Will a German Shorthaired Pointer Kill a Cat?

German Shorthaired dogs are athletic canines originally intended to hunt other small animals. Like the Weimaraner and Vizsla, these pets make incredible hunters and housemates. 

It is regarded as an affectionate pet and a docile companion in the home. It tends to get along very well with all members of its human family and the strangers around it. On the other hand, this dog is a sensitive soul that responds best to firm and fair handling with lots of positive reinforcement. 

One of the biggest concerns that these dog owners present is related to the possibility that these animals kill cats. 

will a german shorthaired pointer kill a cat
Will a German Shorthaired Pointer Kill a Cat?

Can My German Shorthaired Dog Kill a Cat? 

Like any hunting dog, the German Shorthaired is a canine that is carried away by its natural instincts and may be capable of hurting other animals such as cats. 

In addition, since ancient times, there has always been controversy over whether cats and dogs can live with each other. Canines and domestic felines can become best friends, or at least learn to exist peacefully side by side. 

These cases usually occur when the dogs are hunters, such as the German Shorthaired. 

Can My German Shorthaired Dog Get Along with a Cat? 

German Shorthaired canines do not get along with cats naturally. That is because this type of breed has a hunting instinct that makes them want to chase and sometimes kill small animals. 

On the other hand, there is no certainty that all dogs of this type can get along well with cats. 

Most of the coexistence cases between dogs and cats have resulted in a disaster, with the result that the canine injures or kills the feline. 

When a German Shorthaired sees a bird, squirrel, rabbit, cat, or other small animal outside, their immediate response will be to chase it. 

Normally, in the hunting field, the German Shorthaired was always expected to follow the scent of small prey and “point it out” to its hunter. 

In addition, there is a high possibility that these canines can get along with cats, and it is through training. You can hire and request the help of an expert trainer in these types of situations and allow him to train your German Shorthaired to try to live with a feline. 

The best way to have harmony between your German Shorthaired and a cat is to raise them together as puppies and kittens. That may not be ideal for your particular situation, but it is the most effective method. 

However, this method does not guarantee that nothing will go wrong during the process. It’s hard to get two creatures with a natural predator-prey relationship to get along at all times. That is why it is essential to take precautions throughout their lives. 

German Shorthaired Pointer and Cat
German Shorthaired Pointer and Cat

How Can I Train My German Shorthaired Not to Kill a Cat and Learn to Live with It? 

Step 1 

Let your kitty get used to the house for a couple of days. 

Your German Shorthaired puppy will also want to have some time to get used to the smell of your cat as a new member of the family. That can be done by keeping the animals separate but in the same house. Let their scents become familiar with each other. 

Step 2 

When it comes to introducing them, be sure to praise your German Shorthaired when it is calm. If your puppy gets too excited and rude, stand next to the kitten until your dog calms down. If it doesn’t calm down, let the interaction take place during the day. 

It is important to remember that pointer puppies will always be bigger and stronger than their feline companions of similar ages. German Shorthairs are lean and muscular and have tons of energy coming out of their bodies. 

Step 3 

If the game gets too rough between the cat and the German Shorthaired, give a stop command and remove them from each other. 

It is important to be as consistent with this training as you would with any other practice in your German Shorthaired life. 

Step 4 

Once they have introduced themselves and are comfortable with each other, you should keep an eye on them to make sure nothing gets out of hand. Slowly, your German Shorthaired puppy will begin to learn the rules for interacting with the feline. 

These lessons are best learned if taught from a very young age because they are integrated into their lives very early. They will be able to understand the limits and accept these cats as part of their lives. 

German Shorthaired dogs are very teachable and will quickly learn whatever you are trying to teach them. 

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