Are Vizslas Smart?

The Vizsla is an active dog, which requires a high level of physical activity considering its hunting history. They are not good kennel canines and prefer to be with their owners. 

are vizslas smart
Are Vizslas Smart?

This type of dog is light but muscular in build, which gives it speed and endurance on the field. It has a light, elegant step that covers the ground. The fur of this animal is short, smooth, and dense, which provides some protection. 

This breed’s canines are golden-reddish, which represents the distinctive characteristic of dogs of this type. 

Usually, this animal is bred to be a hunting dog. The Vizsla has the energy to move all day while having fun. 

How Do I Know That My Vizsla Dog is Smart? 

It is no secret to anyone that all dogs in the world possess intelligence. One of the best ways to prove this is through their activities or the reactions they sometimes show to their owners. 

These animals are highly smart and need activities to keep them busy to prevent destructive behaviors such as digging and nibbling. 

Vizslas show their intelligence when they go hunting. They use their sharpest senses, such as smell, to detect the scent of certain animals, especially birds. 

Also, they excel in competitive sports and can do tests of great agility. Their marksmanship and retrieval skills mean they do well in odor work tests. 

These canines love to run and are known for their endurance and athleticism. That makes them a popular choice if you enjoy the sport of Canicross (running with your dog). 

What Kind of Intelligence Does My Vizsla Dog Have? 

In the world, the intelligence of dogs has been classified into three parts. 

Adaptive Intelligence 

It is one that expresses the ability of a dog to solve problems on its own. 

Working/Obedience Intelligence 

It refers to the canine’s ability or skill to learn from human beings, especially if its owner or caretaker trains it. 

Instinctive Intelligence 

It consists of the animal’s ability to carry out the tasks and assignments for which it is raised, such as herding, hunting, pointing, collecting, keeping, or providing company to other individuals. 

Instinctive and adaptive intelligence are particular and adjustable to each dog while working/obedience intelligence applies to all dog breeds. 

Vizsla dogs possess instinctive intelligence. They learn from the instructions of their owner, trainer, or keeper how to hunt their prey. Of course, animal instinct is part of the dog, but it is thanks to humans’ help that these canines can exert their work as hunters. 

It is even considered that this type of breed can understand new orders with a repetition range that varies between five and fifteen. That is, they obey the first order 85% of the time or more. 

How Can I Recognize That My Vizsla Dog Is Smart? 

One of the best ways to test your pet’s intelligence is through testing. 

In case you want to know the intelligence of your Vizsla, you can do the following: 

Vizsla Dog Intelligence Test 1 

Place a large blanket or sheet of the same size over your Vizsla’s head. Then sit back and observe your pet’s ability to figure out how to get the object off. That will verify your canine’s problem-solving skills. 

If it solves its problem in less than 15 seconds, your pet has a good perception of what is happening. However, if the object is removed from its head in more than 30 seconds, that means that your pet does not react as quickly to these types of problems. 

Vizsla Dog Intelligence Test 2 

Go to the kitchen and take three cups. Go to the living room with your pet, and under the watchful eye of it, begin to place the cups in rows. Then, grab a snack and hide it in one of the cups, even with your dog’s gaze on you. It has to see what you are doing. When you do, distract your Vizsla for a bit before the test begins. 

That will test your dog’s information retention and learning abilities. 

If it goes directly to the cup with the sandwich, it means that it has good retention of information in its brain. On the contrary, if your canine looks between the two empty cups and then takes the correct one, it means that your pet is not very good at these cases. 

Vizsla dog looking on the side, wearing black collar
Vizsla dog looking on the side, wearing a black collar

Vizsla Dog Intelligence Test 3 

Pick a time of day when you wouldn’t normally take your dog for a walk. Take the leash in your hand and hold it for a few seconds in front of your pet. 

That will check your Vizsla’s ability to make and remember associations. 

In the event that your dog is immediately excited to see you, it means that it already knows what it means. However, if these canines don’t react at all to what you’re doing, your Vizsla may not be able to recognize the situation. 

It should be noted that there are times when your Vizsla waits for you to go to the door with the leash in hand. If you really do it, the canine will understand that you are going for a walk. 

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