How Long Does It Take to Train a Vizsla?

The Vizsla dog has been characterized throughout its history as an active and energetic animal with excellent hunting skills. Since its origin, it has been used by many hunters for small game. This dog has a high level of physical activity and requires a lot of exercise every day. 

how long does it take to train a vizsla
How Long Does It Take To Train a Vizsla

Although Vizslas have a high level of physical activity and love to run, walk, swim, jump, play, etc., they need to be trained to strengthen and develop all their abilities. However, the training process for these canines may take some time. 

Training a canine of this type is a great responsibility, especially for its needs and the characteristics it offers. Therefore, Vizsla owners must know the time they will need to train their pets regardless of the type of training. 

How Long Does It Take to Train a Vizsla? 

Many people believe that training their dogs for long periods will help them learn faster. That’s not true at all. We know that Vizslas need to exercise every day for at least 2 sessions of one hour each, but when it comes to training, it is essential to keep in mind that they should not be too extensive. Remember that training is totally different from an exercise routine. 

There are different types of training, and each one requires certain processes and time. Some of them will only need one or two sessions per week. It is proven that canines, regardless of breed, that are trained once a week require fewer training sessions than those trained 5 days a week. That situation has its pros and cons. 

The first group of dogs will require fewer sessions, so the effort will be less, but they will need more weeks to fully learn and perfect the skills.

On the other hand, even though the second group has to make a greater effort by being trained 5 days a week, they will only require 2 weeks to perfect the skill compared to the 6 or 7 that the first group needs. 

It is important to note that although Vizslas are slow to mature mentally, especially males, they need to start being trained from puppies as it is the best age for the canine to learn quickly. 

There are many factors that we must consider before training a canine of this type which can influence the time they will need to master all their skills: 

  • The kind of skills you will teach your Vizsla. 
  • The history of canine learning. That refers to whether it has been trained before or not. 
  • Canine age. That is important as an adult Vizsla may or may not have already received some type of training. 
  • The commitment that you are going to have when training your puppy. Keep in mind that not all people who acquire this type of dog are willing to spend a lot of time on it. 
  • Vizsla’s learning ability. 

All these factors can positively or negatively influence a Vizsla’s learning time, so it is important to consider them when training the canine. 

As we’ve said before, Vizslas can take time to mature. It is for that reason that this breed of dog will need at least two years of house training, especially to improve its temperament, personality, and behavior. That includes obedience, controlling its tendencies to become aggressive or destructive, etc. 

This phase is important since an educated dog can continue to be trained for the rest of its life without representing a problem for its owners. Keep in mind that positive reinforcement will help speed up the canine’s learning process. 

Vizsla fetch training on the beach
Vizsla fetch training on the beach

The Time Needed to Train a Vizsla  

We have already said that the most advisable thing is to train a Vizsla from puppyhood. The most basic training consists of teaching it to urinate outside the house. This process can take between 4 and 6 months, but it can be less depending on the training techniques you use and the time you spend on it.  

Using positive reinforcement will also help speed up the process. In fact, if you consider those mentioned above, you will only need 2 or 3 weeks to train your Vizsla in this facet.  

The next training you should consider is related to the tendency for an active dog like the Vizsla to bite. It is one of the most common problems that most dog owners present. Canines of this type use their mouth to play, chewing on any object or toy they find in the house.  

Training to prevent this from happening lasts 3-4 weeks. You can use a chew toy to train your Vizsla. You can play with it tug of war and when you notice that it bites the object, stop playing for a few seconds. That will let it know that it is doing something wrong. 

Puppies of this type learn to inhibit bite between 7 and 10 weeks of age while chewing and teething between 3 and 6 months of age. Try to always provide your pet with toys made of appropriate materials to be bitten and that do not damage your canine’s teeth. 

Socialization training is one of the most important in any type of dog, especially the Vizsla. That is because this breed can get along well with strangers and other animals, unlike others.

However, socialization training is essential to avoid any incident since we have to remember that a Vizsla has a hunting instinct that can be dangerous if it is with children or small animals. 

This type of training is usually carried out between 4 and 12 weeks of age for the Vizsla. It can be a long time, but it is necessary since the Vizsla is a canine that needs to be accompanied by both people and animals all the time so as not to feel alone. 

Not all dogs take the same time to learn certain skills. Some will take months, while others only weeks. Everything will depend on the factors that we have mentioned above. 

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