When Do Vizslas Eyes Change Color?

It is worldwide known that Vizslas puppies are born with blue eyes. That is due to the lack of melanin that their body presents because they are still babies. When these animals begin to grow, their eyes change to brown or amber. 

when do vizslas eyes change color
When Do Vizslas Eyes Change Color?

In fact, when a puppy is born, it tends to keep its eyes closed until at least two weeks after birth. After that time has passed, you will realize that your little Vizsla will have blue eyes

When Do Vizslas Eyes Change Color? 

The color of a Vizsla dog’s eyes begins to change from 3 to 4 weeks after birth. That is expected to happen when the puppy starts to grow and develop. 

The change in the eyes of this breed follows the transformation of the whole body. That is, as the body of this animal begins to grow, the color of its eyes will change as well. 

Basically, Vizslas begin to open their eyes from 2 weeks of age. Any change in the puppy’s eyes begins 4 weeks after birth. 

Sometimes the change in eye color can take more than 5 weeks. However, some Vizsla canines may show a color change in their eyes earlier, that is, before 4 weeks. 

There have even been cases where the canine maintains the blue color of its eyes during the first 11 months of life. 

Apparently, this type of dog is a special breed that changes with growth. This growth is an essential factor if the animal is fed well. These changes can be slow or fast. But as long as your Vizsla is healthy, it will be in good shape and have regular and proper development. 

Vizsla dog with tantalizing eyes
Vizsla dog with tantalizing eyes

Why Do My Vizsla Dog’s Eyes Change Color? 

As we have said before, the change in eye color of a Vizsla pet is due to its growth. As these canines grow, the color of their eyes also changes. For the most part, one of the most common eye colors among dogs is brown. Similarly, the Vizsla breed can also present eyes with an amber color. 

However, there are Vizsla dogs with blue eyes. Blue and yellow are the most common eye colors for these canines. Of course, there are also other colors, such as gray and green, but they are less common. 

Additionally, the canines of this species have the ability to change the color of their eyes to match their reddish-gold fur. As the hair grows, the eyes change color to match it. 

However, the eyes of these dogs can also change due to illness. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your pet while these changes occur. That way, you can make sure it is not due to some condition. 

It is important that you always keep an eye on your pet’s eyes, as these organs are vital to your Vizsla. 

In the event that you observe any abnormality in your pet’s eyes, immediately contact a veterinarian to have your Vizsla checked. In this way, you can rule out any adverse situation, be it a disease or a dangerous condition. 

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