Are Weimaraner Dogs Good with Cats?

Many families worldwide love having a dog as a pet because of the love and loyalty they offer. These animals are considered excellent life companions since they are like any other member of our family. 

are weimaraner dogs good with cats
Are Weimaraner Dogs Good with Cats?

However, we have to bear in mind that not all families are satisfied with a pet and less of the same species. It is for this reason that many people choose to adopt or buy other animals that accompany their canines at home. We can find cats, rodents, birds, reptiles, fish, etc., in many homes. We have to emphasize that the most common among them are cats. 

Now, many people believe that cats cannot get along with dogs and vice versa, but that is not so true. While there are some types of dogs that can show aggressive behavior towards a feline, others have the ability to adapt to living with one of these animals. 

One of the dogs that have the ability to live harmoniously with a cat is the Weimaraner. That is because this canine presents a sensitive, loving, and friendly personality with its owners, members of its human family, strangers, and even other animals, including felines. 

However, it is essential that these dogs receive socialization training from puppies so that they can get along with cats. That is mainly because the Weimaraner dog breed is characterized not only by its high level of physical activity but also by its excellent hunting skills. 

Therefore, one of the questions that people ask themselves before acquiring a Weimaraner is related to whether these canines can get along well with cats or not. The most significant concern arises because this breed has a hunting instinct, and therefore, it could chase certain types of smaller animals. 

Are Weimaraner Dogs Good with Cats? 

Generally, whether a Weimaraner or any other dog can get along with a cat will depend on several factors. However, as we have said before, these canines can get along well with other animals as long as they receive socialization training from puppyhood. They can also be trained when they are adults but keep in mind that this process will take some time. 

There are certain factors that will influence the coexistence between your Weimaraner and cat. The most important aspects are the socialization training, the amount of attention, and the interactivity between the two when playing or exercising. All these aspects have a significant influence on the relationship between the two pets. 

As we know, Weimaraners have a hunting instinct that can become dangerous when close to smaller animals. Obviously, a cat would be an ideal target for these hunting animals, but we also know that Weimaraners can be successfully trained thanks to their affectionate personality. That allows it to learn to get along with felines. 

In the same way, your Weimaraner can put your cat’s physical integrity at risk, but accidentally. That is because this breed of dog is characterized by being active and energetic, which causes it to run, jump, and play all over the house on many occasions.

Taking into account the size of this animal (medium-large), it is possible that it accidentally collides with the cat causing it some discomfort. In fact, the cat is also likely to get angry and hurt your Weimaraner. 

A positive or negative situation of this type will depend not only on the aspects mentioned above but also on the Weimaraner and the cat’s personality. 

Important Aspects to Take into Account 

Age of Your Weimaraner 

A Weimaraner dog will need some time to get to know and get used to a cat, especially if your canine is an adult. A puppy is easier to train, considering that it has not yet reached its full size. 

Before thinking about bringing a Weimaraner and a cat together in the same house, you should take into account certain things: 

  • If you don’t already have such a dog, be sure to buy or adopt a puppy. That way, the process will be just a little easier. 
  • If you already have an adult Weimaraner and you have just acquired a feline, then you have to commit to training it regularly without overlooking any day. That is why it is important that you organize your schedule and reserve a certain time each day to dedicate to your pet. 

Weimaraner Precautions 

It is essential to consider what type of personality our Weimaraner develops over the weeks, months, or even years. Not all dogs of this type have the same temperament since that will depend on many factors, including how they have been raised. Obviously, a Weimaraner will be a happy, active, and loving dog if it lives in a spacious place with a family willing to provide it with the daily exercise it needs. 

Without a doubt, that will be a turning point for your Weimaraner to get along with the feline. These dogs are very sensitive and attached to their owners, so it is not recommended that the cat be their favorite pet. Your Weimaraner must feel that it is equal to or more important than the cat. 

One of the things you should never do is let your canine sleep outside the house while your cat sleeps inside. 

Weimaraner Hunter Instinct 

Weimaraner dogs have a hunting instinct by nature since they have been used in this activity since their origins. We already know that they are canines that do not exhibit aggressive behavior and that they are usually very affectionate. Still, like most animals, they cannot control their hunting instinct 100%. 

This situation can only become dangerous with small pets such as rabbits, ferrets, etc. However, smaller cat breeds can also be affected. That is why you must take this fact into account before approaching your dog with a feline. The best solution for this is good socialization training. 

Socialization Training for Your Weimaraner 

There are different ways to get your Weimaraner to learn to get along with cats. However, below you will be able to know step by step in a general way how to carry out this process. 

Don’t Get Your Weimaraner and Your Cat Together 

This step is essential as the first thing you should do when bringing your new Weimaraner home is not to allow it to get close to your cat. If it is a puppy, it is possible that it still does not know how to live with other animals, so it is best to keep them separated for now. 

What you have to do is keep your cat in a safe room with a baby door installed so that it is the only one that has access to that place. In this way, we prevent our Weimaraner from approaching the feline. The idea of ​​this is to take advantage for a few days to teach certain commands to your canine (the most useful is the “Focus” command in these cases) while it gets used to its new home. 

Remember that positive reinforcement is the best way for your Weimaraner to learn quickly during training. 

Allow Your Weimaraner to See Your Cat 

After several days, allow your Weimaraner to see the cat so that it gets to know it. In these cases, the best thing is to open the door of your cat’s room and make the canine see it. Ensure your dog is on a leash to prevent it from slipping away and trying to chase the cat. Most likely, the Weimaraner will growl at the cat and try to attack it. That is why the baby door is vital. 

In case your dog acts that way, what you have to do is bring it closer to you hug it, and pet it. That will let it know that you love it even though there is another pet in the house. At this point, you can also use the command that you have already taught it to get its attention and make it look away from the cat. 

Carry out this practice approximately three times every 2 or 3 days. Your Weimaraner will gradually get used to the presence of the cat, so the moment will come when it stops barking and growling at it. 

Weimaraner and cat
Weimaraner and cat

Let the Weimaraner Get Closer to Your Cat 

We have finally reached the part where your Weimaraner and cat can be together to meet each other for the first time. Before doing so, make sure your dog has zero symptoms of aggression towards the feline. As in the previous step, make sure to keep your Weimaraner on the leash before opening the room where the cat is. 

Once the cat leaves the room, it will approach the Weimaraner to get to know it better. Allow them to be together for 10 minutes and then return the cat to the room. If you do this process several times during a few days, the interaction between them will gradually increase, and they will begin to get along. 

Notably, this training method works with both a puppy and an adult Weimaraner. However, if you acquire an adult canine of this type, it is crucial that you know a little about its past. Therefore, you can ask its previous breeder so that you know a little more about your new pet. 

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