Shar-Pei Puggle Mix: A Loyal Wrinkled Guard

Shar-Pei Puggle Mix dog, a very peculiar designer dog breed is a cross between a heavily wrinkled Shar-Pei, a lively Pug, and an “always merry” Beagle. A Shar-Pei Puggle Mix dog has distinctive Asian blood, particularly Chinese. It gets its Asian roots from a Pug and the Shar-Pei parents. The European blood is also in the mix here: a Beagle has its roots in England. 

The first part of the breed’s name translates as “sandy skin,” as their coat is very rough to the touch. The second part, “Puggle,” combines the two breeds: a Pug and a Beagle. They inherited the characteristic Asian relatives’ (a Pug and a Shar-Pei) wrinkles. However, instead of concentrating on the dog’s muzzle, they are covering the whole head and even neck area. The eyes are a little “buggy,” not as much as the Puggle’s peepers and they have a cute button nose. The face is a lot more elongated compared to its Pug parent, which prevents breathing issues as nostrils are much wider and allows for a normal oxygen flow. 

Puggle Shar-Pei mix puppies got their guarding and protecting instincts from a Shar-Pei ancestor. The latter was almost at the point of extinction in the 1900s, as there were only 60 Shar-Pei dogs left on the planet. At some point, it was considered the rarest breed to ever exist. But how did it start for Shar-Pei Puggle mix dog? What about its origin?

shar pei puggle mix
Shar-Pei Puggle Mix

Shar-Pei Puggle Mix: History

As in the case of many designer dog breeds, very little is known about the Shar-Pei Puggle mix pooch. It is unclear when and where the interbreeding of the two dog species started, but we have a lot more information about the parent breeds. Let’s dig into their history.


A breed is known to be worshiped by the Chinese Han dynasty and it is one of the oldest on the planet with the first mention at about 200 BC. Even though the initial breed didn’t look like the wrinkled pal we know now, it was indeed the ancestor of the modern-day Shar-Pei pup. The difference between the ancient breed and its modern version is that the Shar-Pei’s face is more “meaty” now, with a quite massive jaw.   

Some European travelers named the breed “ Chinese fighting dog,” as it was used in dogfighting matches. The breed was almost wiped out from the face of the Earth, as briefly mentioned above. Yet, the crossbreeding of Shar-Peis with other similar breeds (particularly from the Mastiff family) stopped the extinction process in its tracks. 

Today you can spot this adorable wrinkled fella in many European and US homes. Although this breed may not be as popular as it used to be, it is known for its friendliness, loyalty, and inherited protective nature. All of these are appealing to many families with kids. 

Shar-pei puppies


Going back into the Puggle breed’s history, we’ll find that they have both Asian and European roots. To be precise: a Pug is from the Celestial Empire and a Beagle originated in medieval England. The former breed was extremely popular with the English queens, and some of them even started breeding Pugs themselves (like Queen Victoria, for instance).

A Beagle and a Pug were first crossbred in the late 1900s, by a designer dog breeder located in the state of Wisconsin. He had a lot of breeding experience already by the time the Puggle dog emerged.

Then, the ACH Club registered the new Puggle breed, and the standards were agreed upon that this hybrid had to adhere to (ideal height, weight, intelligence skills, etc.).

Now, let’s discuss the main Puggle Shar-Pei mix characteristics. 


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Puggle Shar-Pei Mix Dog: Characteristics

  1. Appearance: cute, very much wrinkled all over, starting with the head and ending with the body itself. It has got semi-bug eyes, adorable triangular ears, a “meaty,” heavy-set muzzle, and a strong muscular corset. Just by looking at it, it is easy to see that it has a Pug face and a Shar-Pei body. Its most common color palette: is brown, fawn, cream, and beige. One of its most striking features is its blue-black tongue, clearly visible on a scorching hot day. 
  2. Temperament: it is hard to predict who a Shar-Pei Puggle mix pooch is going to take after more: it is a mighty Shar-Pei or a nimble Puggle parent. If it takes after the former, then you can expect a very profound guarding behavior. If they take after the latter, expect a pup to be very lively, affectionate, and quite a snorer (therefore invest in some good earplugs). Puggle Shar-Pei mix pals are very loving and loyal towards their family, but a bit reserved with strangers. Hence, in case your friends are coming to your house for the first time, you must give your big canine baby a few minutes to get acquainted with a newcomer. It is best to show by example that whoever is stepping onto your territory is welcomed: show some affection towards your guest, and the dog will follow your example. And if Shar-Peis remembers their scent, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to recognize that person again when they come. They are adjusting much better in a household with grown-up children who are taught how to behave themselves around dogs. They can learn from their two-legged siblings and teach them something in return as well.
  3. Physical Activity Needs: Shar-Pei Puggle mix is a moderately active breed. Since its parent breeds are a very energetic Puggle and a more mellow Shar-Pei, a hybrid’s pup exercise needs would not be too demanding: 40 minutes to an hour of physical activity. It can greatly benefit from mingling with other canine members and early socialization is a guarantee that a Shar-Pei Pug Beagle Mix dog will be developed into a well-behaved, mentally stable hound.
  4. Health: a lot of Puggle Shar-Pei mix pups develop the distinctive ailments their ancestors have. The major health concern is eye diseases: cataracts, glaucoma, retinal dysplasia, entropion, and others. The risk of developing those doubles as the hybrid pup has both Pug and Shar-Pei genes. Each of these dog species is prone to developing various peeper problems.

Also, Puggle Pei pooches can be born with respiratory, and cardiovascular ailments, hip dysplasia, thyroid issues, and even develop epilepsy. Puggle DNA is to blame for that

shar pei mixed with a puggle
Shar-Pei Mixed with a Puggle


If you are looking for a good guard dog, have teenage children, want to have a loyal, devoted companion, and a “partner in crime” as well, look no further! Shar-Pei Puggle mix dog is your choice in this case. Make sure you take it to the vet to detect any health problems described above since early detection will aid in an effective treatment plan. You will never have to worry about your house being robbed because this hybrid pup will be protecting it like the best security guard on Earth. It is a great family dog choice, which will fit right into the “pack” and bring some new, exciting colors into its pet parents’ lives!

Happy bonding! 

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