Are Vizslas Good Guard Dogs?

Vizsla dogs are very fun and energetic animals that love to play and hang out with their beloved owners. 

are vizslas good guard dogs
Are Vizslas Good Guard Dogs?

The Vizsla breed dog is treasured both by hunters and by many families for being a versatile animal. This canine is always full of energy, so if you have a Vizsla at home, you will never be bored or lonely. 

This precious animal is very intelligent, affectionate, playful, gentle, and incredibly agile. If you are a Vizsla dog owner, you should be familiar with the strenuous exercise and training that comes with owning a Vizsla dog. 

Many people wonder if these animals can make good guard dogs. 

Can My Vizsla Be a Good Guard Dog? 

Normally, Vizslas cannot be good guard dogs. That is because this type of canine is prone to separation anxiety, and sleeping outside the house away from its human is a bad idea. 

However, there is a chance that a Vizsla canine can make an excellent guard dog. 

Since Vizslas have all the guard dogs’ requirements, they can develop those skills with proper training, patience, time, and perseverance. Also, the owner’s behavior can have a significant impact. 

What Does My Vizsla Dog Need to Become a Good Guard Dog? 

Some of the things a Vizsla dog needs to become a guard dog are: 

  • Loyalty. 
  • Energy. 
  • Intelligence. 
  • Size. 

Vizsla Loyalty 

Remember that the canines of this breed are considered one of the most loyal and faithful animals that can exist in the whole world. 

If a dog is extremely loyal to its owner, it can become an excellent protector. 

A Vizsla meets this requirement and more, as it will prefer to fight another animal in order to protect you. It is essential to clarify that Vizslas are not usually aggressive animals. 

Vizsla Energy 

Vizslas are incredibly energetic and active dogs. They can react to something at any time of the day. 

What is the reason for so much energy? Well, since ancient times, dogs of this breed have been bred to hunt small animals. That is one of the most outstanding characteristics that the Vizslas have. 

Vizsla Intelligence 

Vizslas are highly intelligent dog breeds. That’s because it is one of the most excellent hunters in the canine world. 

Since Vizslas have good intelligence, it is easy to train them to be good guard dogs

Besides, this canine’s intelligence will allow you to teach it more easily since it will be willing to please you in everything. 

Vizsla Size 

It is very important to mention that this is one of the most necessary characteristics to become a guard dog. That is because, without a robust and vast body, it will not meet the requirements to protect its home or the property that it will guard. 

Fortunately, Vizslas are large, determined animals that are willing to defend you against any threat. 

vizsla guard dog
Vizsla guard dog

Is It Possible to Make My Vizsla a Guard Dog? 

Yes, it is possible, but for this, you have to train and tame it the best you can. Sometimes, you will need a professional trainer since not all dogs of this breed are subjected to being controlled and locked in a cage in the garden. 

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