At What Age Do German Shorthaired Pointers Calm Down?

The German shorthaired dog is one of the most hyperactive and energetic canines in the world. They are animals that enjoy hunting different types of small prey. In addition, they love spending time with their loved ones, especially their owners. 

at what age do german shorthaired pointers calm down
At What Age Do German Shorthaired Pointers Calm Down

The German Shorthaired is often used for hunting animals such as rabbits, raccoons, birds, and even some forest deer. 

The German Shorthaired is a good canine companion for active families. They are known to be affectionate, gentle, friendly, and above all, faithful pets. 

Most people like this type of dog because they can perform all kinds of outdoor activities, such as running, swimming, walking, jogging, and even accompanying them while they ride a bicycle in the park. 

It is considered one of the best athletic companion canines in the world. However, many owners of this type of dog wonder why their pets are so hyperactive and at what age they calm down. 

Why Won’t My German Shorthaired Dog Calm Down? 

Generally, this type of breed is hyperactive from birth. However, this is due to the education given to these dogs from an early age, but it can also be the result of the animal’s own canine genes. 

Because these animals are energetic by nature, we must take responsibility and ensure that their needs are met, as long as we do not put their health and well-being at risk. 

A German Shorthaired has boundless energy and generally requires long walks with one-hour runs twice a day alongside their loved ones. 

We recommend that you include swimming in your daily exercise routine. If your pet swims in a pool or beach for at least an hour a day, it will be exhausted enough when it gets home, and it is also a good method to help these dogs with their excess energy. 

At What Age Does a German Shorthaired Calm Down? 

These canines tend to calm down and mature around 2-3 years of age. You can’t expect too much from these dogs, since they are a breed that naturally possesses a great deal of energy and therefore needs to expend it in some way, whether it’s running or playing with people and other animals. 

This behavior can even remain until the old age of the German Shorthaired. However, if you still want to “control” your pet’s hyperactivity in a certain way, you can establish suitable training for your canine. Regular exercise is the best way to calm the large amount of energy your pet has. 

When this dog is still a puppy, its energy will be at its highest, so you will have to be patient regarding its hyperactivity and excitement when it jumps or runs anywhere. 

It is best to be patient with this type of breed during this stage, as around two years of age they will begin to calm down and not cause as much disturbance. 

Is There Another Reason Why My German Shorthaired Dog Won’t Calm Down? 

Food is one of the reasons this type of dog can be hyperactive. This is because there are many owners who consider overfeeding a German Shorthaired because they are both hunting and working animals. However, that is not entirely correct. 

Food for working dogs is almost always high energy and designed for a canine who is running or doing any physical activity. 

We advise you to feed your German Shorthaired a diet of fresh and nutritious food. There are many benefits to a kibble diet. 

In this way, your dog will not absorb energy substances that cause hyperactivity in its body. 

What is the Fastest Way to Calm My Shorthaired German? 

The most practical way to do this is to provide your pet with plenty of quick exercise and feed it a low-energy diet. 

Another way to tire a canine of this breed and exercise its brain at the same time is with a lot of training. The training sessions will also help redirect your pet’s boundless energy to positive results. 

The best exercises to expend the energy of a dog of this type are: 

  • Walks. 
  • Jogging. 
  • Running. 
  • Jumps. 
  • Swimming. 
  • Fetch game. 

Another method of exercise to calm your German Shorthaired dog can be through Canicross. 

calm german shorthaired pointer dog
Calm German Shorthaired Pointer dog

What is Canicross? 

It is a sport that consists of making your German Shorthaired (or any other type of dog), run with you cross-country while a long leash holds it. 

It is considered one of the most fun, practical, and efficient activities to calm the hyperactivity of your German Shorthaired canine. 

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