Do Vizsla Dogs Have Memories?

Yes, Vizslas dogs have excellent memories! It is well known that dogs can remember some things from the past, while others quickly come, go, and disappear inside their head.

do vizsla dogs have memories
Do Vizsla Dogs Have Memories?

According to studies carried out, dogs, unlike humans, do not have a type of memory known as “episodic memory,” which is responsible for absorbing, retaining, and maintaining the episodes in our mind and giving us that feeling such an important experience. Vizslas have the ability to remember things that most dogs don’t. 

There is a case where Vizsla dog owners serve it its food for dinner and accidentally give it an excessive portion. Then, they wait for the dog to consume half of its food and then proceed to store the plate with the remaining food in the refrigerator. That way, he or she can give it to it the next day for breakfast. 

The next day, when the Vizsla owners wake up, they see the dog sitting next to the refrigerator and waiting with great enthusiasm for its food. That means that the pet remembered that its food bowl was stored in the fridge. That is a good example that determines the good memory of the Vizslas. 

Does My Dog ​​Vizsla Remember Everything It Sees and Hears? 

Humans have “episodic memory,” but dogs have something called “associative memory,” which allows them to associate certain things and turn them into memories. 

When a dog suffers an accident like falling from a balcony or a staircase, it won’t want to go near that place again. Why? That is because dogs associate the scene of the incident with something painful and bad. 

The same is true when you hold the walking leash for your dog. It is true that dogs get excited when you take them for a walk, so they associate the leash with playing time in the park. That situation becomes a happy and joyful memory for your pet. 

The Vizslas are the same. They even tend to remember more things than other types of dogs. Dogs have short-term memory, but, above all, they work through associative memory. 

Whether it is a Vizsla or another breed of canine, they learn the coexistence rules and basic training orders by associating them with words and gestures. In addition, they can remember us by our body odor and the sound of our voices. In this way, they will be able to recognize people, other animals, objects, or actions through association. 

Dogs have no long-term memory unless many lasting memories and experiences are made with the people and animals around them. That is, it all depends on the type of memories that it has. 

Vizsla dog memory
Vizsla dog memory

Long-term memory in dogs is divided into two types: 

  • Implicit memory: It consists of the memory of habits and skills and emotional memory. 
  • Explicit memory: It consists of memory that allows remembering facts and provides a representation of the world. 

Vizslas have the ability to store long-term memories, especially if they are the result of repetition-based learning when they are puppies. 

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