French Pitbull | The Amazing French Bulldog Pitbull Mix

The French Pitbull. A combination of a French Bulldog and Pitbull, or an American Staffordshire Terrier. You may be wondering what to expect from such a mix.

Will it be a more aggressive Frenchie? Will it be a “cuter” Bully? Does it have increased health issues?

French Pitbull
French Bulldog and Pitbull Mix

All these questions and more are answered in this post which is a guide to the French Pitbull.

There are hundreds of different dog species in the world. This can make choosing the right one difficult. The French Pitbull is a very popular breed, loved by owners across the globe.

But will it fit into your lifestyle and home life?

Let’s take a closer look at this species, so you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether or not a French Pitbull is the right choice for your family.

french pitbull walking on grass

French Pitbull Appearance

Let’s start by looking at how this dog looks, to learn what sets it apart from many of the other dogs on the market.

First, the French Pitbull is an intriguing mix of two dog breeds. These are the French Bulldog and the American Pitbull.

Because of this, their appearance can often vary, with some dogs taking more after one parent. This can influence other aspects of the dog, like their health and exercise requirements.

Generally, though, there are a few unique features that help set the French Pitbull apart. First, they have pointed ears, which can sometimes resemble those of a bat. They also tend to have a larger head with a shorter muzzle.

Their fur tends to be fairly short. However, the fur color can often vary, depending on the parentage of the dog. In most cases, though, the French Pitbull will be a light color.

Typically, this can mean that they will be a fawn or cream color.

Size and Weight

The French Pitbull is a relatively small dog. This means that they can be kept in most places, making them suitable for those living in apartments or homes.

Usually, these dogs will have small, but muscular bodies. This allows the dog to be very agile, letting them move quickly.

When fully grown, they will stand between 11 to 13 inches (27 to 33cm).

This makes them a good size for a lap dog.

Typically, they will have a healthy weight range of around 28 pounds (12 kg). However, because of their adorable features, it’s common for owners to give these dogs a few extra treats.

This can sometimes mean that they are at risk of becoming overweight. You’ll need to check this with a vet, to make sure that their health won’t be affected.

French Pitbull Personality

There are a few personality aspects that you’ll need to know about if you’re considering getting a French Pitbull. This will ensure that you’ll know what to expect when you bring them into your home.

First, they love to be lapdogs, cuddling up with you while you watch your favorite movie or television show.

They have a loving temperament and love it when you show them affection. Often, they want to be the center of your world, getting the most attention from you.

They also tend to be very playful. This can make them a great choice for older children, as they’ll be able to play together.

However, you might want to supervise your children as they play, especially if they’re younger. Sometimes, they can fall on the dog, or pat them with too much force.

You should also be aware that they can make an excellent guard dog. They’ll love to be with you and will be willing to defend you if they think that someone else is threatening you.

To make sure that they don’t accidentally show aggressive behavior to friends, you’ll need to take them to training classes.

French Pitbull dog
French Pitbull dog

French Pitbull Training

If you are considering getting a French Pitbull, it’s important to make sure that you’re putting them in a good training program.

While they’re not a violent breed, they have a poor reputation for biting and aggressive behavior.

Thankfully, by training them from a young age, you shouldn’t have any of these issues.

In most cases, they will be fairly intelligent. This makes it easier for you to train them. However, some dogs might have a stubborn streak.

This can make it harder for you to learn how to train them. However, if you go to a training school, you’ll be able to learn what techniques will work best for your dog.

Other Pets

Whether the French Pitbull will work well with another dog will often depend on your situation. Usually, if the two dogs were introduced from a young age, they will be able to get along.

However, if you are getting an older French Pitbull, it’s usually best that they are the only dog in the house. There might be some times when they can get territorial, defending you.

This can lead to big issues. While you might be able to use training to stop this behavior, it’s usually better if they are the only dog in the house.

A very affectionate French Pitbull

French Bulldog Origins

While we don’t know the exact origin of the French Pitbull and when the first crossbreed happened, we can get a better idea about this breed by looking at the origins of both breeds.

Interestingly, the Blue French Bulldog’s tale doesn’t begin in France. Instead, it starts across the Isle, in England.

During this time, lacemaker was a popular profession with many people employed in the factories. To keep them company at home, they had bulldogs.

So, when the work started to dry up, they moved to France. Like any loving parent, they took their bulldogs with them across the sea.

When they arrived in France, the dogs started breeding with other species like ratters and pugs.

From this, the blue bulldog was born. To celebrate their origin, they got called “Frenchies”. When the species made its way across the ocean, to America, they got given the name the Blue French Bulldog.

Though the French Bulldog Club of America was founded in 1894, the breed has only started to become popular recently, due to their string of well-known owners.

While it might have taken many years, I’m thrilled that this adorable dog is finally getting its time in the sun.

Discover the history of the French Bulldog

Pitbull Origins

Pitbulls first came about from crossing Bulldogs and Terriers. This one was done to have a breed that could adequately take part in fighting staked bulls.

They were essentially bred as a fighting dog to entertain drunken gamblers.

I am happy to say that blood sports such as these have been banned since the early 1800s, but it took the U.S. up until 1976 to specifically ban dogfighting.

The unpleasant history of Pitbulls started in England, but they appeared in the U.S. by the mid-1800s.

American breeders wanted a larger dog for farm work and bred their own version of the Pitbull. They would be responsible for herding cattle and sheep, guarding livestock and families, and helping out on hunts.

It was around this time that they actually gained the reputation of “nanny dog”. Why? Because they were so great and loyal to children. They were known to be both loyal and very hardworking.

During both world wars, Pit Bulls were used as the United States’ mascot. Their image of bravery and loyalty was displayed all over advertisements during wartime.

Around the 80s is when Pitbull’s image in the media was being negatively portrayed, and this had a big impact on the general population.

Unfortunately, the Pitbull’s tough and violent reputation continues to follow them today, and poor pet parenting has hurt their image even more.

But slowly, they are slowly becoming the All American Dog again and it’s thanks to good pet parenting and advocacy.

French Pitbull Exercise Requirements

The type of exercise required will often depend on which parent the dog is taking after. The Pitbull tends to be more active when compared to the French Bulldog.

Generally, though, you’ll need to take this dog for a long walk each day. This should be enough to burn off their excess energy.

However, you should look for signs that they still have a lot of energy. This can include things like chewing your furniture or digging holes in the backyard.

If this is the case, you’ll want to increase the amount of exercise that you do each day.

You’ll also need to make sure that you avoid taking them out for exercise in the middle of the day.

Because of their short faces and thin noses, it can sometimes be difficult for them to get all the air that they need. This means that they might be at risk of overheating.

French Pitbull Grooming

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a French Pitbull is that they are very easy to take care of.

Because they have short fur, you won’t need to brush them as regularly. In most cases, you’ll just need to brush your French Bulldog once a week, to get rid of any dead hair.

If your dog has some facial folds, you might need to use an antibacterial wipe to clean them out, to kill any bacteria that might be growing there.

You might also want to keep an eye on the weather conditions. As we mentioned, they might be prone to overheating during the summer months.

Because of this, you’ll need to give them a shady spot to lie down. They also tend to dislike the colder conditions. So, you might want to give them a coat, to keep them warm.

You might also want to make sure that you’re taking care of their dental hygiene.

This can mean brushing their teeth or giving them a toy that they can chew on to clean their mouths.

To make grooming a little easier and a little more comfortable for them, you may want some doggie specific grooming items.

Getting a dog-specific shampoo is a great start, and there are also dog dryers to make drying after a bath a breeze.

If you’re looking to give your White English Bulldog a unique style, you can get some dog clippers as well!

blue french bulldog next to pitbull dog

French Pitbull Health

Generally, they will have a lifespan of around 12 to 14 years. But there are many potential health problems that the owner of a French Pitbull should be aware of.

First, they might have some breathing problems, due to their short face. This can increase the risk of conditions like eye issues and dental health concerns. In other cases, they might have issues with their hips.

To make sure that your French Pitbull is in excellent health, you’ll need to make sure that you’re taking them to the vet frequently.

This will allow you to diagnose any potential problems early. You should try to avoid overfeeding, which can lead to obesity, which often makes these conditions worse.

Below is a list of health issues for the two separate breeds. A French Pitbull will is at an increased likelihood for some of these issues.

Health Issues for French Bulldogs

Health IssueDescription
Brachycephalic Airway SyndromeCommon in animals with a pushed-in nose and shortened or “smooshed” faces. This can result in breathing problems, panting, an intolerance to exercise, and difficulty eating.
Difficulty BreathingGenetic abnormalities caused by selective breeding have a significant impact on an English Bulldog’s airways
Temperature RegulationWhen there are issues with breathing and panting the stability to regulate temperature becomes impaired. Always avoid hot humid days and going outside.
Skin ProblemsSkin infections and irritation such as eczema or bacterial infections
Bone and Joint DiseaseCan result in Chondrodysplasia which is an abnormal growth in cartilage. This can, in turn, increase a dog’s likelihood of having bone and joint problems.
Eye ProblemsIssues involving vision can become a problem in later age for English Bulldogs. Conditions like Cherry Eye is the enlargement and resultant prolapse of the gland of the third eyelid.
Head shakesAn uncontrollable vibration in the head and a vet is required immediately.
AllergiesBulldogs are known to have some of the most allergies of any dog breed and they center around food allergies and skin allergies.
Thyroid and Heart DiseaseSelective breeding can cause issues with these internal organs
CancerAccording to PetMD, Lymphoma is a “blood-borne cancer of lymphocytes, which are a specific type of white blood cell” and Bulldogs are susceptible to this.

Health Issues for Pitbulls

Health IssueDescription
Skin ProblemsItchy allergies, tumours, and even skin cancer.
Hip DysplasiaProblems with the cranial cruciate ligament (CCL) begin as a partial tear with signs such as pain or mild limping but can worsen if untreated.
Knee ComplicationsEnlarged stomachs are often mistaken as just “bloating” because of excess gas in their tummies after eating food. Fermented food and “air eating’’ can worsen this condition
Allergies Affected by pollen, grass, ticks or flies, and various food allergies.
Gastric Dilatation – VolvulusEnlarged stomachs, are often mistaken as just “bloating” because of excess gas in their tummies after eating food. Fermented food and “air eating’’ can worsen this condition
Thyroid DiseaseExcessive weight gain and skin problems when thyroid glands aren’t producing adequate thyroid hormones.
IchthyosisIn aortic stenosis, the heart’s aortic valve narrows preventing the valve from opening fully,
Cerebellar Ataxiapoor muscle coordination and imbalance
CataractsExcess protein buildup in the eyes affects vision.
Heart DiseaseAortic stenosis, the heart’s aortic valve narrows preventing the valve from opening fully,

French Pitbull Dog Insurance for French Pitbulls

Just like humans, dogs make bad decisions and find themselves hurt or injured, and the Blue French Bulldog is no different (no matter how smart they may be!)

And, unfortunately, just like humans, dogs can get sick with disease or illness. Trips to the vet should be included in your cost analysis when deciding on getting a dog.

Of course, it’s always a good idea to practice preventative healthcare. We discussed the risks of obesity, so making sure your dog is eating the right amount and exercising can do wonders for their health and vet bills when compared to sedentary dogs eating low-grade food.

Making sure there isn’t unnecessary wear and tear on your Blue French Bulldog’s joints can help improve their long term wellbeing as well.

If there’s a lot of getting in and out of cars or up and down heights day today it can be a good idea to invest in a dog ramp or dog stairs as well.

Popular Pitbull Cross-Breed Mixes

Here is a list of other popular French Bulldog Mixes

NameA mix between a Pitbull and…
1. Great DanebullGreat Dane
2. BullypitAmerican Bulldog
3. Dober pitDoberman
4. PitmatianDalmation
5. PitweilerRottweiler
6. PitskySiberian Husky
7. PitboxerBoxer
8. BeaglebullBeagle
9. LabrabullLabrador Retriever
10. German PitGerman Shepherd
Here is the list of the Top 10 Ridiculously Adorable Pitbull Mix Breeds

Popular French Bulldog Cross-Breed Mixes

NameA mix between French Bulldog and…
1. French BoodlePoodle
2. FrugPug
3. French PomerdogPomerania
4. French BullweilerRottweiler
5. French PitbullPitbull
6. French PinPinscher
7. French BullhuahuaChihuahua
8. French Bull-AussieAustralian Shepherd
9. FrengleBeagle
10. French BobbulldogBoston Terrier
11. French ChowdogChowchow


Whether you’re an advocate of purebred only or someone who embraces designer dogs, it’s safe to say that the French Pitbull isn’t going anywhere.

The French Pitbull is a great companion dog, who’ll love to spend their days by your side.

They are very loyal and tend to get along well with older children. But they might not be the best choice if you have another dog.

So, if you’re willing to train them, the French Pitbull will provide plenty of cuddles and hugs for the rest of their lives.

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