Do Vizslas Shed? – Here’s How Much!

The Vizsla is a muscular yet lightly built dog that has great endurance and speed. Its coat is smooth, dense, and short which keeps it protected from the elements. Originally bred to be a gun dog, Vizslas never lacks energy. Just make sure to give them enough exercise, or else, they may become frustrated.

do vizslas shed
Do Vizslas Shed?

Some Vizslas are timid, some stubborn, and others always excited. But all of them are sensitive, affectionate, and protective and these traits make them a favorite breed of many.

Whether you have just adopted a Vizsla or plan to bring one home soon, one question that certainly must be hovering in your mind is do Vizsla dogs shed? Not only shall we answer this question but help you learn more.

Do Vizslas Shed?

Well, there is no non-shedding canine’ at all. Every dog sheds, some less and some more. As far as Vizslas are concerned, they shed to an extent that can be said to be normal. So, you might find some hair on your floor, but not in a huge amount.

Their hair is anyway quite short and so you might not even notice them on your furniture or floor, not until you closely observe them. They shed their lighter-colored coat during spring and in summer, dark, rich-colored hair starts growing.

How Much Do The Vizsla Breeds Shed?

They shed just a normal amount. You should be ready to see some hair on your doggie brush, a little on the floor, and a few on your couch. But, you will never see as much hair as you would if you adopted other breeds like a Labrador or Retriever.

Vizslas shed regularly but lightly. Your house will never be covered in hair, and just regular vacuuming will help you get rid of it easily.

When Can You See The Vizsla Dogs Shedding The Most?

Though Vizslas shed a little almost throughout the year, you may notice a bit more in spring. It is during this time that they drop the extra hair that grew over winter. The summer coat will take its place and you will notice a few hairs here and there.

If your Vizsla is pregnant or feeding then too you can expect more hair shedding than normal. After she stops feeding, her coat will become normal yet again.

Also, if your dog is unwell you may notice extra hair fall. So, if your Vizsla is suddenly shedding excessively without any reason then you must consult a vet.

Diet and the presence of parasites can even be reasons behind your dog shedding some extra hair.

How Can You Handle Vizsla Shedding?

Though you cannot avoid hair shedding completely, you certainly can try and control it. Brushing your dog’s coat on a regular basis will catch any dead hair, and thus you will notice even less hair around your house.

Make sure to use a soft brush that will not only catch the excess hair but also help keep your dog’s coat healthy and beautiful.

You may even use a damp cloth and run it over your pooch to catch some extra hair.

vizsla shedding
Vizsla shedding


Vizslas are friendly, intelligent, protective, and extremely affectionate. What is also great is that you do not have to do much to take care of them. Yes, they do shed, but in much less an amount that will never be a cause of worry. This, in fact, is one of the most important reasons why most people consider adopting this breed, and you too may if you have not brought one home already. 

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