Leaving Pugs Home Alone

Pugs: cute, cuddly, and very sociable companions, whose only desire is to make sure that their pet parents are happy. But can you return the favor to your little bundle of joy? These sweet wrinkly creatures definitely deserve to be pampered, and showered with love and affection. Let’s talk about an appropriate routine you have to follow when leaving your Pug/Pugs home alone for a while. 

leaving pugs home alone
Leaving Pugs Home Alone

Getting A Pug: How Much Time Can You Devote To Your Furbaby?

Before you adopt a pug, you have to realistically evaluate your schedule to determine how to plan your time so your pal doesn’t become a lonely pug. You wouldn’t want to be left home alone for hours on end, right? 

Both pet dad and pet mom have to work nowadays to make ends meet and to put food on the table every day. And getting a pup adds extra spending. It needs food, water, toys, a comfortable bed, and regular vet visits. And sometimes even doggie daycare payments in case pet parents have to go away on a trip. Most importantly though is that it needs unconditional love and meaningful playtime to develop both physically and mentally. 

Of course, you can still become a pet parent even if you have a busy schedule. You just have to make sure that you create a comfortable situation for your Pug friend. You need to ask yourself a few questions: How long will I be away every day? How long can my pup be without me? Is there an option for my wife/husband to work from home or to ask someone to come check on my lonely Pug? 

You have to plan everything out to make sure both you and your pup have the most stress-free experience. Especially in the case of bringing home a puppy. As they are still developing, they want that “parent figure” to have them around at all times.

And don’t forget about potty training: little ones cannot hold their bowel movements or bladder for an extended period of time. They need to be walked no less than 4-5 times a day to learn where to “go.” So you have to consider it as well. 

Some breeds are more sociable than others. Pugs fall under the category of “clingy” breeds. They need constant socialization experience whether it be their human parents or canine/feline siblings. Bulge-eyed creatures feel the best when they are cuddling on the couch right next to you while you are watching a movie or talking on the phone. They don’t really require a lot of physical activity throughout the day. A few short walks a day will be enough for them to go potty and stretch their limbs from sitting in the crate for a while. 

Depending on the life stage of a Pug at a given moment (puppy, adult, senior), it will require a different need for human interaction. 

  • Puppy Pug: needs as much time as you can give it while it is still in the furbaby stage. It especially needs a ”mother figure” if it is under a month old. The little one needs to feel that motherly touch to feel secure. A puppy is very vulnerable at that stage: the world seems like a scary place without a mom by its side. It depends on her completely for food, water, and shelter. Not to mention a need for extra affection. It is highly recommended to not leave a Pug puppy alone for more than 3-4 hours a day, otherwise, it can easily develop pug separation anxiety. You can easily tell your pup has it if you notice excessive chewing, uncontrollable barking, panting/drooling, and trembling. If your work schedule doesn’t allow you to devote enough time to daily potty walks with your pup, think about asking your boss to give you (or your spouse) an opportunity to work from home as a possible solution. However, if that’s not an option, consider asking a family member/trusted friend who is more flexible to “give you a paw” in this, to help take care of your precious bundle of joy. If you can’t ask anybody for help, try hiring a dog sitter/walker to provide the necessary daily walks as well as companionship. Try Rover.com with thousands of great, trusted sitters who have the necessary experience and great reputation in the dog-walking community. The author herself works for Rover, it is a very trustworthy and safe platform. 
  • Adult Pug: You might be asking yourself as your Pug matures “Can my adult dog be left alone for 8 hours?” Yes, absolutely! It is old enough to have control over its “potty calls” and disciplined enough to wait for its pet parents without developing a pug separation anxiety. The main thing you have to remember is just to leave it some water and food while you are away at work as well as toys to play with so they don’t feel like a lonely pug.
  • Senior Pug: as it nears its “golden years,” it is hard for an oldie Pug to control its bowel and bladder movements as all of its internal organs are aging. They do not function as well as during Pug’s younger years. As a result, a senior Pug needs to be walked as often as a puppy does. It can’t actively play anymore for apparent reasons, but putty walks need to be pretty frequent. Make sure to keep the vet visits at two every year because an aging pup might be developing different ailments that may not be visible right away.

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pug dog alone at home
Pug dog alone at home

Preventing Unwanted Pug Behavior Caused By Anxiety

  • Work From Home: if your job allows you to, it is highly recommended to go along this route as you will be able to keep your pal company all day. Even if you can’t play with it as you work on your computer, it can entertain itself with various mentally stimulating puzzle toys or any other toy that is sure to keep it occupied for a while. At least you will keep it company by being physically present in the house.
  • Physical Activity: you have probably heard the expression that a good dog is a tired dog. Very true! Try to give your Pug as much exercise as possible by going on walks in the neighborhood. Or even better, take it to a dog run. Your bulge-eyed friend will burn all of its built-up energy and will be happily lounging in his crate upon arrival back home.
  • Puzzle Toys: an excellent way of entertainment for your pooch while its pet parent is away. Get a few to see which one your furbaby will like the most and keep it handy before you depart to run errands. It is sure to keep your lonely pug engaged while providing mental stimulation and relaxing its anxious mind.
  • Dog-Walking Services or Doggy Day Care: don’t be afraid to rely on dog sitters for help! Research good, reputable daycares/independent contractor dog walkers and read reviews. Other pet parents’ feedback should make you confident that your lonely Pug will be in good hands while you are away.


Leaving your Pug home alone should not turn into problematic behavior. You can always teach it how to be independent by entertaining itself with toys, instead of engaging in mischief. Remember, depending on your Pug’s life stage, it might need more walks and attention to prevent potty accidents. That’s when a trusted friend or a professional dog-sitting service can come in handy. 

Try to modify your schedule to spend more time with your beloved pal, make use of the bonding, and provide plenty of playtime. As a result, you will have one healthy and happy wrinkly fella.

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