Do Pugs Eyes Pop Out And Why

Do Pugs eyes pop out and why? Any dog can have its eyes pop out, but it is more common in Pugs and many other short-nosed breeds. For instance, Pekingese, Boston Terriers, and French Bulldogs’ eyes can also pop out.  Their eye sockets are thinner than other breeds because of the way their heads are shaped, and their eyes protrude. The result of this is that Pugs’ eyes pop out at times.

do pugs eyes pop out
Do Pugs Eyes Pop Out? Here’s Why

Why Can Pugs Eyes Pop Out Of Their Heads?

Pugs are considered to be one of the breeds described as a brachycephalic breed.  These dogs have short snouts shallow eye-sockets and big bulging eyes. Why do Pugs’ eyes pop out?  In brachycephalic dogs the skull bones are shorter, the nose is pushed in and the eyes bulge.

These dogs might be cute, but they can suffer from serious medical issues.  The eyelids cannot completely close in many of these dogs including the Pug. This is caused by the shape of the skull.

The nasal bones of a dog with this condition are smashed into a very small amount of space and their skulls are positioned differently than other breeds. Their eyes can dislocate from the socket due to Any kind of trauma, major or minor.

Additional Problems From Brachycephalic Faces

In addition to bulging eyes that can pop out of their sockets, Pugs can also have issues with other aspects of Brachycephalic Ocular Syndrome. This syndrome is found in all the brachycephalic breeds. Do Pug’s eyes pop out because of this? This bulging eye phenomenon makes the dog look like he has huge eyes and this appeals to many people. They have an almost human look, and they can be amazingly cute.

These shallow eye sockets leave the dog in danger of severe eye damage including the fact that a Pug’s eyes can pop out. Instead of the normal job of protecting the eye, a pug’s eye socket can cause all kinds of problems. Eyelids are also meant to protect the eyes and they can’t do that if they cannot close around them.

Pugs’ Eyes Can Pop Out and What Can You Do

A veterinary ophthalmologist would describe this condition as Proptosis. Any kind of pressure or injury to the eyelid can cause the eye to pop out of the socket. This condition can happen suddenly and without warning.  It can happen while the dog is running or playing. It can happen if he has been injured. Do Pug’s eyes pop out just because of bumping into something? Yes, they do.

Role Of The Owner

You will want to use a harness with your Pug and not a collar. Collars can cause pressure on the eyes if your Pug pulls or strains against it instead of walking gently on their leash. Pug eyes are very sensitive. A Pug’s owner must learn how to clean out their eyes and be aware of any inflammation or discharge from the eyes.

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The owner needs to make sure that their Pug does not scratch their eyes as this also can cause the eye to pop out. Pugs need special attention from their owner to stay safe. Think about this before you get a Pug for your family dog. Pugs are furry friends that like to roughhouse and play and cuddle.  A pug owner needs to take precautions to protect the pug from excessive activities that may lead to the eye-popping out.

The Role Of The Veterinarian

Pugs need to have regular veterinary checkups to make sure they are in good health and check their eyes. Make sure if you notice any problems with your pug’s eye that you contact your veterinary doctor right away.

One of the most important things to remember if you own a pug and the eye does pop out of the socket is not to try to put it back in the socket yourself.  Immediately get medical assistance for your pet.  It may be possible that the eye might be reattached, and the eyesight saved.

What Happens When Pugs’ Eyes Pop Out

Unfortunately, there also are times when it is not possible to save the eye and it has to be removed.  This does not mean that the Pug will not be able to live a good life because it can bounce back.  Pugs are resilient little dogs, and they can go on to live a happy life.

Should you encounter a popped-out eye do not panic, call your veterinarian right away and get your pug to a place where it can get help.  Remember do not try to put the eye back into the socket as you may do more harm to it.  Get professional help right away.

What The Pug Owner Needs To Do When Pugs’ Eyes Pop Out

It is important that when you first get your Pug, you also get pet insurance. If your Pug’s eye pops out the least expensive treatment will be around five hundred dollars. If the eye cannot be reattached and must be removed, it can cost up to four or five thousand dollars. Most pet insurance will pay for either procedure.

Give your Pug love and attention as usual.  Pugs are resilient little dogs, and they will bounce back.  They can continue to go on and live happy lives.  Take simple precautions like not taking your Pug into the woods or on hikes. If you want an active partner for those types of activities, it is best to get a breed other than a Pug or any of the Brachycephalic breeds.

do pugs eyes pop out
Do Pugs Eyes Pop Out?


Yes, your Pug will love to play, cuddle, and even roughhouse. They are like any other dog, and they are not aware of the dangers to their eyes. It is up to you to try to make sure your Pug’s eyes do not pop out of their heads. Always be aware that it is possible for a Pug’s eye to pop out of the socket and take the necessary steps to be prepared to care for it immediately should that happen.

Now you know that a Pug’s eyes can pop out of their heads because the eye socket is too shallow, and the eyelid does not close properly. The Pug, like other Brachiocephalic breeds, must have an owner and a family that understands the anatomy of their furry friend is prepared to take the necessary precautions, and can afford the necessary treatments.

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