Why Does My Pug Lick Everything?: Discover 7 Common Reasons and 4 Useful Steps To Stop The Behavior

Why does my Pug lick everything? Any dog owner knows that dogs like to lick, whatever it might be. Some mutts engage in lip-, or floor-licking while others love to give “wet kisses” and lick their bodies. For the most part, this type of behavior is completely normal, just like it is for humans who lick their lips or spit when they have too much saliva in their mouths.

Yet, if you see an over-the-top smacking behavior, this could be an indicator of something that’s not right. Any dog owner who has a pug may ask himself/herself: “Why does my Pug lick everything?” In case it’s not just his lips, body, or you, it definitely can signal that something is going on inside, either mentally or physically. 

We are about to talk in detail about the main licking reasons, some of which may greatly surprise you, while others will most likely be upsetting. You have to carefully observe your mutt to judge whether or not this type of demeanor might be alarming. We will also talk about steps to curb excessive licking behavior if it is not ok for you. 

why does my pug lick everything
Why Does My Pug Lick Everything?

Why Does My Pug Lick Everything? Reasons


Yep, simple as that. Pugs who have nothing to do during the day and nobody to keep them company will easily engage in the weirdest behavior like licking everything in their proximity.


A very common expression of obsessive behavior. Especially true about separation anxiety: as soon as a wrinkled pal notices that its parent is about to head out of the door, the former starts desperately licking him/her sending a “please, don’t leave me!” message. 


Closely related to the above anxiety situation. A mutt will become very stressed when its master is leaving to go to work and/or run errands. Also, it might be lonely if the pet parent is not showing enough attention to his/her furry child thus making it lick itself, furniture, or its bed. It is almost like a rebel trying to attract attention. 

Gastroenterological Issues

Sometimes it could be the stomach pains that are causing the little furball to lick stuff around it. It might be because the pooch is trying to soothe the pain and tasting helps distract it from feeling bad. Upon noticing that licking tendencies are accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, weakness, and apathy, it might be time to check these symptoms out with a vet.

Trying to Keep Cool

Dogs can’t sweat on the same level humans do, therefore licking their bodies, lips, and/or noses helps bring internal temperature down. Noses, in particular, have to stay wet as it helps Pugs breathe better since they are considered one of the brachycephalic breeds. 

Your Pug Likes the Salty Taste of Your Skin

All canines, not just your fave wrinkle-faced companion, like the salty taste of two-legged skin. When we become hot, our derma gets lubricated with the tiny droplets we call sweat. Pugs go nuts trying to get the last drop of the salty aqua.

Don’t be annoyed by this, it is a form of flattery when hounds taste your skin. That’s how they get the information that you are their parent. 

It Just Simply Loves You

The best reason of all: your fluffy baby is just showing its affection to you! I love wet kisses if you ask me, so I let my dog Ariel lick my face all she wants. But I do get how some people might not appreciate it very much and would want their mutt to stop doing that. Well, in that case, we came right to the next section on how to terminate the unwanted dog-licking behavior.

How To Stop My Pug Licking Excessively

Some pet parents might be going insane trying to find an answer to the question: “Why does my Pug lick everything and how do I stop that?” Here are the steps you can follow to nib it in the bud.

Positive Reinforcement Training

Every time your pet makes the right choice and doesn’t engage in crazy wetting episodes, reward it with a high-value treat. You will be able to see progress very soon!

Ignore the Unwanted Behavior

Also, ignoring the behavior may help eliminate it at its core. In pals like Pugs who constantly need attention, a master’s indifference to their licking habits might send a signal that they need to stop. 

Give Your Pug Pooch More Attention

Got a lonely Pug? Then you need to listen closely: Pugs are very social creatures, therefore it is not right to leave them by themselves for hours on end. In case your schedule is flexible, try to devote more time to your bud. If not, ask a trusted relative/friend to visit your pooch for at least a half-hour each day to keep it company.

Exercise It Enough

A good dog is a tired dog, don’t you think so? A lot of dog owners are swearing for it. Even though flat-faced fellas don’t need much exercise, they do need to keep somewhat active not to be bored and frustrated. Try investing in some anxiety-fighting toys like Kong, Frisby, and puzzles. 

pug licking everything
Pug licking everything


As we found out in this article, you don’t need to be pulling your hair out if you are perplexed at your furry buddy’s behavior and ask yourself “Why does my Pug lick everything?” Some of the reasons can be pretty simple, while others are more alarming. Always use your judgment and call the vet at the slightest suspicion that something might be wrong with a Pug friend in case you see obsessive licking episodes. 

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