How Can I Get My Vizsla to Trust Me?

On many occasions, dogs can be distant or suspicious at the first meeting with people they don’t know. They may even mistrust you. Vizsla dogs are animals that have always offered their love and affection to the people around them.

how can i get my vizsla to trust me
How Can I Get My Vizsla to Trust Me

Especially their owners, so it is not very difficult to make your Vizsla dog trust you. However, any dog ​​that has been previously adopted will feel nervous and distrustful of their new family. 

There are many ways to make your pet trust you at all times, but you have to take into account many aspects to achieve it. Remember that dogs, unlike humans, follow very different guidelines to get to know each other and have their own rules, so you have to respect them. 

If your Vizsla dog is new to your family, you don’t have to worry since it is very normal for all dogs to distrust their owners in the first days of being adopted. In that case, do your best to make your pet comfortable with you at home. Do not despair of wanting their attention and affection as, over time, your relationship with it will develop. 

Keep Calm 

For the first few weeks with your new Vizsla, you have to be calm and collected. Do not approach it abruptly by saying things in a loud voice or by gesturing excessively. In the event that you manage to do so, three things can happen: 

  • Your Vizsla dog will jump on you with the intention of playing. 
  • Your pet will run away, terrified and scared of you. 
  • It could trigger an aggressive reaction. 

It is important that you start by approaching it calmly and speaking to it in a soft tone of voice. 

Give Your Vizsla Its Own Space 

When you adopt a Vizsla dog, you have to bear in mind that it does not know everything around it, including things and people. 

Put its bed and things in a central place in the house, such as the living room or dining room, so that it can observe and process its new reality and how its humans live. 

Allow your Vizsla to walk around the house and approach you only when it wants. You should not force an encounter with your pet, as you can scare it. 

The living room or dining room is a good spot for your Vizsla to sleep and eat. Place next to its bed or box lots of toys and interesting things for it. That way, the canine will feel more comfortable and can begin to have confidence with its new family. 

Do not allow another member of the family to meddle in your new partner’s affairs, since it is important to give it its personal space so that it gets used to the idea of living with new members. 

Make Your Vizsla Feel Protected When It’s with You 

As the owner of a Vizsla dog, it is necessary that you always take care of it at all costs. Vizsla dogs are animals that, at first glance, seem to be able to protect themselves due to their large size, but this is not entirely true. This breed type is very sensitive and truly affectionate with its masters, so if you protect it frequently, your pet will begin to depend on you and give you their total trust. 

You are the only defender and protector of your dog. Keep it safe from possible thieves or other wild animals who want to harm your cute pet. 

Allow Your Vizsla to Sleep in Your Room 

This idea is not to like many dog ​​owners, as they do not like having their canines sleeping with them in the same room. However, it is a necessary condition for your pet to learn to trust you. 

At least until it gets used to your home, let your Vizsla dog sleep with you in your room. It doesn’t necessarily have to lie next to you in the same bed. On the contrary, you can put your canine’s bed next to yours. 

If you adopt a Vizsla puppy, it is more likely to be scared. Therefore, if you allow your pet to sleep with you for a few days or weeks, it will be calmer, and remember that you are part of its family. 

Be Patient and Wait for Your Vizsla to Be the One to Approach You 

Try to approach your Vizsla dog with care and caution, without showing an altered behavior because it will notice. After you have gotten a little closer, stay still and wait for your pet to be the one who approaches you this time. If you see that your Vizsla has started to get closer to you, let it sniff and inspect you. 

Then, slowly reach out your hand and gently stroke its chest. Never pet a dog that you do not know over the top of its head, much less if you have not had that type of contact before. 

If your pet licks your hand, it means that it has accepted you. If not, keep working to earn its trust. 

Procedures to get your attention and earn your trust have to be done slowly, without disturbing the peace with your new partner. 

Owner and Vizsla dog bonding
Owner and Vizsla dog bonding

Have Fun with Your Vizsla 

During the training period with your dog, you can choose a day that you have off from work, such as Saturday or Sunday, to occupy it in lots of fun and games with your Vizsla. You have to show your Vizsla dog that you are interesting and creative. Also, if you want the respect and attention of your pet, you must provide yours. 

You can take your dog for a walk to the park and play with it to catch the ball and many more games. The important thing is that your dog learns to have fun with you while you are by its side and taking care of it. 

“Play training” builds focus and enthusiasm and is the best way to build a strong relationship between you and your Vizsla dog. It will respect you and take you not only trust but affection and love. 

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