Top 3 Dog Brushes for French Bulldogs

Looking for the best brush for French Bulldogs is part and parcel of keeping your dog in good shape, both physically and aesthetically. French Bulldogs are a domestic dog breed that is a cross between ratters and Toy Bulldogs.

dog brushes for french bulldogs
Top 3 Dog Brushes for French Bulldogs

They were first crossed and this breed developed in the 1800s. They were developed to be companion animals and aren’t known for their ability to work.

These are small dogs that tend to be playful and affectionate. They make great family pets and are often really good with kids. Their sturdy stature also makes them great for kids as they are more “durable” to their affections.

Since they are small, they are great dogs for people with smaller yards and homes. They are friendly and playful dogs that are great with other dogs and often love human affection. French Bulldogs don’t have a lot of special requirements and tend to be gentle, calm, and quiet dogs.

While they are often incredibly affectionate and loving, they need to be properly trained or aggression can be an issue. They may suffer from separation anxiety and are better suited to families where someone is home most of the time.

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Best Brushes for French Bulldogs Reviewed

We looked all over the web and did a ton of research so we could find the best brushes for French Bulldogs on the market.

We have narrowed down the wide range of choices to our top three picks for the best brushes for French Bulldogs. These are quality, highly-rated brushes that have much acclaim from those who use them.

1. Vetnique Labs Furbliss Dog Grooming Brush

Vetnique Labs is a trusted and well-known maker of a range of veterinary-approved pet products for dogs and cats. Their product line ranges from hygienic pet wipes, vitamin supplements, and chews, to grooming supplies.

Their Furbliss dog brush is our top pick for the best dog brush for French Bulldogs.

This is an affordable, high-quality brush that is uniquely designed to act like a brush and massager in one. It features two sides made from medical-grade silicone.

The material allows for safe and gentle brushing and is especially good for dogs with sensitive skin like French Bulldogs. This is a great brush for dogs with short hair and is known to provide a calming effect to the animal.

This brush can be used on dry fur or on wet fur as part of the bathing process.

Users of this brush love that it is gentle, yet effective for brushing their dogs. Since French Bulldogs often have sensitive skin, owners love that they can brush their dog, wet or dry, without fear of irritating their skin.

The biggest downside of this brush is that it is best suited for smaller dogs. If you have a multi-dog household that includes larger dogs or those with long hair, you are likely going to need other grooming tools for the job.

2. FURminator Curry Comb with Rubber Teeth

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Furminator is a trusted and well-known maker of a range of pet care products. Their product line ranges from bathing products, de-shedding supplies, and basic brushes and grooming tools.

Their curry comb is a very affordable and high-quality brush well suited to French Bulldogs and other dogs with short hair.

The brush is ergonomic in design and comfortably fits in your hand so brushing is more like petting your dog than brushing. It is made with gentle, antimicrobial rubber teeth and plastic that not only removes dust and loose hair but also helps to distribute natural oils that keep the coat healthy and shiny.

The brush is gentle on sensitive skin and is a great option for people with French Bulldogs who don’t really take to regular brushes. Users of this brush love that it is so effective on dogs with sensitivities.

The biggest downside is the same as the last brush we reviewed. Since it is small, it isn’t the best brush to use for larger dogs, but it is perfectly sized for French Bulldogs.

3. Hertzko Soft Pet Brush

Hertzko is a highly reputable, popular, and trusted brand that makes a range of pet products for dogs and cats. Their product line ranges from leashes and toothbrushes to flea combs basic brushes and other grooming tools.

Their soft pet brush is a versatile and affordable brush that is gentle enough for French Bulldogs’ sensitive skin. The brush has short, soft bristles that effectively remove debris, dirt, and loose hair.

The bristles are incredibly soft and gentle and won’t damage or irritate even the most sensitive skin and can even be used on the face and paws. The brush also acts as a massager, stimulating blood flow and also distributing natural oils to keep the coat shiny.

The brush has an anti-slip comfort grip handle that is ergonomic and easy to hold for comfortable grooming.

Users of this brush love that it is effective and gentle to use on dogs with sensitive skin. It is a great all-purpose brush for households with multiple dogs, even those with longer hair.

The biggest downside of this brush is that it isn’t suitable for larger dogs or dogs with curly hair so if you have more than a French Bulldog, you may need other grooming tools.

french bulldog being groomed by brush and other dog grooming tools

Grooming French Bulldogs

One of the great things about French Bulldogs is their ease of care. They do not have a ton of special grooming requirements which is another reason they tend to be so popular. While they don’t require a lot of special care, it doesn’t mean they have no grooming needs.

As short-haired dogs, French Bulldogs are far easier to care for than many other breeds. Since their hair is fine and short, they don’t tend to shed a lot, which makes them great for people who don’t want to deal with excess dog hair.

They don’t need to be trimmed regularly and are fairly clean dogs, so things like weekly bathing are also not required. The dogs will need to be occasionally bathed and, of course, more frequently if they get into something.

A dryer made for dogs can help speed up the bath time process, but French Bulldogs don’t take very long to begin with.

French Bulldogs often have sensitive skin, so you may need to be careful about what type of dog shampoo you use on them. Contact your vet for recommendations.

Though they don’t shed a ton and have really short and fine hair, it is helpful to brush them fairly regularly. Not only will this remove any loose hair that may get stuck in their fur, but it will also remove any dirt or debris and is also a great bonding experience.

Since they have such short hair, short-bristled brushes are the best to use on them.

French Bulldog brush
French Bulldog brush

In Closing

French Bulldogs are affectionate and friendly dogs that are easy to care for and make great pets for families and people who live in smaller homes or don’t have large yards.

Not only are they hardy dog that loves people, but they also don’t require a ton of special care. They don’t require regular trimming and only need the occasional bath.

Regular brushing is really all that is needed, aside from the occasional bath, to keep your French Bulldog groomed and looking their best.

A quality, soft, short-bristled brush is a great all-purpose grooming tool for owners of French Bulldogs. They need a brush that has shorter bristles, better suited for shorter hair and the bristles should be soft and plastic since this breed is known for having sensitive skin.

Any of the brushes we review in this article are excellent, affordable, and high-quality options for French Bulldog owners.

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