Vizsla Grooming: All You Need to Know

Dogs are beautiful and loyal animals that should be treated in the best way, just like humans. The Vizslas are a breed characterized by their hunting skills. They have friendly and sociable personality that allows them to create strong bonds with their human family members. 

Vizsla Grooming
Vizsla Grooming

These dogs are known for their high level of physical activity. That means that they regularly carry out physical exercises to stay in good physical condition. A curious aspect of these dogs is that they do not smell unpleasant when they get wet. So, do the Vizslas need grooming? 

Like any other dog, hygiene is an important aspect. However, we must bear in mind that due to certain features such as their short coat, they do not get dirty or expel bad odors. That does not mean you should not groom your Vizsla every once in a while. 

Below, you will see some of the most critical steps you must take to groom your Vizsla. 

Vizsla Coat Brushing 

The fur of the Vizslas is short, allowing their owners to do a less arduous job of maintaining it. In addition to being short, it is usually smooth and has a beautiful golden solid rust color that makes this elegant animal stand out, among many others. 

Many people think that this pet’s fur is not worth brushing because of its length. That way of thinking is wrong. Brushing will offer many benefits to your Vizsla so that it has a healthy, shiny, and beautiful coat. 

Vizslas often shed little hair, which remains on the surface of their skin. When you brush your pet, you can have the opportunity to remove all that fur to stimulate the circulation of its coat. During this process, you can add natural oils or other healthy products to your dog’s skin. 

Anyone would think that we are just brushing the fur of our Vizsla. However, this is our time to check if our pet has fleas, ticks, scratches, irritations, dry and scaly patches, swellings, or lumps. That will allow you to detect any physical or health problem that your dog may suffer in time and take it to the vet as soon as possible. 

It is important that you take into account the number of times you should brush your dog’s coat. Usually, these types of pets, like humans, often get bored with certain repetitive things. That is, if you clean the fur of your Vizsla every day or a large part of the week, you will irritate it. It is advisable to carry out this process at least once a week. However, if your dog is having problems with hair loss, you will need to treat it more often. 

That is not all. You need to choose the right brush for a short coat. The most recommended for this type of hair is the bristle brush. This instrument is perfect since it will avoid damaging our pet’s skin and plucking hairs that we should not. 

Hair Shedding 

Most dogs have hair loss as it is a natural process. We have to keep in mind that the Vizslas do not shed hair excessively, and that is a positive thing for them and us, their owners. 

This process can occur at any time of the year, but it is more frequent during the spring since our pet needs to get rid of the fur that winter mistreated. This situation occurs typically in Vizslas of all ages but is more frequent in adult ones. 

In the case of the Vizslas puppies, something similar happens. However, we must bear in mind that they begin to shed their fur from six months of age. It occurs because they are born with a thin and soft coat that is replaced by a denser layer which is what the adult ones initially present. 

If you do not have time to brush your pet’s fur, it is necessary to take it to a professional groomer to carry out the most common activities to maintain the hair (washing, conditioning, drying, and brushing). In addition, you can take advantage of acquiring other hygiene services necessary for your Vizsla. 

Grooming a Vizsla dog
Grooming a Vizsla dog

Vizsla Bath 

This part is essential for almost every living being. Hygiene in our dogs is very important since they are more prone to suffer diseases than us. Therefore, bathing our Vizsla must be a priority for us. 

We must keep in mind that this breed of dog usually stays clean much of the time. Even when our Vizslas get wet, they do not usually present unpleasant odors as with any other kind of dog. That does not mean they do not need a bath often. 

It is vital that you provide a comfortable and pleasant space during the bath since many dogs, especially the Vizslas, are active and cannot keep still. Using warm water helps your pet feel more comfortable. You can use healthy products such as soap and shampoo special for dogs. 

During this process, you should avoid lathering and rinsing certain parts of your Vizsla’s body, such as the eyes, mouth, nose, and especially the ears. There is no specific amount of monthly or annual baths that your dog needs. Just bathe it when it is really dirty. 

It should be noted that cleaning the ears of our dogs is extremely important. That’s because since it has droopy ears, air can’t get through, so they tend to get dirtier. Make sure to clean them properly with special liquids to avoid these residues that can cause infections in our Vizslas ears. 


This breed needs minimal care when it comes to grooming. As we have seen, you only need to carry out necessary activities such as brushing your pet’s fur or bathing it. You should only provide cleaning when they need it or not so frequently since they are always clean. Doing all of this, together with a proper diet, will help your Vizsla prevent any future problems or illnesses

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