Weimaraner Male vs Female

The Weimaraner dog is a wonderful breed of dog that is characterized mainly by its physical appearance. This canine has a silver-gray coat that allows it to be clearly differentiated from other breeds. The color of its fur is the reason why this canine is known as the “Gray Ghost”. 

weimaraner male vs female
Weimaraner Male vs Female

However, that’s not all. This breed of dog also presents an interesting personality. These canines are very affectionate and friendly with their owners and all the members of their human family. Also, unlike other types of dogs, Weimaraners can get along well with strangers, children, and other animals, but it is essential that they receive socialization training from an early age. 

Before acquiring a dog of this breed, many people wonder if they should adopt or buy a male or female of this species. That is because there may be certain differences between the two. That is why it is important to do a little research about them before making the decision to bring such a canine home. 

Therefore, it is important to know some important aspects of the Weimaraner before seeing the differences between a male and a female. 

Important Aspects That You Should Know about the Weimaraner 

Weimaraners are Large Dogs Breed 

When thinking about acquiring a dog of this type, it is important to consider its size. The Weimaraner is a canine that can measure between 56 cm and 69 cm and weigh between 23 kg and 40 kg. Obviously, these numbers belong to a medium-large sized dog. 

Not all people are willing to adopt or buy a dog of this type, either because they live in a house with little space or simply because they are not prepared to care for an animal of that size. In fact, if these dogs are left for a long time inside a house, especially if it is an apartment, it is likely that they will develop destructive behavior to release all the energy they have accumulated. 

Weimaraners Suffer from Separation Anxiety 

This breed of dog has a loving and friendly personality, especially with its loved ones. They are animals that love to spend a lot of time with their owners and even follow them to every room in the house. 

One of the negative aspects of their personality is that they suffer from separation anxiety. That means that they feel sad and anxious when they are left alone for a long time. For that reason, Weimaraners need to be acquired by people who are willing to spend a lot of time with them. 

Weimaraners Have a High Energy Level 

Apart from their physical appearance, these dogs are known for their excellent hunting skills and high levels of physical activity. They are characterized by being very active and energetic canines who love to play, run, jump, swim, walk, or do any activity most of the time. Weimaraners love to learn new things and be stimulated mentally and physically through training

Weimaraners need to live with families with an active lifestyle. In the event that these dogs cannot get the necessary amount of exercise each day and are kept indoors for a long time, then they will most likely develop destructive behaviors. 

Weimaraners Can Get Along with Strangers and Animals 

Not all dogs get along well with people they have seen for the first time and less with other animals. Weimaraners have a friendly personality that allows them to feel comfortable with children, strangers, and other animals, including dogs and cats.

However, these canines will need socialization training from puppies, especially when they have to be with children since as we know, this breed of dog has a large size. 

If properly trained, Weimaraners can make excellent pets. 

The Intelligence of the Weimaraners 

If you want an intelligent dog, without a doubt a Weimaraner is the right choice. This canine is capable of learning quickly and carrying out any type of training, no matter how challenging it may be. As we have said before, they love to learn especially to satisfy their loved ones. The Weimaraner is ranked 21st on the Coren ranking of canine intelligence. 

Differences between Male and Female Weimaraners 

Now that we have known a little more about the Weimaraner in general, it is time to specify the differences that a male of this species presents with respect to the female. 

It is important to clarify first that both a male and a female of this breed have many similarities in terms of their physical appearance, be it the gray color of their fur or the blue-gray or amber eyes. 

Next, we will explain in more detail the differences that a Weimaraner presents in terms of its gender: 

Weimaraner Size 

We have already indicated previously that the average size of a Weimaraner varies between 56 cm and 69 cm, and its weight is between 23 kg and 40 kg. However, if we are more specific, we can realize that female Weimaraners are smaller than males. 

A male of this breed measures between 59 cm and 69 cm and weighs between 30 kg and 40 kg. In the case of a female Weimaraner, the height can vary between 56 cm and 65 cm, and the weight between 23 kg and 35 kg. 

In fact, male Weimaraners tend to have a robust body, while females have a slimmer build. 

Weimaraner Personality and Temperament 

Many people affirm without any doubt that male Weimaraners tend to be more affectionate and friendly than females. That is partly true and false. Remember that dogs, like human beings, can have a particular personality depending on how they were raised from puppies and also on the lifestyle they have had. 

Generally, as we have said, the males of this breed are affectionate, sweet, and friendly with people, especially with their owners and members of their human family. They always try to please their loved ones. In the case of females, it may be a little different.

They can also be affectionate but also exhibit a more stubborn demeanor. They like to bark a lot and do not have the same desire to please their owners as males. 

Under normal conditions, if two dogs of this breed live in a house (a male and a female), the female will always be more dominant. 

Unneutered Weimaraner Males and Females 

Regardless of the breed, the behavior of a canine can be one way when it is neutered and another when it is not. 

The intact male Weimaraner, one that has not been neutered, tends to have a personality and behavior that is difficult to control. In fact, there are likely to be times when they are a bit aggressive because of it.

In addition, during the first 9 months of age, this canine could begin to present various unwanted behaviors such as urinating on the sofa, bed, or any other object in the house. If you want to avoid it before it’s time to neuter your Weimaraner, then you will need to train it properly, which will not be an easy task. 

On the other hand, a female Weimaraner has a tendency to go into heat between 9 and 15 months. This first heat lasts approximately 3 weeks and is repeated every 6 months later. It is important that your female canine is locked in a crate and away from the males during that time. It is important that you keep in mind that a female Weimaraner should not be sterilized before its first heat cycle. 

Weimaraners Maturation Stage 

It is normal for a female Weimaraner to mature at an earlier age than a male. Perhaps one reason why this happens is that a neutered male still retains part of its puppy personality and therefore takes longer to mature. 

This situation also means that this species’ females are prepared for the different types of training necessary before a male. However, when the time comes, males tend to train faster and more intensely. 

male vs female weimaraner
Male vs Female Weimaraner


All that we have indicated above is what both genders of the Weimaraner breed commonly present. However, we know that they are living beings, and there may be certain exceptions. The quality of life, breeding, and training are some factors that can determine the personality and even the development of these canines. 

Both the male and female of the Weimaraner breed are extraordinary animals that will offer you many hours of fun and love. Both are beautiful in appearance and can be affectionate, especially with their loved ones.

If you are thinking of acquiring one, one of the aspects that you should consider is neutering or sterilization since an intact canine can have many problems in the future, be it behavioral or suffering from a serious illness. 

Therefore, it is vital to make the best decisions and know how to care for a Weimaraner regardless of its gender. 

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