Do German Shorthaired Pointers Ever Calm Down?

The German Shorthaired Pointer breed dogs are canines primarily intended for hunting other animals, such as rabbits, wild birds, squirrels, mice, and other creatures. 

do german shorthaired pointers ever calm down
Do German Shorthaired Pointers Ever Calm Down?

German Shorthaired dogs are highly intelligent and active animals. They love to play and exercise at all hours in a spacious garden or backyard. 

This canine is considered an active hunter. It is known to be an adventurous dog that likes to play and jump every day of its life. In addition, it can be said that it is one of the strongest and healthiest sports breeds that exist in the world. 

Besides enjoying running and hunting other animals, the German Shorthaired Pointer loves to spend time with its human family, especially its owner. 

However, many of these owners wonder if their German Shorthaired Pointer puppies will ever calm down, as they are known as canines that jump and run energetically at all hours of the day. 

Can my German Shorthaired Pointer Ever Calm Down? 

Yes! Generally, the canines of this breed calm down when they are 2 or 3 years old. While still puppies, they tend to be unruly and energetic at all times, causing problems for their human family members. 

However, this attitude and behavior are totally normal since the German Shorthaired breed is born with a lively and hyperactive personality. 

That is, this type of breed is hyperactive from birth. However, it can also be due to the breeding, education, and training that owners give their pets from an early age, but it can also result from the animal’s own canine genes. 

Because these animals are energetic by nature, we must take responsibility and ensure that their needs are met, as long as we do not put their health and well-being at risk. 

A German Shorthaired has boundless energy and generally requires long walks with one-hour runs twice a day with their owner. 

Why Won’t My German Shorthaired Pointer Calm Down? 

Constant boredom and anxiety can cause a German Shorthaired Pointer not to calm down. That is because the animal will always look for something to do since lying on the ground all day is not something that it has in mind. 

It could also be because your pet wants to get your attention. Remember that these animals are very attached to their human and need constant love and affection from them. 

Irritability is another common cause in these cases. When dogs are upset or stubborn, they tend to be hyperactive and often resort to destroying objects in your home. 

The genetics of the German Shorthaired Pointer tend to influence canine behavior a lot. It is well known that this type of breed is trained from birth to be hunters (at least most owners teach them this way), so they will always be in constant movement and wanting to run and jump. 

Lack of physical and mental stimulation is another cause. As we mentioned before, when a dog is not exercised or trained, its attitude goes from being calm to being hyperactive. 

Recommendations to Calm My German Shorthaired Pointer Dog  

We recommend that you include swimming in the daily exercise routine of your dog. If your pet swims in a pool or beach for at least an hour a day, it will be exhausted enough when it gets home, and it is also a good method to help these dogs with their excess energy. 

Another more practical way to calm your pet is to get it to do a lot of fast-paced exercises and feed it a low-energy diet.  

Soft music and the sound of nature can be an excellent option to relax these animals. Although not all dogs react positively to this method, these types of sounds generally contribute to a calm environment. 

The best exercises to expend a German Shorthaired Pointer’s energy are: Walking, swimming (frequently if possible, whether on beaches, rivers, lakes, or swimming pools), jumping, running, catching, jogging, and searching. 

We advise you to take your pet to a large place where it can run freely. Space is essential to a dog, especially if this animal is hyperactive and energetic. 

Another way to tire a German Shorthaired Pointer canine and exercise its brain at the same time is through arduous and excessive training. Training sessions will also help redirect your pet’s boundless energy to positive results. 

However, there is a very popular sport among those canines that have an enormous amount of energy. This discipline is called Canicross. 

Canicross is known as a canine sport and consists of making your German Shorthaired Pointer (or any other type of dog) run with its trainer or owner across the country while a long leash holds on it. 

It is considered one of the most fun, practical, and efficient activities to calm the hyperactivity of your German Shorthaired Pointer

calm german shorthaired pointer dog
Calm German Shorthaired Pointer dog

Can I Keep My German Shorthaired Pointer Canine at Home to Calm It Down? 

It is a bad idea to keep a German Shorthaired Pointer at home since these animals hate being enclosed in four walls especially if they are alone. 

In the case where you do not have time to be at home or do not have the necessary resources, do not hesitate to hire a dog walker. You can also choose to find a handler to train it in different sports for dogs. 

Even if you don’t want to use the services of a walker or trainer, and you don’t have the time or energy, ask your family or friends for help to take care of and walk your German Shorthaired Pointer. 

In the case of hyperactive dogs, it is very important to channel their energy. Otherwise, they will get bored, and it is possible that they will do some damage. 

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