How to Stop Your Vizsla Puppy Biting?

Vizsla puppies are very affectionate and playful with all the people around them, especially if it is their owners. When they are at an early age, they tend to develop several characteristics that are very common among all puppies, such as licking too much, playing a lot, and especially biting. 

how to stop your vizsla puppy biting
How to Stop Your Vizsla Puppy Biting

Typically, Vizsla is energetic and therefore always active in playing and jumping in any environment. However, the enthusiastic attitude can bring with it an imminent urge to bite. 

There are many reasons why your Vizsla puppy might start to bite. It should be noted that this can happen to any breed of dog. 

  • At a young age, the puppy may feel pressured or even uncomfortable around it, which causes poor development of its socialization with others. 
  • The puppy may develop aggressive behavior. This reason is very frequent in the Vizsla since all the puppies go through that stage when they are still babies. 
  • One of the most common reasons is that the puppy loses its baby teeth. 

Canine Tooth Growth 

The main cause of puppy biting is tooth growth. 

During the first months of the animal’s life, every dog ​​experiences a change of teething and, as a consequence, feels discomfort in its teeth.  

The dog’s response is to bite down on everything it can find to relieve such discomfort in its mouth. 

If you notice that your dog begins to bite everything it finds including toys, shoes, clothes, and even people’s hands, you should not despair as it is entirely normal. 

It is necessary that it can experience the sensation of biting various objects because your puppy’s mouth is the main tool they have, along with hearing and smell. We say this because it is thanks to the mouth that it is capable of obtaining tactile sensations and developing this sense. Therefore, you must be clear that the fact that your puppy bites it is a completely normal situation. 

Many people worry about this fact. When their puppy starts biting people or things, they think their pet is sick and tend to take it to a vet to get checked out. 

We recommend that you think about the situation first since it is something temporary that occurs during the teething of the animal. However, it is essential that excellent training for the puppy accompanies this period, because you should not allow it to bite everything it wants. 

How Can I Stop My Vizsla Puppy From Biting? 

First, you should know that if your Vizsla puppy is in the process of teething or has even completed this process, it will continue to bite as much as it wants. You should not worry, since as we have said before it is something very normal in all puppies in the world. 

On the other hand, it is important to mention some aspects that you have to take into account when you are with your biting puppy: 

Stop it From Biting You 

Puppies generally love to bite the hands of their owners or the people around them. Even if your feet are bare, they will bite your toes. 

Try not to let it bite your hands while it is teething, because if you allow it to, the animal may come to think that you can easily accept it biting your hands. Therefore, it may continue to do so when it reaches its adult canine stage. 

Also, you may think that when it bites your hands, it’s just for fun. The latter is true, but it will take it as a hobby if you allow it to keep doing it. 

Apply Some Games with Caution 

We all know the famous game of “tug of war”. It is an entertaining activity for dogs and people. Still, you must be careful when executing it because the animal usually interprets this type of entertainment as a “competition of strength”. If you are not careful, this game could develop aggressive behavior in your puppy. 

That means that this game can make the puppy angry and anxious, causing it to want to bite its owner’s hand even after it has finished playing. 

A cute Vizsla puppy biting a light blue basket in the garden
A cute Vizsla puppy biting a light blue basket in the garden

What Methods Can I Use to Stop My Vizsla Puppy From Biting? 

We have several solutions to prevent a Vizsla puppy from reducing its need to chew everything around it, but they are procedures that are carried out in the long term, so you have to be patient and constant. These solutions are: 

Use the Word “NO” 

Every time your puppy wants to bite your hand or is biting it at that moment while you play with it. When that happens, you must stop the game and say “NO” firmly. In this way, it will associate this behavior with a negative connotation and will understand that when it bites, its action is not acceptable to us. 

Don’t Tempt Your Puppy 

Shaking your hands can be a stimulus for your puppy and will awaken in it the need to play and bite your hands, especially if it is an energetic Vizsla. That is, when you move your hands quickly in front of your pet, what you do is get its attention, and it will understand it as a clear invitation to bite you. 

That is why we advise you to keep your limbs still when you are in front of it. That must be done with the aim that it is not a visual element that stands out and can attract its attention. 

Try to Distract it with Other Things 

You can give your puppy rubber toys to play with either by biting or chewing since that is the primary function of these toys. That is better than biting your hands or your personal belongings. 

Provide your puppy with toys that it can play with and release tension with its jaw. Bones are a good option. Each time it bites you, you can give it the bone so that it matches the bite with the right object. 

You should also take your Vizsla puppy for a walk. As they are very active and energetic dogs, they love to run and play freely in the parks. If you do that, your pet will completely forget to bite. 

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