There Are Many Good Names For Pugs

Throughout history, there have been interesting and unforgettably good names for Pugs. What is a good name for your Pug? Some of the best Pug names reflect the dog’s personality, for instance. You will find many of these names in this article. So, don’t name your Pug until you read it. Historically names have been particularly important. This is because names have often shaped our impressions of a person, animal, or thing.

good names for pugs
Good Names for Pugs

Famous Pugs and The Best Pug Names

There are many famous Pugs with great names.  One of these good names for Pugs might be nice to consider when naming a Pug   Some of the Pugs throughout history that were famous were:  Queen Elizabeth 11’s Pug named Basco and Marie Antoinette’s favorite Pug named Mops.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor had many Pugs. A few of the names they chose were Davy Crockett, Trooper and Dizzy, and Black Diamond. A Pug named Pompey saved the life of Prince William of Holland. A famous clothes designer from Italy designed an entire line of clothing after his Pug named  Valentino.

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Importance Of Dog Names

Names are very important.  For instance, why is a Pug is called a Pug?  It is because they were named after the Marmoset monkey.  They have facial features that look a lot alike. The monkeys were also called Pug monkeys.

A Pug can be named for very personal reasons.  For instance, I  named a St. Bernard puppy K.G.  The 1st time I took her to the vet for a good check I was asked “Is there a reason for her name to be K.G.?   Yes, her name is very personal to me.  It has made her very special to me. I also have a closer bond with her.  My answer was “K for Katherine and “G” for Gloria.  “K.G.”!  These were the initials of my mother’s name.

The Meaning Of The Name

I took care of my parents for many years.  My parents had raised St Bernards.  My mother asked me a couple of days before her death “What are you going to do after I die?”  Dad was already gone.  I told her “I’m going to buy a St Bernard puppy and name her after you.”

Two months later I bought a St. Bernard puppy and named her “K.G”! She is special and I think of my Mom every time I use her name.   As you can see a name can be an important link to a beloved family member or a special time in someone’s life.

It might be a good idea to observe the personality and behavior of the Pug before choosing good names for Pugs.  Is the Pug quiet or laid back?  Maybe the Pug is mischievous. Pugs can be very playful and loyal. They are also very smart and love to spend time with their people.

names for pugs
Names for Pugs

A Few Of The Best Pug Names

People love Pugs because they are very cute and have great personalities.  Some cute name suggestions for them might be “Cookie, Buttons, Pixie, Corkie, and Munchkin.”  There are also some cute names for Pugs using Pug as part of the name.  PugsBunny, Puggies, and Pugzilla to just name a few of them. How about Pug-a-roo?

It is important to pick a name that you like, as you will be using it every day in communicating with your Pug.  There are all kinds of names to name your Pug. Pick one that you enjoy.  Your Pug will love you and want to hang out with you no matter what name you give it. Here are some very popular names.

Names For Girl Pugs

Here are some other pug names for female dogs that are very popular as well.

  1. Tinkerbell – Named for the traits of stubbornness and delightfulness of the fairy from “Peter Pan.” This is a fun name for a playful but stubborn Pug.
  2. Puggy – A term of endearment based on the breed, name, and shape.
  3. Mabel – A term meaning very lovable. Certainly, your Pug is lovable.
  4. Lola – A fun and traditional femme fatale name depending on your Pug’s personality.
  5. Ping – This name honors her Chinese heritage. It translates to a cookie.
  6. Sofia – This is a Latin name meaning wisdom. How wise is your girl Pug?

Names For Boy Pugs

Here are some other good names for pugs that are very popular for male dogs as well.

  1. Chin – At one time, Pugs were the preferred dogs of the Chinese royalty and Emperors.
  2. Jester – If your Pug has a funny and clownish personality.
  3. Dakota – This name means friendly. Most Pugs have a friendly personality.
  4. Gus – Pugs are usually somewhat portly. Believe it or not, this name means chubby or fat.
  5. Bruno – This is a very strong name and with its meaning of brown, it is perfect for a Pug.
  6. Alvin – This means friends of the elves and is perfect for a mischievous boy.

Genetic Names

Finally, here are good pug names regardless of the dog’s gender.

Peanut – This name represents the color and shape of a Pug.

Shorty – No explanation is needed for this choice as Pugs are very short and low to the ground.

Chubbly – The same can be said for this one. This is very much like Gus in respect to the portly Pug.

Munchkin – Does your short little Pug remind you of these characters from The Wizard of Oz?

Yoda or Baby Yoda – This is a very fun name. How much wisdom does your Pug have? Is he or she worthy of this name?


What’s in a name? Did any name on this list seem to fit your Pug? As you can see the good names for Pugs all have good reasons for naming your pet that. So, get to know your little one and soon you will know a good Pug name for them. Please share your responses in the comments and share this article.

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