Can Weimaraners Live Outside?

Most people choose to adopt or buy a pet. The presence of a pet in the home can change the quality of life and contribute to improving people’s physical and mental health.

can weimaraners live outside
Can Weimaraners Live Outside?

That means that an animal of this type will provide us with the company we need all the time, preventing us from feeling alone as well as keeping us physically healthy by exercising with it. 

As we know, not all pets are the same. Some families prefer to adopt dogs, which are the most common and popular, while others prefer cats, snakes, birds, rodents, etc. The dog is considered man’s best friend since it will always give us all the love and loyalty we need. 

One of the dogs that stands out for both its personality and its physical characteristics is the Weimaraner. This canine is known primarily for its beautiful silver-gray coat. The Weimaraner is a dog that is characterized by its hunting skills and its high level of physical activity. That means that it is an animal that needs to do a lot of exercise every day. 

It is important to note that this canine is very friendly and affectionate with its owners or members of its human family. However, they can also get along with strangers, children, and other animals as long as they receive socialization training from puppies. It should be noted that this breed of dog suffers from separation anxiety, so it is not advisable to leave it alone for a long time. 

The bond between a Weimaraner and its owner is one of the most important things considering this canine’s personality. It is essential to take into account the way in which we should treat a pet of this type since otherwise, we could cause it to be sad. 

One of the most frequent concerns and doubts that arise among Weimaraner owners is whether these dogs can live outside. 

Can Weimaraners Live Outside? 

It is true that Weimaraners love the outdoors since, as we know, they are very active animals that need a lot of exercise outside. They are not animals designed to be kept indoors for long periods. Does that mean Weimaraners must live outside? The answer is no. 

There are a number of reasons why canines of this type cannot live outside unless you install a kennel and condition it. That can only be done if you train your canine to get used to it and live there. 

Weimaraner Personality 

That is the most determining factor why a Weimaraner cannot live outside. Remember that this breed of dog is characterized by having a sensitive personality. They are very attached to their owners or members of their human family and will always want to follow them everywhere. 

Weimaraners suffer from separation anxiety. That means they will become sad and anxious if they are left alone for a long time. Obviously, if we let our Weimaraner spend the whole night outside, it will feel unloved, affecting its emotional state. 

Not all Weimaraners are the same since each one presents its own different personality. For that reason, it is possible that there are several that can adapt to living outside, but the most common is that it is not so. 

Weimaraner Temperature 

One of the disadvantages that these dogs present with respect to others is the lack of an undercoat. Weimaraners only have a coat that does not allow them to adequately protect themselves from low temperatures. Cold water, rain, or cold climates at night can affect the canine. 

That is why we cannot allow Weimaraners to live outside as they are very susceptible to cold, especially during winter. The long-haired Weimaraner is a different case. Although it can suffer from cold depending on the temperature, this canine tends to have an undercoat that can protect it against certain climates. 

A Weimaraner is even exposed to the cold inside a house, so it is essential that you know how to handle the situation. It is recommended that your pet have its own bed and a blanket that allows it to stay warm throughout the night. 

Can My Weimaraner Live in a Kennel Outside the Home? 

Many people or families who acquire a medium-large dog such as Weimaraner prefer to let it sleep outside. That may be because the house doesn’t have enough space for the canine or simply because they don’t like their pet sleeping inside. In any case, in this type of situation, many people resort to a kennel. 

Now, can a kennel solve this problem? We have already said that Weimaraners are dogs that need to spend a lot of time outdoors doing any type of physical activity.

They love to run, jump, swim, play, or do any exercise. In these cases, you can put a kennel outside the house so that your pet has space where it can rest during the day after performing its physical activities. 

This breed of dog can also sleep at night in a kennel as long as the weather conditions are right. If the weather is warm during those days, then your Weimaraner might sleep outside at night inside its kennel. Keep in mind that this will only be possible if the pet is not very attached to you since we remember that these dogs suffer from separation anxiety. 

Undoubtedly, during cold climates, your Weimaraner should not sleep in a kennel at night as the low temperatures will affect it. Also, keep in mind that a kennel is not very big, so your canine will not be able to move very freely. That could, in turn, cause it to develop destructive behavior. 

Train the Weimaraner to Adapt to a Kennel? 

If your decision is to place a kennel in the yard for your canine to rest after exercising, you have to know how to train it for it. The first thing you have to know is that you will need a lot of patience to teach this to your pet. 

The most effective way to get your Weimaraner used to its kennel is by placing its favorite toys or treats inside. The first thing you have to do is leave the door open (if you have one) and place a candy or its favorite toy inside the kennel.

Wait for your dog to come in and give it all the time it needs to eat its treats or play with its toys. You have to do this several times so that your pet becomes familiar with that space and loses its fear. 

As you progress through training, you can proceed to close the door while your canine is inside, eating its treats, or playing with its toys. At that point, there will be no problem as the Weimaraner has gotten used to being inside the kennel. 

Once your dog is used to it, you can leave the kennel door open as your Weimaraner will be able to go out into the yard to explore and come back on its own to sleep. 

Can My Weimaraner Live in an Apartment? 

This situation is very similar to the previous one. An apartment is a limited place where there is no access to the outside for a dog. Weimaraners are very active and need to be outdoors all the time. Keeping such a dog in an apartment for a long time will cause it to develop destructive behavior. 

Living in an apartment would prevent your Weimaraner from getting all the exercise it needs unless you are willing to take it out each day for a couple of hours. These dogs need a large space such as a yard or field where they can perform their daily exercises. 

Also, these canines need a lot of attention. Living in an apartment and having owners who work long hours in an office or company could create a feeling of loneliness in the canine that ends in sadness and destructive behaviors. 

It is possible for a Weimaraner to live in an apartment, but it is important that its owners dedicate the time it needs. 

Happy Weimaraner dog walking outside
Happy Weimaraner dog walking outside


We have seen that it is not recommended that our Weimaraner live outside. However, we have also commented on the fact that there are exceptions. These dogs could sleep outside as long as you’ve installed a kennel in the yard, and the weather is warm. If the weather is cold, then it is recommended that the canine sleep inside the house. 

You can opt for both options. Put a kennel in the yard and a dog bed inside the house (in a warm place). That way, you can let your dog sleep indoors during winter or rainy climates and also outside during warmer temperatures.

For the latter, you have to take into account the personality of your Weimaraner since if it suffers from separation anxiety, it could be a bad idea. 

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