First Night with Your New Vizsla Puppy

Having a Vizsla puppy is not an easy task, but it is not the end of the world either. These cute companions are very adorable and affectionate when they are with them. They are very loyal to their owners and have an energetic charisma at all times. 

first night with your new vizsla puppy
First Night with Your New Vizsla Puppy

When you acquire a new Vizsla puppy, it is essential to take many things into account, whether it is placing its bed inside your room or making it sleep elsewhere in the house. 

When having your first night with your puppy, it is very likely that it will get scared due to some aspects: 

  • The environment. 
  • The place. 
  • The smells. 
  • People. 
  • The sounds. 
  • Its a vision of all the things that surround it. 
  • The feeling of loneliness. 

These characteristics will be present in the puppy since everything that it perceives will be totally different from what it already knew in its old life with its littermates and its parents. 

Usually, Vizslas (puppies or adults) are cunning, intelligent, and cheerful, but they lose all confidence when leaving their place of origin to go to another new site with new people. 

The first night is usually a stressful and worrying time for both the owners and the Vizsla puppy. That is because puppies feel disoriented in a new place for them with people they do not yet know regardless of whether they receive affection and attention. For this reason, the puppy may be depressed in the beginning. 

You should not worry about this as it is normal in any puppy breed. Getting used to a new environment is difficult, although there are exceptions for puppies that have not had a bad time on their first night. 

What Should I Do to Make My Vizsla Puppy Feel Comfortable the First Night? 

You have to know that your puppy is going to be fearful and anxious. That is very normal, so you should not stay up all night worrying about it. 

Have Its Bed Ready 

During the first night, the puppy’s behavior will be unpredictable as it will continue to feel nervous and uncomfortable despite having a good, warm bed. You can go over to caress it a little and cover it with a blanket, so it doesn’t feel cold. 

Whisper Some Words at Bedtime 

When it’s time to sleep and the puppy starts to complain, you can whisper a few words like “I’m here,” “sleep,” “quiet,” etc. Your voice may sound comforting to the puppy in its lonely time. 

It may be the case that the puppy begins to cry when the lights are turned off (not all puppies do), but the attitude of the dog is understandable because it is alone in a different place, and therefore, it will be scared. 

Commonly, to prevent the puppy from crying, its owner allows it to sleep in the bed to rest next to him.  

It should be noted that it is not recommended that you allow this act because the next night, it will want to sleep on your bed once more, and it will become a habit. 

vizsla puppies sleeping
Vizsla Puppies Sleeping

Don’t Raise Your Tone of Voice 

Don’t think about yelling at it for a moment. Vizslas puppies are susceptible, especially if they are new to a place and cannot tolerate loud and negative noises. On the other hand, talk to it gently and slowly so that it can understand you and feel comfortable. 

Play a Bit with it 

If the puppy does not want to fall asleep due to lack of sleep or great anxiety, you can play with it for a while. With this, you will achieve that it creates bonds with you, and at the same time, it will make the puppy feel tired, causing it to go to bed. 

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