Why Do Vizslas Have Docked Tails?

One of the most important things that are part of the lives of many families and people are pets. Whether it is a dog, cat, fish, rodent, etc., a pet is part of a family due to the strong ties they create with their owners. 

why do vizslas have docked tails
Why Do Vizslas Have Docked Tails?

As we know, dogs are the most popular pets that we can find in most homes on the planet. They are incredible creatures that are characterized by the love and fidelity they offer to their owners or members of their human family. Within the large group of dog breeds that exist, the Vizsla is one of the most outstanding. 

A Vizsla is a canine characterized by its high level of physical activity and hunting abilities. These dogs are active and energetic and require a lot of daily exercise to be satisfied, healthy, and fit.

Like many other pets, these canines need to spend a lot of time with their loved ones as they often suffer from separation anxiety. That means that they cannot be left alone for long periods. Otherwise, they will feel sad. 

The mission of Vizslas owners is to take care of their pets and give them an excellent quality of life. Remember that a pet is a living being, and on many occasions, we must treat them as if they were our children. Taking this into account, people who love their Vizsla a lot wonder if it is necessary to practice tail docking on their pets since it is inhumane for many. 

Why Do Vizslas Have Docked Tails? 

The first thing we have to know is that tail docking is a practice that consists of the amputation of a segment of variable length from the tail of an animal, in this case, a dog, which can be carried out through surgical scissors, a knife, or a rubber band. 

This practice is carried out between the first 2 and 8 days of the age of the canine. It should be noted that anesthesia is not used in the case of puppies. If we are talking about an adult Vizsla, we have to clarify that the use of anesthesia is vital since during this stage, its tail is large, and its bones, blood vessels, and nerves are more developed. 

Is It Painful to Dock the Tail of the Vizsla? 

It is important to note that tail docking is painful for canines. There is much irrefutable evidence that a dog feels pain when subjected to this practice since it has a nervous system capable of perceiving painful sensations. 

We can realize the pain that this animal presents through biological indicators. The reason for this situation is that an adult’s tailbone is fully developed. In the case of puppies less than 3 days old, it is rare for them to experience pain since their bones in that area are not yet developed, so they are usually soft. 

Is It Necessary to Carry Out This Practice on Vizslas? 

There is no valid fact that confirms that tail docking is totally good or totally bad. Although this practice can be very painful and considered cruel, the reality is that it can help the Vizsla avoid injuries to its tail. That’s because these canines are active and energetic and do great hunting in the field. 

Because of that, this dog can be exposed to many injuries to its tail since it usually has to run from one side to the other, wagging its tail quickly and running the risk of being exposed to damage in the field. 

However, we must also consider the advantages that a Vizsla’s tail has.  

The tail provides support for a canine to maintain balance when walking or running. Likewise, this limb may be required to swim properly, especially for Vizsla, who likes water. Some even use their tail as an important part of their body language. 

Certainly, none of the events mentioned occurs in 100% of the cases, especially since a third of the tail docked is not necessary. While it is true that having a docked tail can have certain advantages, the reality is that the Vizsla will still be able to run, swim, or communicate with its owners. 

On certain occasions, tail docking can pose certain risks, including infections or wound healing disorders, degeneration of the surrounding muscles and tissues, and altered social behavior. 

Some people recommend cutting off that third of the Vizsla’s tail in order to avoid any unnecessary injury and pain. The entire tail of a Vizsla runs the risk of snagging on something during its hunting session

Many other people perform this procedure solely for reasons related to the appearance of the canine. 

Vizsla docked tail
Vizsla docked tail

Interesting Facts About Vizsla Tail Docking

There are countries that have banned tail docking throughout history, mainly for cosmetic reasons. Some of those countries are Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden, Greece, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Germany, Finland, etc.

In England, only registered veterinarians are allowed to carry out this practice. In fact, some of those countries specify that among the breeds prohibited from carrying out tail docking is the Vizsla. 

Another interesting fact is that most veterinarians do not like to cut off a dog’s tail, regardless of breed. The reason for this is that they are sure that this practice can cause adverse effects on the health of the canine. Another reason is to prevent the Vizsla, or any other dog, from suffering from bleeding, infection, and in the worst case, death. 

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