Why Do Pugs Sleep So Much?

In this article, we will look at why pugs sleep so much. Adult pugs tend to sleep 14 hours a day with puppies sleeping less and seniors sleeping more. Is this healthy for your pug? Let’s take a look.

why do pugs sleep so much
Why Do Pugs Sleep So Much?

Sleeping Pugs

Do Pugs need this much sleep? What are pugs sleeping habits and when does an owner need to be concerned about it?  Are they sleeping because they are lazy or bored or is this a trait of the breed? So why do pugs sleep so much?

There are, however, those who don’t agree. For instance, these people don’t think that pugs sleep more than other dogs.  It’s just that sleeping pugs are more obvious.

How Long Do Pugs Sleep

So how long do Pugs sleep really? Pug newborn pups can sleep between 20 to 22 hours a day.  Adult pugs can sleep up to 14 hours a day while seniors’ metabolism slows down. They can spend a lot more time sleeping than running around or being with you.  This includes naps as well as nighttime sleep.

Pug Sleeping Habits

Pugs do tend to follow their owners’ sleeping habits.  For instance, if the owner sleeps for 8 hours at night the pug will normally sleep 8 hours at night. But if the owner only sleeps 4 to 6 hours at night the pug will also tend to sleep only that amount of time at night.  Pug sleeping habits include taking naps during the day.  They will be very happy to sit on your lap or next to you all day and nap.

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Pugs can sleep wherever they are.  Most dogs will go and lie down in their kennel or a special spot but pugs will fall asleep wherever they are. If the owner tends to watch a lot of TV or work on a computer at home, their pug will be happy to take a rest near their owner.

Reasons Pugs Might Sleep So Much

  1. Pugs may sleep so much due to a lack of exercise or stimulation. How much exercise does the pug need?  A pug needs to have enough exercise to be stimulated physically and mentally.  For instance, a dog needs to be able to go on walks. Then they need to go out in a yard and play fetch or just play with the owner, other dogs, or children in the family.
  2. Are your sleeping pugs bored? There are several things that someone can do to keep their dog active, even if the owner cannot be home all the time with their pug.
  • Have a family member or a friend spend some time with their pug while they are at work.
  • Find toys that their pug can play with during the day.  Some toys can have treats put into them.  This will keep the pug busy trying to get the treat out of the toy.
  • Look into the idea of letting your dog spend some time in a Daycare for dogs.
  1. Has the pug been injured or is it sick?
    • It is a good idea for pugs to have regular checkups. Also, don’t let obesity be a reason why do your pugs sleep so much.
Pug Dog Sleeping in Bed
Pug Dog Sleeping in Bed

Where Do Pugs Sleep

Where a pug sleeps is really up to the owner. The most important thing to remember is that where they sleep impacts if they get a good night’s sleep. Here are some of the places a pug can sleep.

  1. A pug that is crate-trained will sleep in its crate all night. Sleeping pugs think their crate is a safe place and they will even go in on their own and sleep during the day.
  2. Pugs also will sleep on the floor especially if it has carpet.
  3. There are a lot of nice dog beds that are sold online as well in pet stores. Sleeping pugs will be happy to claim one of them for their own special place to sleep.
  4. A pug owner may decide to let their pug sleep with them in their bed at night.

Since the pug is a small breed, it will adapt to sleeping in the owner’s bed.  The owner needs to consider that the pug will pick a spot and consider it their place to sleep. If they are really comfortable this could be why do pugs sleep so much.

Sleeping Pugs Sometimes Have Difficulties

Dogs like humans need to have REM deep sleep.  Sometimes some things can cause a pug to not be able to get this uninterrupted sleep.  As with humans, they can then be tired all the next day.  These situations can affect why pugs sleep so much. For instance:

  1. Sleeping pugs have problems with snoring. Pugs are among the breeds that are considered brachycephalic and this causes them to snore.  This can cause a pug to wake up and not get the REM deep sleep it needs.  It is sometimes difficult for them to breathe correctly.
  2. Pugs can have insomnia and this and this condition causes the pug to have problems going to sleep. If it is a continual problem the owner needs to have the pug checked out for anxiety or an illness.
  3. The pug’s sleeping habits can be impacted by painful joints as they grow older and also can have digestive problems.
  4. Pugs like people can also have Sleep Apnea. This can happen if the pug is overweight.  As with people, Apnea may cause the pug to stop breathing for a few minutes.  A pug will normally wake up when this happens. This certainly answers the question of why pugs sleep so much.

In Conclusion

Pugs can seem to sleep too much, however, with proper care and exercise they will not.  It is normal pug sleeping habits for an adult pug to sleep for 14 hours a day for instance. Puppies will sleep 20 to 22 hours each day.  A senior pug can sleep longer than 14 hours due to its metabolism slowing down.  The more time an owner spends with their pug or their pug receives the necessary stimulation, the more the pug will be active during the day.

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