When to Breed a Vizsla?

Dogs are the animals that we can commonly find in most people’s homes. Many families adopt this type of animal more frequently because they are considered excellent pets and also because they are the creatures most similar to human beings in terms of personality and temperament. 

when to breed a vizsla
When to Breed a Vizsla?

However, that is not the only reason why families acquire these animals. Many people need to have a certain breed of dog that carries out a specific activity.

Many species can be distinguished as hunting, police, search and rescue, guard, firefighter, and herding dogs. Any animal of this type will be acquired depending on the tastes and needs of the people who think about adopting it. 

One of the best-known dogs is the Vizsla. These animals are characterized mainly by being excellent companions of hunters and also by their high level of physical activity. They require a lot of exercise each day to be healthy and fit. They love to run, walk, jump, swim, play, and do any type of training with their owners. 

These canines are known for their sensitive, loving, and friendly personalities to their owners and members of their human family. They tend to suffer from separation anxiety, so it is essential not to leave them alone for a long time as this can affect their emotional state and make them sad. 

When buying or adopting a Vizsla, many people wonder when the best time to breed it is. 

When to Breed a Vizsla? 

Dogs of this type, both male and female, can breed as soon as they reach sexual maturity. In the case of Vizslas, this usually happens by the first year of age. However, this is not exactly the best time for it. 

We have to bear in mind that in these situations, fertility plays an important role. Along with this term, knowing the ideal moment in which a canine can reproduce will depend on certain fundamental factors: 

  • Size. 
  • Sex. 
  • Health. 

We also have to know that these dogs can present 3 periods or stages related to their sexual life. These periods can be: 

  • Too early. 
  • Too late. 
  • Prime time. 

It is vital to refer to these periods as many owners or breeders make the mistake of letting their Vizslas breed at inappropriate times. 

As we have indicated above, there are several factors that can affect the mating season of dogs

Factors Affecting a Vizsla’s Mating Season 

Vizsla Size 

The age at which it takes a dog to reach sexual maturity depends on the breed. There are some that take one year while others a little longer. In the case of a Vizsla, this moment occurs between 1 and 2 years of age. 

Throughout history, many people have created different types of breeds through selective breeding. That has led to changes in the reproductive cycle of these animals. 

It is important to note that smaller dog breeds tend to reach sexual maturity earlier than larger ones. That means that a Vizsla will get to this stage later than another dog belonging to a small breed. 

Generally, small breed dogs reach this stage at around 6 months of age, while the average for a larger breed is 18 months. 

Vizsla Sex 

Another factor that allows us to determine when a Vizsla reaches sexual maturity is its sex. In the case of these animals, the males of this species usually reach this stage at a younger age than the females. 

If we talk specifically about females, we have to emphasize that they have their first heat between 6 months and one year of age. It is essential to clarify that this type is related more to small dog breeds. For larger species, such as Vizslas, the time can vary between a year and 18 months. 

In the case of male Vizslas, we have to clarify that they can mate every day once they have reached sexual maturity. However, it is vital to bear in mind that the number of sperm will decrease due to different factors such as aging, exposure to toxins, or diseases. These factors can affect the viability and vitality of sperm. 

Vizsla Health 

Poor health in a Vizsla can negatively affect fertility. Urinary tract and sexually transmitted infections can reduce fertility in dogs to zero. Tumors in the ovaries and testes of these animals can even cause sterility. In fact, many such animals end up sterile due to cancer treatments. 

In addition, poor Vizsla care could be enough cause for such a dog to fail to give birth to its puppies. A bad diet, being overweight, or some unknown genetic condition can also have a negative effect. 

Best Time to Breed a Vizsla 

We have previously mentioned 3 periods related to the sexual life of these dogs. It is essential to know more in-depth what the most opportune moment is. 

Too Early 

It is obvious, but it is still important that you know it. As we know, a puppy is still too young to become sexually mature. That’s because it is still in the growth stage. Although some puppies are sexually capable, the right thing to do is allow them to grow up to avoid complications. 

When a dog is not fully developed sexually, it is likely that its puppies are not the right size and are very weak, so they are likely to die. Female Vizslas must be at least 1 to 2 years old before being bred. In addition, it is recommended that they have already had two heat cycles before their first mating. 

In the case of male Vizslas, it is important to note that they must reach their full size and development before they can mate and spawn young. 

Too Late 

Generally, female Vizslas do not become infertile as they age. However, their young will become smaller and weaker and will be at risk of death. That is mainly due to the deterioration of health. In addition, the puppies could have various genetic problems. 

Generally, bitches that delay this process suffer from pyometra, which is an infection of the uterus that can be life-threatening. A female Vizsla should stop reproducing young as soon as their numbers decrease. 

On the other hand, males begin to have difficulty mounting the females as they age. That is something natural since its bones and joints start to deteriorate, which greatly limits its movements. In this case, arthritis frequently affects dogs of this age and can be very painful. 

Prime Time 

It is the perfect time for dog breeding. We have already said that there are certain factors that affect such as age, size, health, and sex. 

In the case of females, it is not recommended that they reproduce before the first year of age and also after 3 years (or until the number of young decreases). Diseases and other health problems can affect a Vizsla’s reproductive years. 

If a large breed such as the Vizsla exhibits late sexual maturity and the periods between heat and heat are prolonged, it is likely that it is unproductive compared to small canine breeds. That is why it is important to take all of these factors into account. 

Unlike the female Vizslas, the males can reproduce throughout their lives as long as they do not suffer from health problems such as arthritis. As long as the canine is healthy, there should be no problem. 

However, it is essential to note that problems such as arthritis or infections can be treated with regular visits to the vet. 

vizsla breeding
Vizsla breeding


It is essential to do more research on everything related to a Vizsla before purchasing one. If you already have a dog of this type, then it is a must that you do. 

Our goal as owners of these dogs is to ensure that they have a healthy and safe life, which implies knowing the moment to breed well. In this way, we can ensure that these canines’ mating and reproduction process is carried out correctly in the appropriate periods. 

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