Japanese Chin Pug Mix: A Modern Asian Story

Asia is the “birthmother” for both Japanese Chin and Pug pups. Each breed is considered brachycephalic (flat-faced). Therefore when you cross the two breeds and get a Japanese Chin Pug mix puppy as a result, the pancake-shaped face stays put and the breathing issues don’t go away, unfortunately. This hybrid pal tends to be very stubborn since it inherits the trait from both ancestors. Think of double stubbornness in this case, which might be tough to take for first-time pet parents. Also, they might be much more aggressive than the parent breeds separately.

A Japanese Pug dog takes after a Japanese Chin parent when it comes to expressing anger or displeasure: might be showing teeth and even biting. Hence, a Japug puppy may not be suitable for a household with children as the latter tend to “play rough” sometimes. 

japanese chin pug mix
Japanese Chin Pug Mix

Pug and Japanese Chin mix dog tends to be very attached to their family, to the point of guarding family members against others that it considers “dangerous.” It is a very overprotective pooch, deeply devoted, and very playful. A pet parent should introduce his/her fur baby to strangers carefully, and immediately correct an unwanted, guarding behavior. Once a Japug gets to know you, it will accept you into its inner circle and will want to become your best friend. Now, let’s take a look at how it all started for this very peculiar Asian breed.

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Japug Mix: History and Origin

It is a relatively new designer breed, not recognized by the AKC because it is not considered purebred. However, its parents are and there is a lot more detailed information available about each of the Japug’s ancestors. 

Japanese Chin

This breed has its roots in Asia, either Japan or China. It is still unclear who holds the credit for the breed’s origin. The first half of the breed’s name is “Japanese,” while the second one is “Chin,” which points to the Chinese origin. The earliest mention of Japanese Chin was around 2500 years ago. Hence, it is considered one of the oldest breeds in canine history.

Pug and Japanese Chin mix hounds were very popular with the Japanese Imperial Royal Court and were often gifted to royals by their immediate social circle members. The flat-faced “new royals” were adored for their spunky personality, loyalty, and intelligence. 

They finally made their way into Europe in the 19th century and quickly gained enormous popularity. Towards the very end of the 1800s, Japanese Chins were recognized officially by the United States Kennel Club as one of the pedigreed toy breeds.  

Japanese Chin


Pug is one of the oldest breeds on the planet, whose history dates back to about 3000 years ago. The Egyptian nobility worshiped and cherished Pugs like their most valuable possessions. 

They served as loyal friends, guards, and protectors of assets. Later on, wrinkle-faced traveled to Tibet and lived with the monks in the monasteries. Their job was to be devoted companions as well as watchdogs. 

From Tibet, they made their way into the Celestial Empire. The Chinese royal court adored and protected Pugs like their most prized possessions. These were some lucky pups to live in luxury and be treated as members of the royal family. 

Now, let’s take a look closely at the Japug hybrid dog and discuss its main characteristics to better understand it.


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Main Japanese Pug Dog Pug Characteristics

  1. Appearance: since both parents are related to the toy group category, the Pug and Japanese Chin mix puppy is not going to be much bigger than its ancestors. Its height will be no more than 13 inches and it will weigh about 13-18 pounds on average. Some selective members would weigh up to 20 lbs. Usually, that’s the case with male Japugs. The hybrid pup will inherit the Pug’s bug eyes and triangle ears, its parents’ distinctive button nose, and the squished muzzle that is very common with both breeds. As far as possible coat colors we can name mixed color palettes (black, white, brown, and other added shaded), brown, fawn, silver, white, or completely black.
  2. Physical Activity: the Japanese Pug dog is one of the most low-maintenance breeds in the canine world. Therefore, it is highly recommended to novice dog owners as their first-time fur baby. It will not need vigorous physical activities throughout the day as it is a low-energy pet. A pet owner doesn’t have to worry about taking it on a long hiking expedition or a dog run at a local park. Pug and Japanese Chin mix pal will be happy with a few short potty walks and 10-15 minutes of playtime daily. Because of their very mellow personality, they will not do well with small children who would want to engage a pup in some active play. They are best suited for seniors, couples, or singles who live by themselves with no kids. Retirees will especially appreciate the fact that they don’t have to do much to take care of their mixed-breed pup. It can just chill on the couch or snooze comfortably right on the lap for all they care about
  3. Temperament: a very mellow, loyal, friendly, and intelligent dog. You will never hear it barking its lungs out (unless a squirrel dared to run by right under its cute button nose). It will get along just fine with all the adult family members and its canine as well as feline siblings. However, as we briefly mentioned above, they won’t mix well with the little human brothers and sisters. If the latter annoys the Japug enough, it can growl or even snap at them.
  4. Health: the Japanese Chin Pug mix dog tends to be brachycephalic or short-headed, just like its parent breeds. Because of this inherited condition, Japugs have problems breathing normally as their nostrils are very narrow and don’t allow for normal airflow. Also, they can develop various eye issues (cataracts, entropion, etc.), skin conditions (including allergies), and in some severe cases-Meningitis. Most of them can be managed and treated promptly. If the problem gets worse, surgery can be performed to help improve the condition.
japanese chin mixed with a pug
Japanese Chin Mixed with a Pug


A Japanese Chin Pug mix puppy can be both a blessing and a curse. It is usually a well-mannered dog, very loving towards its owners, and generally low-maintenance. However, it could develop a few health issues that can be costly to take care of as well as its stubbornness together with an overprotective nature.  

But if you are set on getting this particular breed, make sure that you gather enough information, find a good vet you can bring your pup to, and research some trustworthy breeders in the area to see who would be the best choice to get a puppy from.

Happy bonding!

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