How To Stop A Pug Puppy From Biting

Puppy biting is an unavoidable part of dog ownership, but it can also be unpleasant and hurtful, so you ask yourself how to stop a pug puppy from biting. Puppies are not born knowing how to bite, and it is up to you to educate them.

You will quickly discover how difficult it is to teach a Pug puppy once you have one. Instead, we’ll employ techniques that help enhance your relationship with your new dog!

how to stop a pug puppy from biting
How to Stop a Pug Puppy from Biting

How To Train A Pug Puppy Not To Bite?

Here are some methods you may take to prevent your Pug puppy from biting. They’ll even work if you’ve acquired a neglected older Pug with minimal training. Ensure that your puppy has access to chew toys.

Ensure that your puppy has plenty of chew toys

If your puppy is teething, make sure it has access to a variety of chew toys with a variety of textures. Teething pups will bite and gnaw on whatever they can get their paws on, including your hands and fingers.

Giving your puppy a chew toy instead is a terrific way to keep them engaged. It draws their attention to the item while also teaching them what they can chew on. An excellent chew toy teaches your puppy that it is acceptable to bite or chew, but only when they have their toy.

I’d recommend providing your dog with a variety of chew toys because there’s a strong possibility they’ll favor one over another.

Daily pug exercise

If you have a hyper Pug, you must exercise him daily. When a puppy is sleepy, he bites less. Just be careful not to overdo it. Pugs, unlike other breeds, do not tolerate a lot of physical exertion. Also, avoid exercising in the middle of the day.

Learn about their biting habits

You may respond more positively than negatively when you are one step ahead of your dog. For example, if you see your dog about to bite, take your hand away and place a toy in its mouth.

If your puppy bites you every time you kneel to welcome them, make sure you have their favorite toy in your hand. Your ecstatic puppy will bite the toy rather than your skin, which is exactly what you want.

How To Stop A Pug Puppy From Biting & How Do You Know If It’s Learning?

When you notice your puppy licking instead of biting, you’ll know the training is effective. Keep doing what you’re doing because you know it’s working. Quitting too soon can lead your puppy to revert to its previous biting tendencies.

Puppy biting might take a few days, weeks, or even months in the case of extreme biters. So keep your expectations in check and don’t give up too quickly.

when do pugs stop biting

When Do Pugs Stop Biting?

Make it clear to your Pug that you are in authority. Biting by older Pugs is frequently done in an attempt to assert authority over their owners. They may also bite out of jealousy or when you command them to do something, such as get out of your chair or bed.

Pugs are naturally lively and want to play as well as attract your attention by running around. Pugs are an inherently attractive breed of dog. They’re tiny and have a cute face that makes you want to touch and love them.

Pugs are big dogs with tiny bodies, which means they can be a touch too bold when they rush up to a German Shepherd at the dog park and hump him. They can also be obstinate and appear to hear, only what they want. It’s fairly unusual for a pug to chew, hump, or lick something that puts them in danger.

Why Is My Pug Puppy Biting Me?

As previously said, puppies bite for a couple of reasons, the most prevalent of which are teething and engagement with the outside world. Other reasons your dog may continue to bite you include:

Fear: If you come across a scared puppy, their initial instinct may be to bite or nip at you. It’s the same as frightening someone and then having them swing at you. They have no intention of hurting you. It’s just a natural reaction.

Puppy exploration: Because puppies lack opposable thumbs, they use their lips to explore and grip objects in their environment. They learn how hard they can bite while interacting with humans and other canines throughout the exploring period.

Playtime: Young pups and adult Pugs will nip while you play with them in case you didn’t teach them properly. It’s perfectly typical behavior for them, and it’s how they engage with their siblings and other dogs in dog parks.

They don’t comprehend “not” to bite unless you educate them when you sit down to play with them. Puppies and dogs both use their lips to engage with people and other dogs.

Do Vets Consider Teething As An Issue?

Teething may be causing your Pug to bite. While most owners regard this as biting, it is gnawing in an attempt to alleviate the pain and suffering that a puppy will feel while his teeth are growing in and his gums are so sensitive and irritated.

A Pug at this age will chew on just about anything he can get his mouth on. It won’t matter if it’s your fingers, new shoes, or electrical wires!

There are a few things you can do to assist your Pug dog get through this period without causing damage to your home or belongings. One distinction between this, and the preceding biting difficulties is that a puppy should have an option to choose.

When a child chews on an unapproved object, the thing should be removed and replaced with a chew toy. If the dog appears to be in pain, things like ice cubes can be a good relief.

How To Stop A Pug Puppy From Biting & Is A Bite Harmful?

A Pug’s bite is not as dangerous as a Pit Bull’s bite, which is 235 pounds per square inch. Unfortunately, because the Pug is a gentle breed, there is no info about pug pressure bites. That doesn’t mean that they won’t bite. Puppies are prone to biting, which, while not fatal, is agonizing.

You shouldn’t be concerned as long as your Pug has a vaccine. To ease the wound, the best thing to do is to use a bandage or apply ice.

Teach Your Pug Puppy Not To Bite At Food

how to train a pug puppy not to bite

When there is food in the picture, a Pug puppy is more likely to bite. Puppies are particularly possessive of their food, which they learned when they were in the litter and had to struggle for nutrients. Unfortunately, this is a tendency that can extend to their food dish.

If your Pug is displaying food aggression, you must teach the puppy that you are in command and may take up and put down their dish at any moment – with no aggressiveness from the dog. You place a dish in front of your Pug and rapidly remove it.

If your Pug does not react with a biting attempt, praise them and give them a goodie.

stop a pug puppy from biting
Stop a Pug Puppy from Biting

Final Words On How To Stop A Pug Puppy From Biting

Puppy biting is quite common, but you should not address it right away to educate your puppy on what is and isn’t acceptable. This article will assist you in correctly training your puppy, whether it is teething or nipping.

It takes time to break your Pug puppy’s habit of biting. Implementing the correct training will help enhance your relationship, allowing your dog to grow into a well-behaved adult. When you’re ready to tackle that side of puppy ownership, here’s a toilet training Pugs guide.

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