How Much Does A Puggle Cost?

Have you heard of a Pug? I bet you have! These are the tiny (about 14-18 lbs in weight), flat-faced dogs with bulging eyes and short, but very strong legs. They are very lively, friendly, and loyal canine companions, so no wonder they are so popular among dog lovers out there, but how much does a puggle cost?

how much does a puggle cost
How Much Does a Puggle Cost

Pugs were first adored by the Chinese royal family, and treated like members of the family. Later on, they were imported to Europe and became very popular house dogs. Firstly, they joined some royal courts, and afterward, were a hit among commoners, who also got a chance to acquire a Pug puppy companion.

A Puggle is a mixed breed of a Pug and a Beagle. It has the same big eyes, but a longer nose (compared to its short-faced ancestor), helping with several respiratory issues that a typical Pug would have. Since it’s a combo of two breeds, it is hard to predict which way a Puggle’s character is going to develop. Is it going to have more Pug genes or Beagle DNA? It can’t be answered with 100% certainty. Each Puggle is different, but one thing is for sure: it is a healthier, stronger, and more active version of a Pug.

Like what you’ve read? If you were thinking about getting one and wondering about how much a puggle costs, we will get into that shortly. For now, let’s start with how it all began, where does this amazing breed come from?   

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History Of Puggles

If we go way back into the history of the Puggle breed, we’ll find that they have Asian and European roots. Makes sense: Pug is from China and Beagle originated in medieval England. The latter was extremely popular with the English monarchs and their Queens). 

Beagle was first crossbred with a Pug in 1980, by a “designer dog” breeder Wallace Havens located in the state of Wisconsin. He had a lot of breeding experience under his belt by the time the world saw the Puggle dog.

Then, the ACH Club (American Canine Hybrid Club) registered the new Puggle breed. The standards were agreed upon that this hybrid had to adhere to (ideal height, weight, intelligence skills, etc.).

 Adopt A Puggle Or Buy One?

Contemplating whether to buy or adopt a Puggle? You might think that the Puggle pal you are planning to adopt might not be purebred. Therefore, is more logical to buy in this case. But buying a purebred dog might really break your bank big time, whereas adopting is much cheaper. 

It is really up to you which way to go, my advice would be to adopt, honestly. In this case, not only you are giving a very misfortunate canine member a chance for a loving home (and not end up in a kill shelter), but also it is way cheaper compared to buying. All you have to pay for is the shots the animal facility administers for every fluffy pal, and maybe a small service fee to the shelter itself. You are more than welcome to donate funds as well after an adoption process.

However, if you can’t offer monetary help, you can always donate goods that they might use for other pooches. For example, blankets, canned dog food, and puppy training pads always come in handy. 

Puggle Prices

Now that we’ve looked at options that you can use to get a new fluffy hybrid family member, let’s look at puggle prices for both adopting and buying. 

As was mentioned above, it is much cheaper to adopt a Puggle friend than it is to buy. If you have limited finances and do not care about the pureness of the breed, then stick with that. If you were wondering about a price tag for adoption, it will be anywhere from $200 to $500, usually no more than that. I personally paid $450 for my pup when we adopted her (the vast majority of expenses were the initial shots). 

But if, on the contrary, you want to have a high-quality, pureblood dog, then buying from a reputable breeder option might suit you the best. And what should you look at when you are looking to purchase a puppy from one?

Years of Experience

That’s really a no-brainer, cos you wouldn’t trust getting your pup from a breeder who has absolutely no experience in what they are doing, right? A knowledgeable breeder should have at least a few years of proven work experience, ensuring that the best practices have been used to benefit both the dog and its pet parent.   


Another no-brainer. Do you look at reviews before you go to that fancy restaurant you’ve been eyeing? Or ask for recommendations when going to a doctor? Well, it’s the same story here: you need to read what other pet parents have said about their experience with this professional and if there were any problems they had to deal with in the purchasing aftermath (dog behavior problems, and health issues).

Website Quality

Yes, believe it or not, it is also important when choosing a reputable breeder. Take a look at their home page: does it have enough information on them and their breeding facilities? Is there a vet on staff that you can contact? Are there any testimonials from happy pet parents? 

How Much He/She Asks for a Puggle Puppy

That’s where it gets tricky. If a breeder is lowering the price on a Puggle, that means this is one of the “too good to be true” cases. Most likely, it is not a purebred dog, and it might have issues with behavior, as well as health down the road when it matures.

 So how much is a puggle puppy, what’s the right number? The price range is somewhere between $800 and $1500 for a purebred pup. Might be high, but at least a high price tag is a guarantee that it will not display any unwanted behaviors later on. 

Awards/Certificates that a Breeder Holds

If any. A good breeder should be acknowledged by some professional canine organizations. This information should be listed on their website if they truly cherish their good reputation. 

puggle cost
Puggle cost


A Puggle pup may not be cheap, whether you adopt or buy. But it will be worth the investment when it gives you its first “wet kiss,” when it snuggles right next to you on a couch, as well as when you feel down and it is there to cheer you up. 

Please, be a responsible pet parent: take good care of your furry friend, including good nutrition, regular vet visits, daily exercise routine, and, most importantly, shower it with endless love and affection. It will most certainly return the favor. 

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