Weimaraner Guard Dog Training Guide

Most families around the world have a pet regardless of the species and breed. These animals become important in the lives of these people since they are considered companions. On many occasions, people tend to love their pets more than a person. 

weimaraner guard dog training guide
Weimaraner Guard Dog Training Guide

The dog is one of the most popular animal species as a pet. They are extraordinary pets that offer us companionship, love, and loyalty at all times.

When a person acquires an animal of this type, his physical and mental condition generally improves considerably. That is because having a four-legged friend, we can do physical activities with it for most of the day, and therefore our emotional state will improve. 

Weimaraners are very active and energetic canines that need to undergo various types of training. They are known for their hunting skills and a high level of physical activity. These canines tend to get bored easily, so they need daily exercise, whether it is running, swimming, playing, etc. 

These canines have a sensitive personality and are usually kind and affectionate towards the people around them, especially their owners. They can also get along with strangers and other animals if they receive socialization training from puppies.

It should be noted that this breed of dog tends to suffer from separation anxiety, so it is not advisable to leave it alone for a long time. 

Due to their personality, these dogs can react to different threats by trying to warn their owner. That is because they are dogs that feel the need to protect their loved ones. However, we must not forget that Weimaraners are not canines that show signs of aggression since they are calm and friendly by nature. 

Can Weimaraners Be Guard Dogs? 

Before knowing the best ways to train a Weimaraner, it is essential to know if this dog can really be a guard dog. 

Really, Weimaraners cannot be good guard dogs. That is because this type of canine is prone to separation anxiety, and sleeping outside the house away from its human is a bad idea. 

However, there is a chance that a Weimaraner canine can make an excellent guard dog. 

Since Weimaraners have all the guard dogs’ requirements, they can develop those skills with proper training, patience, time, and perseverance. Also, the owner’s behavior can have a significant impact. 

What Does a Weimaraner Need to Become a Good Guard Dog? 

Some of the things a Weimaraner needs to become a guard dog are: 

1. Guard Dog Loyalty 

Remember that the canines of this breed are considered one of the most loyal and faithful animals that can exist in the whole world. 

If a dog is extremely loyal to its owner, it can become an excellent protector. 

A Weimaraner meets this requirement and more, as it will prefer to fight another animal in order to protect you. It is essential to clarify that Weimaraners are not usually aggressive animals. 

2. Guard Dog Energy 

Weimaraners are incredibly energetic and active dogs. They can react to something at any time of the day. 

What is the reason for so much energy? Well, since ancient times, dogs of this breed have been bred to hunt small animals. That is one of the most outstanding characteristics that the Weimaraners have. 

3. Guard Dog Intelligence 

Weimaraners are highly intelligent dog breeds. That’s because it is one of the most excellent hunters in the canine world. 

Since Weimaraners have good intelligence, it is easy to train them to be good guard dogs. 

Besides, this canine’s intelligence will allow you to teach it more easily since it will be willing to please you in everything. 

4. Guard Dog Size 

It is very important to mention that this is one of the most necessary characteristics to become a guard dog. That is because, without a robust and vast body, it will not meet the requirements to protect its home or the property that it will guard. 

Fortunately, Weimaraners are large, determined animals that are willing to defend you against any threat. 

What Aspects Make Weimaraners Unsuitable for Guard Dogs? 

Some aspects that make Weimaraners unsuitable for guard dogs are: 

Weimaraners are Affectionate 

We know that Weimaraners are characterized by being affectionate dogs, especially with their owners and members of their human family. Generally, these dogs can get along well with strangers. In fact, they tend to jump at them and lick them with the intention of playing. 

Therefore, Weimaraners need proper training to become excellent guard dogs. 

Weimaraners are Gentle 

One of the major problems related to Weimaraners when it comes to becoming guard dogs is their excessive kindness. The fact that this type of dog can get along with strangers and other animals is a problem when it comes to detecting any threats to its human family. 

Weimaraners are Quite 

These dogs are characterized by having a calm demeanor. They do not usually bark, although they can make other types of sounds such as moaning or crying. 

Now, it is important to note that Weimaraners will bark at most strangers, especially if they notice bad intentions. 

Weimaraners are Stubborn 

Weimaraners are dogs prone to anxiety most of the time due to different reasons. That can make them stubborn and difficult to train. This situation can be a problem for your Weimaraner to become a good guard dog

Weimaraner Training Process 

The fact that there are certain aspects that can prevent our Weimaraner from becoming a good guard dog does not mean that they cannot achieve it. If we organize a good training plan, it is possible to achieve this goal. 

If a child receives a certain type of education, it is likely that he learns faster than an adult because he is in the full growth stage, and his learning process will be quicker. The same happens in the case of dogs.

A Weimaraner puppy can become a guard dog faster than an adult. In either case, the process will be long and will require patience and consistency on our part. 

Before knowing the effective methods to train a Weimaraner and turn it into a guard dog, it is vital to consider the use of a good reward system such as positive reinforcement. Our dog will be able to learn quickly during each of the stages of training if we reward it with treats and praise it each time it does an action correctly. 

1. The Verbal Cues Method

The idea of ​​this training is to make our Weimaraner bark louder at questionable strangers. 

We can start by looking for something that our dog tends to bark at. An effective way for this to happen is by teaching it the “Bark” command. 

As we know, every time you manage to get your Weimaraner to bark, reward it with a treat and praise it. Keep in mind that you have to say the command aloud for your canine to relate it properly. 

You can train your pet both day and night. Use any resource to make your Weimaraner see that there is something suspicious going on outside the house. Here you can use the “Bark” command and reward the canine every time it is doing well. 

You can then start applying certain tactics to make this training level up. Ask someone you know to come over to your house at night without the Weimaraner being able to recognize him. At that point, encourage your dog to bark at that person through command. 

You have to indicate to the person who is helping you that once the Weimaraner barks, he or she should run away screaming. Practice this process several times with your dog until it has mastered it. 

2. The Identification of Areas Method

This method consists of teaching the Weimaraner to identify the area that it needs to protect. The process is very simple. Walk your canine around the house during the day and at night. Try not to attract your pet’s attention during this time. The intent of this practice is to allow the Weimaraner to focus and identify its territory. 

Once you have practiced this together with your canine, it will already know what area it needs to protect. 

An interesting aspect of this method is that your canine must have received socialization training. The goal would be to allow your Weimaraner to meet your friends or neighbors. That way, it will be able to recognize any suspicious person. 

weimaraner guard dog training
Weimaraner Guard Dog Training


We have seen that Weimaraners are dogs that have a friendly and loving personality towards their owners and their human family members. However, they are also capable of getting along well with strangers but require socialization training to do so. 

Due to these characteristics, the Weimaraner cannot be considered an excellent guard dog, but as we have already indicated, it is possible that it acquires the necessary skills through training. 

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