Vizsla vs Goldendoodle: What’s the Difference?

If you are thinking of getting a pet, you may have had your eyes set on either the Vizsla or Golden doodle. Both breeds are spectacular and are different in every sense. Which would you prefer? Is it the high maintenance Goldendoodle or the Hungarian Vizsla?

vizsla vs goldendoodle
Vizsla vs Goldendoodle: What’s the Difference?

Although the two may be big dogs, Vizsla is quite shorter than Golden Doodle. Golden Doodles tend to live longer than Vizsla, and there is a whole lot more to learn about these two breeds. This article will look at everything concerning these dogs and you will get to make your pick.

The Vizsla Breed

It is also known as the Hungarian Vizsla or Magyar Vizsla. If you are looking for a loyal dog, Vizsla’s belong to the family of loyal dogs, and they are one of the smallest pointer-retriever breeds. Vizsla’s are hunting dogs too, but they go for smaller games. It is a very intelligent dog and an exciting pet.

A Vizsla is energetic and always has a cheerful disposition. It hardly gets tempered and will easily light up the mood of its owner. Training this dog is easy and is one of the best companions. It is rare for a dog to be friendly and sporty, but the Vizsla makes it look easy. 

Vizsla Origin 

Originally from Hungry, these breeds of dogs were mostly owned by warlords and barons. They kept them without interbreeding for hundreds of years.

The Vizsla species have lived through wars, and there was a time when they almost went extinct. There were about a dozen of them in Hungry after the Second World War.  However, this breed has thrived and continued to survive. 

Vizsla Traits 

One of the distinct traits of Vizslas is their golden/rust color. You can easily identify them from other breeds. You will notice their docked tail. They have long ears, and their hair feels silky.

They are lean, and their feet are light on the ground. You can tell them apart with their red color nose that compliments their golden rust color. The Vizslas have beautiful eyes, and their nails blend with their coat color. You will also find them in other colors today which, is far from their original golden coat.

There are Vizslas with a russet gold coat, some with dark sandy gold, and copper brown coat. These are officially the colors you will find most Vizslas.  Their coat hair is smooth and short and they don’t have an undercoat. 

Vizsla Temperament 

You won’t be afraid of having this pet close to your kids. They love kids and are very protective of them. Children love to play, and the Vizsla will find them great company. The energy of the Vizsla is incredible, and they run fast. They can learn quickly and are very sound. They will need a lot of space to run around if you eventually get one. 

Vizsla Health 

The Vizsla comes with some possible health problems. This, however, happens rarely, but when it does occur, it is quite serious. They are likely to develop cancer. It could be lymphoma, mast cells, or even hemangiosarcoma.

This is common with most dogs and can be treated. It is also likely to kill it too. Some have experienced seizures and epilepsy which can be treated. They hardly have dysplasia, but there have been some cases with this breed. It tends to cause them arthritis. A few times or preferably seasonally, they are likely to develop ear infections

Vizsla Pet Care 

If you choose to own a Vizsla, caring for this pet is important. Vizslas are not high maintenance, so you can rest assured that you won’t spend much on them. Here are some tips to help you care for your Vizsla. 

  1. If you have a puppy, feed them well. They are very active dogs and will need a high-calorie intake.  
  1. For the adult Vizsla, also need a high-calorie diet, if they do a lot of exercises. You can feed them twice every day with three cups of food. 
  1. Allow them to exercise and run around. They love to play, but you should also limit this. If they are still puppies, you will need to monitor them until they are up to 24 months old.  
  1. Keep them in good health and care for them when they are ill. You can know a healthy Vizsla when they are full of energy and strength. 
  1. Train them and engage this dog in competitions. They like scent work, dock diving, barn hunting, field trials, and other types of agility games. 

The Goldendoodle  

Golden Doodles are fun to be with and enjoy being around children. They love to be part of the family and will need you to shower them with love. They tend to form a deep bond with the family and are very protective.

If you treat them well, you will enjoy having this companion around. They love taking part in all activities with the family and won’t like it when they are left alone. This dog is patient, friendly, and very intelligent. You can train the Golden Doodle to be obedient and loyal. 

Goldendoodle History 

Golden Doodle is popularly called Golden Pop, and the name originates from the United States. This breed of dogs can be traced to the 90s and that is because they are crossbreeds.

Golden Doodles came from the mating of the Golden Labrador and the Poodle. The real reason they were crossbred was that they were trying to make a breed that could live with people who had allergies.  It is not all Golden Doodles that are hypoallergenic today. They gained their popularity because they hardly shed their coat. 

Goldendoodle Traits 

Golden Doodles are medium-sized and measure around 61 to 66cm when standing. They have a variety of this breed. You can have them as small as a toy and very large.  They originally came in either golden, yellow, cream, or red coats.

Sometimes you will find some breeds with brown or black coats. Their coat is medium in length and usually very curly. Some owners send their pets to professionals to shun their coats. Golden Doodles have floppy ears and a very long tail. 

Goldendoodle Temperament 

These poodles are great companions and will make wonderful pets for families. Golden Doodles are also great as rescue dogs. They are used as therapy dogs. One peculiar trait about them is their alertness.

They are always alert and very bright. They love children and adults alike. Golden Doodles are patient, and they inherited the traits from the Golden Labrador and poodle. They are energetic and can adapt to any environment. They prefer to do walking exercises and play ball games. 

Goldendoodle Health Problems 

Golden Doodles are very healthy dogs, but this breed sometimes exhibits health problems that tend to affect the Poodles and Golden Labradors. They tend to have hip dysplasia.

The Golden Doodles are also likely to inherit eye problems like progressive retinal atrophy. They also can be prone to common ailments that are associated with dogs. They can develop atopic dermatitis, which is also common with other breeds.  

Goldendoodle Pet Care 

Caring for Golden Doodles is moderately expensive. They require special care and attention. If you have a Golden Doodle, here are some tips to help you care for them. 

  1. They need quality time and will always demand your attention. This poodle isn’t only interested in feeding. Even if you give them food and water, they still want you to give them some love. They love being treated like family. 
  1. They need to be fed well to stay healthy. Golden Doodles are energetic and will need nutritious food to stay strong. 
  1. Give them a comfortable place to sleep at night.  
  1. They will need a shed or shelter where they can hide from the rain or sun. 
  1. Golden Doodles will need you to brush their coat to remove loose hair and trim their long nails. 
  1. You will also need to take them to the vet to get their ears checked for infection. 
  1. You will need to brush the dog’s teeth two to three times every week. 
  1. Take your poodle for a walk and engage them in ball games. They also like rope games, swimming, and other outdoor activities. 
  1. When you notice your dog showing any sign of illness, don’t hesitate to take it to a vet. 

Vizsla vs Goldendoodle Comparison Table

 Golden Doodle Vizsla 
Size Large Large 
Weight Miniature:7-14kg, Standard: 20-45 kg Miniature: 10.5 kg, Standard: 32.5 kg 
Avg. Height 33-61 cm 47 cm 
Coat Black Gray, White Brown, Red Yellow Golden Rust, Russet Gold, Dark Sandy Gold 
Breed Type Cross Breed Purebred 
Price $600-$800 $800-$1200 
Temperament Energetic Intelligent Friendly Trainable Protective,  Energetic, Playful, Friendly, Trainable, Intelligent 
Intelligence It has average obedience intelligence Very smart and an excellent dog breed 
Life Expectancy 10-15 years 10-14 years 
Health Goldendoodles are commonly healthy dogs.   Healthy breed, with some health issues.  You would need to visit the vet regularly. 
vizsla vs goldendoodle
Vizsla vs Goldendoodle


The Vizsla and Golden Doodle are very loyal and friendly dogs. They love to play and are very intelligent breeds.  There are lots of reasons to like these two dogs. In terms of appearance, they are both appealing.

They are friendly and safe around kids. It is your choice to make if you like the attention-seeking poodle or the hyperactive Vizsla. It is, however, important that you care for these dogs and ensure that you give your dog all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy  

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