10 Best Exercises for Huskies [STAY ACTIVE]

Huskies are high endurance, energetic, and active dogs. These dogs benefit greatly from exercise every day. Exercise is perhaps the most important part of caring for your Husky.

Due to Husky’s dynamic and active nature, this dog requires both mental and physical exercise every day. Regular exercise will help them stay peaceful, healthy, and happy.

Huskies can become destructive and problematic dogs if their exercise needs are not met. They can dig holes in your yard and pretty much chew anything you own, if not exercised regularly.

exercises for husky
Best Exercises for Husky

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How much should you exercise a Husky? 

Huskies are highly energetic and active dogs that need more than 2 hours of exercise a day. The amount of exercise depends on many factors such as the diet plan, physical condition, environment, age, health, and many others. 

Build up the amount of exercise you give your dog slowly. Exercising your Husky should not be a burden for you or your dog. Every activity should be a fun bonding activity between you two.

10 great ways to exercise your Husky

Are you wondering what to do with all that energy and how to burn it? 

Well, the good news is that there are plenty of quick ways to add exercise to your Husky’s daily routine.

Listed below are the top 10 easy ways to exercise your Husky. These exercises will stimulate both the mind and body.

1. Walking

This is the easiest way to exercise your Husky. A walk to the dog park or around the neighborhood is a good start for Huskies.

The length of the daily walk should ideally be between 45 minutes to one hour or longer. The daily walk is essential for a Husky not only to release some pent-up energy but also to help them socialize. A regular walk will stimulate their mind with the sights, sounds, and smells they come across. 

2. Fetch Games

Playing fetch games is fun and healthy for both you and your Husky. These dogs are chasers and fetch games will help to burn pent-up energy. Many Huskies love to play with balls and frisbees. 

Even your Husky can play fetch using their favorite toy. Praise the effort and keep encouraging them. Reward your furry friend for chasing after a toy and bringing it back to you.

3. Backyard Agility

Agility workouts and competitions are a perfect blend of both mental and physical stimulation. Huskies are agile dogs because they are naturally fast and light-footed. 

Agility training challenges your Husky both mentally and physically. This will engage your Husky’s mind and also work their muscles extensively.

Backyard agility is perfect if you aren’t able to leave the house. You can buy agility equipment or make your own agility or obstacle course in your backyard. It will be a great workout for your furry pal.

Encourage your Husky to run in between poles, jump, or chase a toy over a small hurdle. You can include tasks such as the weave, hurdle jumps, tunnels, or jumping through hoops or a platform to jump on and stay. 

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4. Running, biking, or skating

Your Siberian Husky is at its happiest when it is outside, running. Keen runners will find the Husky to be a great exercise partner. Huskies are inherently good at running for long distances. If your Husky moves faster, it can burn more energy.

It is fun to see your dog keep up with your speed while training, notably for a highly energetic breed such as the Husky. Your Husky not only gets a great run, but this will also be a great bonding experience

Just remember to have your Husky on a leash while you train to prevent them from running off. You can try running, biking, or skating with your dog to get them moving.

5. Swimming

Huskies are not natural swimmers but many of them love playing and swimming in water. Make sure your Husky’s swimming endeavors are closely monitored.

Swimming is also one of the best exercises for any dog. It is a low impact activity that burns energy fast and helps to strengthen and tone muscles. It also strengthens your Husky’s heart and lungs, increases metabolism, and helps keep the skin and coat healthy.

6. Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is a great and engaging activity for you and your dog. You can hide treats or toys in different areas of the house. You can even hide from your dog as the name of the game suggests. 

As far as the treats go, you can get some high-quality items from a reputable brand. Or you can make some healthy treats at home. Depending on how well you hide the treats, this game can keep your Husky engaged for a very long time. 

Most Huskies love this game just as much as you do. The only downside is that dogs can sometimes become so excited that they bark or behave badly if they become frustrated by the hunt. You must ensure to let them win sometimes.

A great way to reinforce discipline is to train him to “come” while he is seeking. If your Husky truly doesn’t see where you’ve hidden, it’s sure to be a suspenseful experience. In short, this is a game of hot pursuit.

7. Flirt Pole

Flirt poles are great for Huskies and offer loads of fun. It works the whole body and strengthens their muscles. It also burns their energy and tires your dog quickly. 

A flirt pole allows your dog to engage their natural chase instinct. It also improves your dog’s coordination and can train calmness in a dog. A session with a flirt pole is an excellent muscle strengthening and conditioning exercise.

A flirt pole is like a giant cat tickler for dogs and entices a dog to chase a fast-moving lure. You simply move the lure along the ground around in circles or different directions as your Husky chases it. 

8. Tug of War

Tug of war is a healthy game that provides great mental and physical exercise for your Husky. This strength-building game is exciting and brings out their competitive playing spirit in Huskies. It is also a wonderful way to reinforce the human-dog bond.

You’ll need a strong rope toy and supervise the game if kids are playing. Ensure that this is a controlled game and they release when you want them to. Games like these are excellent exercises and provide an enjoyable outlet for sharpening your Huskies’ skills as well.

You can hang the rope from a tree in your yard where your Husky can jump and tug as long as they want. This can help keep your Husky entertained for a while without you needing to do anything.

9. Frisbee Toss

A frisbee is a classic that never gets old.

A Frisbee requires skill, coordination, and timing. Huskies are great at playing frisbee due to their power and agility. It encourages your Husky to jump more than chasing a ball on the floor.

Frisbee toss is a great energy burner and you may be amazed at your Husky’s acrobatic skill. Huskies love playing frisbee in cold weather and snow. 

Start by rolling the frisbee on the ground toward your Husky. Once your dog plays well and is ready to go to the next level, try tossing it a bit higher and further. As Huskies are aggressive chewers, it would be good to invest in a tough frisbee.

10. Hiking and trail running

Nothing will satisfy your Husky’s adventurous and wanderlust nature like a hike. It is a fantastic option whether it is in the forest or the snow. Hiking takes endurance and persistence which the Husky is already good at. 

Huskies are curious dogs and bringing them for a hike in the “wild” definitely keeps them very happy. Different smells, noises, and sights will engage your Husky more than anything else.

Hiking will give you and your Husky a nice workout. It also gives some fresh air and much needed time in nature. Climbing over things and experiencing new stuff will always be great exercise for your Siberian Husky. 

Plan for your hike with the proper equipment, such as a good leash and a collar. Water is a must for Huskies as they can become dehydrated.

Pet Parent Tip: Don’t exercise your Husky during warm weather. Always keep your dog hydrated and ensure that it is not overly fatigued. 

exercises for husky
Exercises for Husky

Final thoughts

By exercising your Husky, you will prevent many health risks. Exercise will strengthen your dog’s cardiovascular health and muscles. It will also reduce behavioral problems through fun activities. 

When you exercise your Husky, don’t forget about the number of burned calories. You need to feed your furry pal accordingly with the exercise plan.

Huskies make great exercise partners and they will push your limits. Their powerful personality might be off-putting for some people. But, with proper exercise and commitment to different activities, the Husjy can become a marvelous family dog. 

Make exercise time fun for both of you and enjoy some good bonding time as well. Both you and your furry friend will exercise and live a healthy life.

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