Are Shih Tzus Good With Cats? [ANSWERED]

Shih Tzu being Good With Cat lying next to them

Keep in mind that every dog is individual and a lot will depend on the dogs’ personalities. A Shih Tzu’s personality, genetics, training, and upbringing will make a huge difference in how they interact with cats. It also makes a huge difference how you introduce your Shih Tzu and cat to each other and ensuring you take the right amount of time is key.

Popular Latin Dog Names & Their Meaning

Puppies brazilian terrier in studio

There are so many reasons to consider Latin dog names for your fur buddy. Perhaps you’re proud of your family heritage or recently adopted a dog with Latin roots. Maybe you just really love never-ending cultural offerings, delicious and wide-ranging cuisines, a thriving nightlife, and friendly and welcoming Latin people.

Welcome to SirDoggie
Welcome to SirDoggie