Training Your Vizsla to Point

Many breeds of dogs in the world are destined for different activities. Some may be herding, search, rescue, police, or hunting dogs. 

training your vizsla to point
Training Your Vizsla to Point

Hunting dogs have been widely used for hundreds of years until today, and it is a great tradition for many hunters to use this type of animal. There are many breeds of dogs that are used for hunting. One of the most interesting and known to many people is the Vizsla. 

These canines are characterized by having a high level of physical activity and excellent hunting skills. They are perfect companions for hunters, especially if they are their owners. They love to train and learn new things every day to satisfy their loved ones. Vizslas need a lot of daily exercise to stay fit and to be able to carry out their hunting activities effectively. 

The Vizsla has many advantages that allow it to be an excellent hunting dog. The most important is its golden-reddish fur, which helps it camouflage itself in different terrain types. In the same way, the color of its nose and eyes also combines with the color of the coat, allowing it to go unnoticed by small animals. 

Remember that Vizslas are pointer dogs, so they must be trained to point. In this way, the hunting sessions will be more efficient and easier for the hunter. 

Training Vizsla to Point 

As we have said, Vizslas are considered pointer dogs. A pointer dog is a type of hunting dog that is characterized by indicating the prey’s location by pointing its muzzle and allowing the hunter to know the direction to prepare to shoot. 

It should be noted that although these dogs are pointers, they must be trained to develop this ability adequately. However, they can instinctively learn to point when they smell certain types of animals. We cannot just take our Vizsla to hunt in the forest without prior training as we will have no control over it. 

The most advisable thing is to start training a Vizsla from a puppy. Generally, the first 6 months of age are essential for the canine to receive basic training and develop its skills more quickly. That doesn’t mean that an adult Vizsla can’t do it. 

Things to Know Before Providing This Type of Training to Your Vizsla 

Starting to train a dog, regardless of its breed, without knowing the most important aspects of the training is a mistake since we could make many mistakes that could create bad habits in our canines. 

You or a Trainer 

Remember that training is a process that must be carried out correctly with the necessary knowledge. Not all dog owners have this knowledge, much less the experience of teaching such an active and energetic dog as a Vizsla case. Training this breed could be difficult for beginning owners. 

Therefore, you should carefully analyze the situation and determine if the best option is to hire an experienced trainer or train your dog yourself. If you plan to do it yourself, it is recommended that you know the basics of the training that you are going to carry out together with your pet. 


Patience is a fundamental pillar when it comes to teaching your Vizsla to point. It is difficult to say exactly how long it will take you to train your canine since everything will depend on its abilities and the methods you have used. 

Regardless of these factors, it is essential that we train our canine every day until it learns to point properly. We should never pressure our puppy to learn something quickly. 

Positive Reinforcement 

That is one of the most important aspects when training any dog. This reward method will make our Vizsla motivated to learn quickly, especially if we use its favorite treats. 

As we know, positive reinforcement consists of rewarding our canine with a treat after it has done something right. 

What Method to Use to Teach Our Vizsla to Point? 

As we have said above, any type of dog, especially a Vizsla, must be trained from a puppy since it is the perfect time for it to learn any skill quickly. 

In this training, the canine’s natural hunting instinct plays a fundamental role. Therefore, it is best to let our Vizsla puppy chase its prey on its own. It is a natural way of allowing this animal to learn to stalk its prey. Somehow, they will understand certain basic concepts on their own. 

The next step is to further develop this canine’s sense of smell. In this case, we can use a dead animal or its skin. The idea of ​​this is to get our Vizsla used to the scent and appearance of the prey. 

In this training, we will have to use a whistle to facilitate the process. We have to teach our Vizsla to stop when it hears the sound of the whistle. The high-pitched sound that this item emits will be enough to make our canine stop. At that point, we will have to reward it with a treat quickly. 

The next step is to throw a toy about 10 meters away. We have to use the whistle so that our Vizsla stops before it goes to pick up the toy. 

vizsla sniffing in snow
Vizsla sniffed in the snow

Once you’ve practiced these steps repeatedly with your pet, it’s time to go out and search for animals. Now you will have to make the sound of the whistle when your Vizsla tries to chase another animal (it could be a bird). Reward it every time it stops. 

Practicing this several times every day will instinctively make your canine learn to point to its prey. It is recommended that you practice all this with your puppy in different types of terrain so that your Vizsla is never distracted regardless of where you choose to hunt. 

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