How Much Does a Weimaraner Dog Cost?

Pets are extraordinary animals with which we can spend a lot of time having fun and entertaining. A pet creates a strong bond with its owners, so we must consider it one more member of our family group. The most common animals in most homes are dogs, although we can also find cats, fish, birds, reptiles, rodents, etc. 

how much does a weimaraner dog cost
How Much Does a Weimaraner Dog Cost

When we decide to buy a dog, we have to consider many aspects and factors, mainly depending on our chosen breed. In this specific case, we will talk about Weimaraners.

Obviously, when thinking about acquiring a new canine, it is essential to know about its diet, care, exercise needs, vaccination, etc. However, before all that, we must know its price and additional costs. 

It is vital to consider the price aspect since not all have a good economic situation, so they should think about it well before buying any dog type. Next, we will talk about the Weimaraner price and all the expenses necessary to provide it with an excellent quality of life. 

How Much Does a Weimaraner Dog Cost? 

Generally, it is more common to buy a puppy Weimaraner rather than an adult one. Puppies of this breed can have an average cost of $ 700. However, it is not uncommon for its value to be between $ 500 and $ 1,200.

Depending on the country, qualities of the puppy, gender, or breeder, a Weimaraner can have a minimum value of $ 200 and a maximum value of $ 1,800. That does not mean that there are no more expensive dogs of this type. 

An exemplary pedigree puppy can cost $ 14,000 to $ 18,000. On the other hand, Weimaraner dog lineages that have been awarded great competitions throughout their lives can cost more than $ 20,000. 

We can notice that the prices of these canines can vary depending on different factors: 

  • Mixed or pure breed. 
  • Age. 
  • Genre. 
  • Registration papers. 
  • Training and socialization. 
  • Bloodline and breeder’s reputation. 
  • Breed popularity in the buyer’s location. 
  • Health screenings and medical expenses. 
  • Coat color and markings. 

It is important to note that these prices do not represent the total budget you should have when buying a Weimaraner. There are additional expenses that will allow us to cover the essential needs of our new canine. For that reason, the final cost could be high. Next, we will see the additional and crucial expenses that we will have to consider: 

Weimaraner Feeding Costs 

Weimaraners are medium-large dogs that can measure between 56 cm and 69 cm and weigh between 23 kg and 32 kg. Obviously, a dog of this size will need a substantial diet that provides enough energy to stay strong, healthy, and fit. That is important since this breed of canines is characterized by being active and exercising daily. 

Dogs of this size should consume about 240 lb of dry food during the first year of life. Therefore, the cost of feeding a Weimaraner puppy can vary between $ 180 and $ 355, with an average of $ 265. In the case of an adult Weimaraner, its diet should be greater, needing 330 lb per year. Therefore, prices are oscillating between $ 160 and $ 495 with an average of $ 300. Everything will depend on the quality of the food you buy. 

Weimaraners love to exercise and train. It is highly recommended to apply positive reinforcement to these dogs when we are training them. For that reason, you will surely want to buy treats to reward your canine.

These foods’ prices can vary between $ 125 and $ 715, with an average of $ 345. In case you are not going to give treats frequently, then those costs can decrease. 

Weimaraner Training Costs 

The budget that we should have for the training of our canine is essential. Remember that Weimaraners are very active and energetic dogs that need to exercise every day and be mentally stimulated. 

Experts recommend that this breed of canine be professionally trained. That means that private lessons and classes will efficiently help your dog improve in many ways. That includes obedience and socialization. 

Depending on the trainer you are going to hire and their experience, prices may vary. The average training cost is $ 1,050 – $ 1,100. However, the price range can vary between $ 750 and $ 1,200. 

Weimaraner Supply Costs 

There are many items that we can buy for our canine, regardless of its breed. These supplies are necessary not only for an adult Weimaraner but also for a puppy

Supplies costs can vary between $ 215 and $ 855 per year, with an average price of $ 450. Some of the most critical items to consider are: 

  • Dog bed
  • Collars. 
  • Leash
  • Identification tag. 
  • Bowls of water and food. 
  • Toys. 
  • Shampoo. 
  • Brush. 
  • Tooth-brushing Kit. 
  • Toenail Clippers. 
  • Dog Crate
  • First-Aid Kit. 
  • Plastic Poop Bags. 

Keep in mind that the price may be higher or lower in relation to the one established above. That will depend on the amount of supplies you buy. 

You also have to consider that the first year’s costs will be higher than in the following years. The value that we have given above corresponds to the first year, but during the next years, it is likely that you should consider prices that oscillate in a range of $ 95 and $ 385 with an average cost of $ 215. 

Weimaraner dog cost
Weimaraner dog cost

Weimaraner Medical Costs 

Your Weimaraner’s vet will set these costs. He or she will be in charge of examining your canine and will evaluate the prices according to its needs. In addition, they will also incorporate basic and routine procedures.

During the first year, the average medical cost is $ 630 but keep in mind that it can vary depending on certain factors in a range between $ 425 and $ 830. 

When your Weimaraner is an adult, the average annual medical cost will be $ 675. It should be noted that there are optional procedures that will depend on you: 

  • Castration: Costs in a price range between $ 50 and $ 450 with an average of $ 250. 
  • Gastropexy: Costs in a price range between $ 200 and $ 400 with an average of $ 300. 
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