Why Do People Like Pugs?

Why do people like Pugs? Well, how can you not like that wrinkled, flat face with a button-like cute little nose? And how can you say no to those big, bulging eyes? 

Pugs have been around since ancient times, with the first Pug ancestors appearing in Egypt and later on in the Chinese Royal Court. They were greatly worshiped and tenderly loved, and also believed to drive diabolic spirits away. From Asia, they made it all the way into Europe where these little fellas caused quite a stir among Danish, English, and French Royal Houses. 

They were regarded as members of Royal Families and guarded as such as well. There are a lot of other reasons for such great attention to this breed, which we are about to cover. Let’s get into it!

why do people like pugs
Why Do People Like Pugs?

Why Do People Like Pugs?

  • They Look Extremely Cute: these cute Pugs are definitely scoring high on the adorability scale. From the little, compact body waddling from side to side to its piercing brown bug eyes which are hard to say no to. Next time it’s going to beg for that piece of bacon you have left since breakfast, you will see what I’m talking about.
  • They Are Very Loving: there’s hardly another breed that will shower you with so much love and affection as Pugs do. They accept you for who you are and don’t need a valid reason. A pet parent will be licked all over, especially if he/she has a treat handy. When you feel down after a stressful day at work, it is smart enough to sense something is wrong and will come to cuddle with you, rubbing that cute button nose up against your arm. In case if it sounds like a great scenario for you, don’t hesitate, to adopt one and you will give one great pal a chance at a loving home. It will return the favor, giving you its unconditional love and more.
  • One of The Friendliest Breeds: another reason why Pugs are so popular is the fact that they are “people’s dogs” in every way. They thrive in the company of two-legged companions, need to be in the center of attention, and be in the loop of what’s going on around them. They are up for anything a day offers, as long as they get to be near their owners and other human counterparts. It doesn’t matter if you invite your friends over to hang out or a plumber to fix your leaking faucet. A Pug pal would be equally friendly towards both. You rarely hear of Pugs’ aggression issues, unless they are severely abused as well as malnourished.
  • Very Playful: loves a good game, no doubt! They are not great fetch dogs, because of their inherited tardiness, but they would love some good puzzle toys (like Kong, puzzle feeders, etc.) and a hide-and-seek game. Just keep them occupied and engaged, they have to feel your interest too. In that case, they will play for hours on end. 
  • Get Along Great With Children: here is a very valid argument why Pugs are the best get along with kids amazingly! Wrinkle-faced pals consider children their human playmates. And if both four-legged and two-legged friends are close in age, they can really have a lot of fun together! Just as long as you teach your kids to be gentle to their furry little companion, they will be just fine. 
  • Quite Funny: who is the best snuffler and wheezer in the whole wide world? Again, a Pug wins! The sounds they make are extremely adorable and will crack you up every time. Especially if it snuffles in pleasure as an owner rubs its belly. 

Wheezing, on the other hand, while may sound funny, has a reason behind it that is not particularly amusing. Since Pugs are brachycephalic dogs, the air has trouble getting to their lungs as it is somewhat constricted in the Pug’s airways. That’s why you hear that weird snorting sound. 

A pet parent has to constantly be on the lookout for any seizures, strokes, and asthma attacks that can take over your furry little creature. Try to limit the walks when it’s too hot or too cold out, as it can start suffocating easily. Just make it go potty and take it right back inside.

  1. Don’t Require Much Space: no matter the size, any household will be suitable for your Pug pup. It will comfortably fit in anywhere from a studio apartment to a 4-bedroom house. A wrinkle-faced pal doesn’t need a lot of exercise during the day, just a few 10-minute walks. Therefore no need for a huge space.
  2. This Toy Breed Can Travel with You Anywhere: since they are so small and compact, they can travel with you practically anywhere in a special doggy bag. Your Pug travel buddy is not going to be a heavy burden: at only 13-16 lbs, it will be possible to carry it on the plane. And if you go shopping, you can put it right in the cart in its travel bag. A bug-eyed fella will have fun observing the crowds while you pick out a new outfit to wear.
  3. Trainable If They Respect You:  You have to start the training process from early on, to prevent any unwanted behavioral problems in their adolescence. Pug pals are not necessarily the easiest to train, since they tend to be very stubborn. 

It’s a typical Pug gene, but it is actually fun to see how their personality unravels. It is worth explaining to them why you want them to do something, especially if the reward will follow the training session. They need to respect you to follow your lead.

Positive reinforcement seems to work wonders when it comes to Pug training. It can be basically explained pretty easily: “I give you something delicious if you do the right thing.” Your furry fella will pick up on that rather quickly, trust me.

why people like pugs
Why People Like Pugs?

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Here we’ve just answered the question “Why Do People Like Pugs?” We have discussed nine valid reasons why this breed is topping the popularity charts year after year. Hardly any other breed can compete in cuteness, lovability, loyalty, friendliness, and playfulness. It will become your best buddy, your bed warmer on those chilly winter nights, and the best listener you will ever find. 

Love your Pug unconditionally, accept it with all its quirkiness, and clumsiness. It will generously return the favor and will be very happy too.    

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