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Vizmaraner: Weimaraner Vizsla Mix A Complete Guide

People’s curiosity has led them to create breeds of dogs with unique characteristics throughout history. Through crossbreeding, many groups of breeders have managed to obtain canines with features unique to their parents.

weimaraner vizsla mix
Vizmaraner: Weimaraner Vizsla Mix

These types of dogs not only turn out to be excellent pets, but they can also have the enhanced abilities of their parents to perform any activity. 

There are many mixes between very different dog breeds that result in canines with unique physical characteristics and abilities. Some of them can be excellent pets, while others are better at daily activities together with their owners.

However, there is a mixed breed that originated from two very similar dogs such as the Weimaraner and the Vizsla. Both animals have physical attributes and a similar personality. 

The Weimaraner has a distinctive feature, and it is its beautiful silver-gray coat. That is the reason why this canine is known as the “Gray Ghost.” It not only stands out for its physical appearance but also for its qualities and abilities while hunting.

They are considered animals with a high level of physical activity, so they need to exercise every day. Like other dogs, the Weimaraner can suffer from loneliness, so it is essential that it is always accompanied. 

If we talk about a Vizsla, we will not find many differences. We have to emphasize that this canine is very active and energetic and is characterized by its high level of physical activity and its excellent hunting skills, just like the Weimaraner.

It has a beautiful personality that allows it to be affectionate and friendly with its owners and its human family members. However, it can also get along with other strange people and animals. Similarly, they can suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for long periods. 

Weimaraner Vizsla Mix 

This breed of dog has been created through the mix between a Weimaraner and a Vizsla. Because of this, it received the name “Vizmaraner.” This canine is the perfect pet for families with an active lifestyle since they love to do any type of exercise, whether it is running, swimming, jumping, walking, training, etc. 

The Vizmaraner is a very affectionate, friendly, and attached canine with their loved ones. This last aspect could be something negative for many families since this canine suffers from separation anxiety. That means that it cannot be left alone for a long time since otherwise, it will start to feel sad and anxious. 

Weimaraner Vizsla Mix: Physical Characteristics 

As we have said before, both the Weimaraner and the Vizsla are very similar. That includes its size. Both are medium-large dogs, the Vizsla being a little smaller. On the one hand, the Weimaraner can reach a height between 56 cm and 69 cm and a weight between 23 kg and 32 kg. On the other hand, the Vizsla can measure between 51 cm and 66 cm and weigh between 16 kg and 27 kg. 

The Vizmaraner, therefore, will be similar in size to both canines used for mixing. It may be slightly larger than the Vizsla and smaller or the same size as the Weimaraner. Everything will depend on their diet, quality of life, and the dominant characteristics of their parents. 

In terms of appearance, both canines have short and dense fur. The only difference is its color since the Vizsla has a gold-oxide coat while the Weimaraner has a silver-gray. Typically, the Vizmaraner’s coat color will depend on the characteristics inherited from its parents. It could be a gold-oxide color or gray. However, it is possible that it is also a combination of both that would result in dark brown fur. 

This mixed breed has broad, floppy ears, a long snout, a wide head, long limbs, and a well-proportioned slim, muscular, and athletic body. The color of their eyes can be blue, brown, gray, or amber. 

Weimaraner Vizsla Mix: Personality and Behavior 

We have said that both the Weimaraner and the Vizsla are very friendly dog ​​breeds that can get along well with people and animals. The Vizmaraner, like either of the two breeds used for its mix, needs socialization training from puppyhood to get along, especially with strangers and other animals.

These dogs are very attached to their loved ones, so you shouldn’t be surprised if they don’t let go of your side. They will accompany you to every room in the house. 

The Vizmaraner is an extremely energetic and active canine that needs to expend all its energy through daily exercises. They love doing any type of training, especially when they are together with their loved ones. A negative aspect of these dogs is that they tend to get bored very easily. That means that they cannot be left home alone for a long time as they will develop destructive behavior trying to release all the energy they have accumulated. 

Another aspect that is important to note is that they suffer from separation anxiety. For that reason, a family whose members do not have time to spend with their Vizmaraners should not adopt or purchase it. 

It is important that its owners or members of its human family are with it most of the time so that it does not feel alone. 

weimaraner vizsla mix
Weimaraner Vizsla mix

Weimaraner Vizsla Mix: Care 

Fortunately, the Weimaraner and Vizsla have short and dense fur, so the Vizmaraner most likely has this same characteristic. The advantage of this lies in the fact that its coat will not have to be brushed frequently as this dog does not shed much.

Therefore, once a week will be sufficient. There are some seasons of the year in which your canine could shed, so in that case, it will be necessary to brush it 2 or 3 times a week. 

Regarding its cleanliness, the Vizmaraner does not need to be bathed regularly as it does not tend to get dirty easily. It will only be necessary when it gets dirty or once every month and a half. 

Cleaning their ears is important as they tend to get dirty frequently, triggering infections and diseases that are negative for the health of your Vizmaraner. 

Anyone who owns such a dog should organize a varied exercise routine to keep the canine in good physical condition and healthy. A balanced diet based on nutrients and vitamins is also important for the canine to regain all its energy. 

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