How Much Do Pug Puppies Sleep?

Like all babies, puppies need lots of sleep. But how much is normal? 

Read on to find out all about how much your pug puppy should sleep, how much your adult pig should sleep, what is normal and what isn’t, and how you can help your pug if they are sleeping too much.

Do Pug Puppies Sleep A Lot?

Yes, they do. From the age of three to eight weeks, it is completely normal for a puppy to sleep up to 20 hours per day. This is crucial to their growth and development. So let sleeping dogs (read, puppies) lie!

How long do Pugs sleep?

do pug puppies sleep a lot

Pug puppies who are aged from two months up to five months will continue to sleep roughly 20 hours per day. This may be broken up into stages. For example, your pug puppy will have some solid sleep at night plus several cat naps during the day.

When your pug is 12 months old they are considered an adult. By the time your pug has reached adulthood, expect for them to sleep around 14 hours per day. Whilst this may sound like quite a bit, it isn’t for a pug.

Pugs sleep a few hours more over a 24-hour period than some other breeds. Your pug will sleep mostly during the night during their adult years; 9 hours per night is a good amount. You do not need to be concerned about them sleeping 14 hours over a 24 hour period, as this is quite normal.

Generally, dogs sleep more than people, but less than cats (who can sleep for 16 hours per day!), so if it seems that your dog is napping lots during the day before settling in for the night, you really do not need to be concerned about this.

Once again, when you look at life stage changes in dogs, by the time your pug reaches their senior years (which is from approximately the age of seven up until the end of their life cycle), you would expect that they will sleep more than this 14 hours. And once again, just like when your pug was a baby, expect to see quite a bit of napping happening during the day.

Pugs are known to snore due to their short muzzles. Now that we’ve talked about how much pugs sleep, obviously, you are going to want to keep them comfortable. So now we are going to take a look at suitable bedding you can buy to keep your little friend comfortable during those daytime cat naps and for those longer periods of sleep at night. 

Some Bed Ideas For The Sleeping Pug

Orthopedic beds

Orthopedic beds are a wonderful choice for any dog. This dog bed is made from memory foam and covered in a removable suede cover.


The orthopedic memory foam in this bed can support dogs with hip and or elbow problems or arthritis. This type of bed can be good for a pug because this breed is prone to these particular health problems.

It has a poly-fill bolster around three of the four edges to keep your pug safe from falling off the bed while they snooze. It also features an anti-slip bottom and the removable cover is machine washable. This is great because pugs do drop quite a bit of hair.

Beds that allow air to circulate

Because pugs do find it harder to breathe than dogs with longer snouts, you may wish to avoid a dog bed that could impede their airflows, such as ones with a hood/canopy, or ones with really shaggy and fluffy covers.

When To Be Concerned About Your Pug’s Sleep?

If your adult pug is sleeping more than 5 hours during the day then this is too much. There are several causes for this. Let’s look at them.


If your pug is home alone for extended periods with nothing to do then they will end up sleeping during the day to pass the time. Combat this by giving them enriching toys (like a Kong), and enlisting a pet sitter to come to walk them when you’re at work. You may even wish to look at doggy daycare venues where you live.


You know yourself when you’re out of shape you don’t feel like moving. It’s a vicious cycle. Help your pug by taking them for short walks each day and gradually building up to longer walks. Just avoid walking in the heat.

Also, ensure you’re not overfeeding them. You will be doing them kindness but cutting back the calories. Your vet can best advise you how much your individual dog needs to eat each day based on their breed, build, and age.

Injury or sickness

If your dog is sleeping a noticeable amount more than is usual for them and it has started suddenly, take them to the vet to get checked out. You don’t want to wait on this one. Nasty things that kill dogs like parvovirus can make them sleepy.

Modeling your behavior

If you’re chilling out on the sofa then your pug probably wants to join in. There’s no harm in this type of snoozing! Plus it is great bonding time.

Poor diet

You know yourself when you eat food with low nutritional value, you end up feeling lethargic. So buy your pug the best nutritionally balanced dog food your budget allows for. Other signs that your dog isn’t thriving is dry skin, a dull coat, and eyes that don’t sparkle.

pug sleeping

In Conclusion

Pug puppies sleep for 20 hours per day from 3 weeks of age right up until 6 months old. After that, it is normal for an adult pug to sleep up to 14 hours per day, with 9 hours of solid sleep at night and five hours worth of cat naps in the day. 

Any more than this means that there may be something going on with your pug’s health and wellbeing that you need to investigate, possibly with your vet’s help.

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