well as the diet, care, and lifestyle provided by its owners. 

This canine body is robust with a slightly short and thick neck, deep chest, long snout, dark nose, and long floppy ears. In addition, it has muscular limbs that allow it to run and jump without becoming unsteady.

The eyes of this mixed breed can be brown, amber, or hazel. The coat of a Weimshepherd is short, shiny, and elegant and is usually black in color, although it can also be gray. 

Weimaraner German Shepherd Mix: Personality and Behavior 

The combination of the active and energetic Weimaraner and the skilled and hard-working German Shepherd results in a dog with extraordinary qualities. The Weimshepherd is very physically active and needs a lot of exercise every day.

They are very intelligent and like to be mentally stimulated through different agility exercises. That is why they are very trainable and teachable dogs. 

These dogs can be quite hyperactive due to their predecessors as hunting dogs and also to their high physical level. For that reason, they can be excellent pets but are not recommended for families with children or small pets.

It should be noted that this mixed breed has a high protective instinct, so they will always try to take care of their human family members and warn them of possible danger. That is why they are considered to be excellent watchdogs. 

The Weimshepherd loves being together with its loved ones. They are very affectionate dogs, so it is not advisable to leave them alone for a long time as they can become anxious, which would be negative for their health. As the owner of such a dog, it is essential to give it the attention and love it deserves so that it is happy all the time. 

weimaraner german shepherd mix
Weimaraner German Shepherd Mix

Weimaraner German Shepherd Mix: Care 

This breed requires little maintenance as its fur is short. That is why its coat only needs to be brushed once a week to keep it shiny. 

As for the hygiene of these canines, it is advisable to bathe them only when necessary. It will be enough once or twice each month unless it has gotten dirty. What is important to take into account is the cleaning of its ears.

They tend to get very dirty due to their shape, so it is advisable to clean them once a week as otherwise, the dog could have health problems. Tooth brushing should also be a regular practice in the life of the Weimshepherd. 

These animals love to run, jump, play, and do any physical activity. Due to their high level of physical activity, they need a complete and varied exercise routine that allows them to stay healthy and fit all the time. The diet of this canine must be balanced and based on many proteins that can provide the necessary energy to perform its daily exercises. 

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