7 Tips For Training Your Husky For Better Behaviour

Huskies are known for their independent nature and stubborn mind at times. They are more likely to do exactly what we don’t want them to do.

tips for training your husky for better behaviour
7 Tips for Training Your Husky for Better Behaviour

It’s this strong sense of personality that makes Huskies such a great dog to have, whether you’re living alone, with a few others, or have a husky as part of your large family.

It can, however, get a little tiring dealing with a particularly stubborn and untrained Husky. It can make playtime more like chore time.

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Here are 7 useful tips for training your Husky:

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But here are some general pet parent tips for training a Husky.

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1. Avoid distractions and prevent running away

Huskies are known as escape artists and are likely to run away when given a chance. They can jump fences, break tie-out chains, slip collars, and find any other way to escape. 

You should provide enough physical and mental stimulation to your dog. Also, avoid all kinds of distractions while training your Husky.

We do not recommend off-leash walking for Huskies. They have an inborn desire to chase and catch something. They may chase passing squirrels, cats, and livestock because they have a high prey drive. 

2. Correct the undesirable behaviour of your Husky puppy

The Husky may test the limits of your position in the pack and might try to test the boundaries and rules you’ve already established. For this, they might do something that you don’t like. 

It is important to correct any unwanted behavior. Otherwise, you may lose your Husky’s respect.

Huskies are intelligent and can fairly understand your commands. Teach them a firm “No!” or “Stop!” This will let your Husky know that they’re doing something they shouldn’t. 

This is a sensitive breed, so punishments and harsh words will do no good. It will just make them stubborn and damage their temperament.

3. Crate train your Husky

Crate training is a very important step in Husky ownership. You must establish the proper mindset that crate training isn’t “imprisoning” your dog. A good crate can fulfill your Husky’s natural desire for a den.

Determine how your dog will be most comfortable. You may make it an activity-filled area so that your Husky doesn’t feel lonely.

Take crate training slowly and make the whole experience pleasant for your pup. Give your Husky treats to encourage it to stay in the crate.

Pet Parent Tip: Huskies should never, ever have collars on when they’re in the crate. This is hazardous and the dogs might choke themselves.

4. Potty train your Husky

Potty training is one of the main challenges for many dog parents. Huskies are energetic and independent dogs. So, trying to potty train them may require quite a bit of effort. Patience is required as this may take a lot of time. 

Here’s what you can do

  • Keep the Husky puppy on a regular feeding schedule and be consistent with it.
  • Take your Husky outside frequently. Take them out immediately after they wake up, during and after playing, and after eating or drinking.
  • Look out for signs that your Husky is uncomfortable. These signs could be whining, circling, and snuffing.
  • Pick a bathroom spot outside, and always take your Husky to that spot.

Pet Parent Tip: Housebreaking and potty training requires positive reinforcement techniques. Reward them with praises and treats when they do something good.

Man in parking training a husky dog

5. Get the right collar and harness for your Husky

If you are taking your Husky for a walk, a good collar or harnesses can surely make a difference. A dog collar or harness can serve as great training equipment. It discourages pulling and jumping and is ideal for stubborn Husky pups.

A right collar or harness gives you greater control over your Husky. It will definitely benefit you if you are walking on a busy road or a crowded park and your dog is zigzagging.

Pet Parent Tip: Do not leave the collar on your Husky for more than a few hours a day.

6. Engage in obedience training

The husky obedience training relies on consistency, positive reinforcement, and patience. Train your Husky to understand the basic commands like sit, stay, stay, and lie down.

Pet Parent Tip: Start training in a quiet area having minimum distractions but gradually move on to more distracting areas.

If you are unable to devote much time, it’s better to enroll your Husky in puppy classes. This will be a great place to help your Husky puppy with basic obedience and socialization training.

Your dog will learn basic manners and understand how to behave around other dogs. 

7. You must be the Alpha of your pack

Huskies are bred to be pack animals. They need an owner who is the clear leader of the pack. They will do everything they can to gain their owner’s affection, trust, and counsel.

These dogs have a strict hierarchy order and enjoy being part of the family pack. You need to earn your dogs’ trust, loyalty, love, and respect. Remember, your Husky is looking for a strong leader, not a bully.

The Husky may test the limits of your position in the pack and try to take control from time to time. It is important to assert yourself as the Alpha of the house immediately.

A Husky will challenge owners who don’t enforce their rules. You need to define the ground rules with clarity and consistency.

Are Huskies really hard to train?

Training your Husky puppy isn’t necessarily a hard thing to do. It just takes a lot of time and consistency.

The usual Huskies are very affectionate, playful, and curious. Despite the natural drive for prey, they are not aggressive at all. They are intelligent don’t but often exhibit mischievous and independent personality traits. 

They thrive on human companionship but need firm and gentle training right from puppyhood. If you come at this from the wrong approach or mindset then yes, training your husky will be hard, but if you are ready and willing, you will be able to do it easily with time.

Why is my Husky disobedient?

There are a number of possible reasons that your husky might be disobedient. Let’s have a look at some of the possible reasons for Husky’s disobedience:

  • Your Husky is not getting enough exercise. Without sufficient exercise, your Husky can become hyperactive and disobedient.
  • Your dog needs to be trained more. Your Husky may not know what you want it to do.
  • Your Husky might be disobedient because it is boring. If your dog isn’t currently getting much attention and stimulation, it can cause it to become harder to control. 
  • The disobedience in Husky could be because he is distracted.
  • Your Husky might be unable to hear you due to a ruptured eardrum.

How do you train a disobedient Husky?

The foundation of any well-trained Husky comes from a solid understanding of basic commands. There are a number of things that you can do to get your husky to start listening to you. 

To get your husky to stop being disobedient you need to keep in mind the following points:

Give it consistent training

The best way to get your Husky to be more obedient is to give it lots of engaging and consistent training. Basic obedience training involves learning the usual commands of sit, stay, down, and, leave.

Provide opportunities for socialization

Husky puppies need socialization and early exposure to many different people, sights, and sounds. This will ensure that your Husky grows up to be a well-behaved dog.

Switch to positive reinforcement

Huskies learn by positive reinforcement techniques. Instead of punishing your dog for being disobedient, you need to reinforce good behaviors. Rewards and praises can be a very effective motivational tool for your Husky.


Huskies need a lot of exercise to stay happy and satisfied. By exercising your Husky, you will reduce behavioral problems through fun activities. 

You can meet their exercise requirements by walking, playing fetch, playing with puzzle toys, playing tug of war, dog sledding, hiking, and agility.

Get help

If you can’t get your Husky to stop being disobedient then consider getting help from a professional. You can contact a dog behaviorist. They will do a proper diagnosis and show you exactly what to do.

Give them attention and activities

It’s important to give it lots of attention and to give it lots of activities to keep it occupied.

Training your Husky requires consistent messages and rules given over time. Anything else will lead to unwanted behavior. Earning compliance from your Husky will be possible if you stick to your rules.

Remember that your patience is mandatory and you should always reward and praise when he gets it right, and do not punish him when he gets it wrong.

Pet owner training a Husky dog
Pet owner training a Husky dog

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Final Thoughts 

The Husky is truly a wonderful breed but it simply cannot be for everyone. Before you bring home a Husky, it is important to take a look at your lifestyle and how accommodating it would be for a Husky’s needs. 

As a responsible dog parent, you must understand how to train your Husky in an effective way.

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