Is A Pug Right For Me?

Pugs are one of the cutest lap dogs that could easily charm their way to your heart. Their adorable short muzzles, wrinkly faces, and curled-up tails are just some of their features that would-be owners and pet lovers alike. And since they are lap dogs their size is just right for those who want small dogs. But if you still have doubts if a pug is right for you, here we will tell you why to choose pugs as pets.

is a pug right for me
Is a Pug Right For Me?

Reasons To Choose Pugs As Pets

Other than their appearance, the pugs’ sweet character is a plus point. They are gentle and sociable so they can be great companions to kids and adults. And since they don’t yap too much, neighbors won’t have anything to complain about.

Here are some of the reasons why you and your family might consider choosing this adorable breed as your new pet:

1. Families Choice

Do you wonder if pugs are good with kids? This popular breed is one of our top pet picks for our kids, apart from bugs and birds that our kids also like. They’ve befriended their cousin Rory, a black pug with shiny black fur who’s been nothing but a ball of sunshine every time they come over for a playdate. He’s so well-mannered that he never gets too boisterous or noisy.

2. Growing Up With Kids

Since the average age of a pug is 12 to 15 years, my kids won’t experience heartbreak from losing a pet early on in their lives, unless because of their pet’s sudden illness. If their pet passes on when they are in their teen years, it will be much easier for them to come to terms with their grief. Ideally, a pet should grow up with their tiny humans until they become adults and leave their family home.

are pugs good with kids

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3. Tender Loving Care

Proper care to reach the average age of a pug is important even if this breed is low maintenance. Grooming still should be done regularly though since they shed their fur and their short hair needs attention contrary to popular belief. The wrinkles on their faces and bodies have to be cleaned regularly to avoid infections. And their teeth need a good brushing around three times a week.

4. Keeping Quiet

For other dogs, your house could go berserk all of a sudden with all the barking and whining. Pugs can be very quiet as they don’t yap or bark that often like other breeds. This lap dog also sleeps a lot so it’s also great for those families with babies or for those who plan to have more babies because they won’t wake your little ones up with their doggy noise. Owners who live in apartment or condo units could also rest easy because the neighbors won’t come knocking to complain about their pugs.

Pug dog
Pug dog


When my kids are old enough to care for pets, we might just consider adopting a pug for them. I’ve always wanted to have one even back when I was single so it’s a no-brainer if I choose this breed for our family. It’s just not about how long pugs live, it’s their warmth and affection that really matters the most. 

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