How to Discipline a Vizsla?

The Vizsla dog breed is known for its behavior, personality, and physical attributes. These dogs are used to carry out hunting activities.  

how to discipline a vizsla
How to Discipline a Vizsla

They are excellent companions and show great fidelity to their owners or members of their human family. 

Many families acquire them because they have a beautiful personality. They are loving and friendly to anyone, including their human family, strangers, and other animals. It should be noted that they get along well with children making it an excellent dog for families

In addition, one of the aspects that most characterize them is their high level of physical activity. Vizslas are active and energetic and need to exercise for at least an hour each day (in the case of adult Vizslas). 

They are intelligent animals that can be easily trained and disciplined. Many people have problems with other dog breeds as they cannot discipline them appropriately. Vizslas are generally very obedient, but we must remember that each of them has an independent personality. That is why, on many occasions, you will have to train your canine correctly. 

How to Discipline a Vizsla? 

Many people confuse the word “discipline” with “punish.” That is an error. The first thing we must understand is that discipline does not mean verbally or physically punishing. Punishment consists of reprimanding a dog through the use of abuse of force, intimidation, and mistreatment in certain situations, while discipline merely is guiding a dog to behave properly. 

The Vizslas are obedient, so disciplining them will not be a problem. The most important thing is to provide our canine with an excellent education that is fun and not frustrating. Therefore, it is necessary to know some of the most appropriate guidelines that will allow us to achieve fast, lasting, and reliable results in the behavior of our Vizsla. 

As we have previously said, each Vizsla is different in temperament and personality. That means that there may be some of these canines that show bad behavior. There are specific rules to educate our Vizslas with a lot of discipline that allow us to reprimand bad actions properly. 

Knowing our pet is essential. We must understand it better and understand what the cause of that inappropriate behavior could be. Lousy behavior always has a reason. One of the most important reasons is that many people do not educate their dogs when they are puppies. The best time to lay the foundations for Vizsla’s behavior is when they are a few months old. 

When we try to discipline our Vizslas, the most important thing is to make them understand who in charge is. From puppies, they must know that you are the one in charge and that they must obey you. It should be noted that most of the time, you will not have any problem with this type of dog about the aspect mentioned above since in general, they do not care about the hierarchical rank they have within a group. However, it is vital to keep this in mind during training. 

Set the rules and limits from the beginning that is, while they are puppies. Praise them whenever you can after they have followed one of your orders. Also, you should create a daily routine in which you will indicate the times when your Vizsla should eat, sleep, play, exercise, etc. This routine will get them used to being more organized and obeying you better in the future. 

Some other important rules: 

  • Avoid getting too used to sitting on armchairs or beds. That will largely depend on the education you want to give your Vizsla. Many people have no problem with their dogs sitting next to them on a sofa. 
  • Do not let it come to the table when you and your family are eating. It could get used to it, which could make each member of the family uncomfortable. Even that situation could happen when you invite your friends to eat. You can avoid this by feeding your puppy after the whole family has finished eating. 
  • Train your Vizsla always to follow you and not the other way around. Your dog should always go after you because you are the one who has to determine the destination. 

So, how can we prevent the formation of bad habits in our Vizslas? The answer is simple. You must be unaware of your dog’s inappropriate behavior from the first day. As we have previously said, the best way to achieve this is when our Vizslas are puppies. That’s because this breed of dog is smart and retains all memories in a good way. 

Sometimes this situation is difficult since many people tend to pamper their pets when they are beautiful baby dogs. However, when those same canines grow, such behaviors are no longer appropriate. When a Vizsla is several years old, it is more difficult to correct its behavior than when it was a puppy. 

Disciplining a Vizsla is not complicated since they are obedient animals who know what to do intuitively. Usually, as owners of these wonderful dogs, we just need to discipline them without intimidating them verbally. That will be enough for it to understand what to do and what not to do. Through verbal discipline, you can obtain good results since this breed always seeks to please its owners. It is for this reason that many families adore these incredible canines. 

Training is also a great option for good discipline, considering that these dogs need to be physically active. Playing different games could further strengthen their obedience to you. Besides, you can teach them voice commands to perform a specific action. The Vizslas are intelligent and teachable, so the more they learn, the more disciplined they will be. 

A disciplined vizsla dog
A disciplined Vizsla dog


Training your Vizsla does not mean that you must be strict with it. They are loving dogs that need the attention of their owners. Show them all the love you have for them without losing authority and hierarchy. On many occasions, you could reward them with treats every time they obey you. These dogs are amazing, and having one of them will guarantee you few behavioral problems. 

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