How To Stop A Dog Fight With One Finger

It is said that the most effective way to stop dog fights is to insert one finger inside the dog’s anus. The sudden act surprises the dogs, and they let go of each other to run away. It is necessary to ensure one individual handles each fighting dog as it is essential to make them all let go at once.

how to stop a dog fight with one finger
How to Stop a Dog Fight with One Finger

Dog fights are always freaking loud. It is dangerous to handle fighting dogs if you do not know how to do it properly. And recently, many people have been talking about knowing how to stop a dog fight with one finger.

But is it the only way to break dog fights? Of course not. That’s why I made sure the article covers all the effective methods to handle fighting dogs.

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Two Types Of Dog Fights

If you do not know what type of fight it is, it will become challenging to handle the dogs if you try to break them up.

1. Snappy Fights

This is the most common type of dog fight. Snappy fights are where the dogs keep snapping and barking at each other very loudly. And at one point, they begin to jump on one another aggressively. Though such fights break pretty quickly, you never know when it can take a vicious turn.

2. Grab & Hold Fights

You may not see this type of fight frequently, but this is the most dangerous one. This type of fight begins quietly, with the dogs snarling and growling a bit quietly. But things escalate at one point and turn into an ugly fight. 

Such horrifying fights often make it to the news because of their violent result. There had even been incidents where dogs physically pulled each other apart in such a fight.

6 Effective Ways To Stop Dog Fights

Knowing how to stop a dog fight with one finger sounds good. But you never know how grave the situation is or whether you will be able to handle it, in the same way, all the time. So the best thing to do is know all the effective ways to stop a dog fight.

1. Pull Back By Legs

One of the most effective methods to stop a dogfight is the pullback method. One person grabs each dog by its back legs and pulls them away from each other. Creating the distance will prevent them from getting hold of each other.

That’s why it is essential to pull them as far as possible. But make sure the dog does not turn toward you and bite.

2. Pull Back By Leash/Collar

It does not take much effort to stop a dog fight if it is not very serious. And it is easier to stop it if the dogs are on a leash or have collars on. Pull by the dog’s collar or leash, but not in an aggressive way. Try to stay calm and let your dog know that you are commanding it to break the fight.

3. Using One Finger

This one sounds gross to you, which it is, to be honest. But one woman proved it to be an effective method to stop a vicious dog fight. The trick is to grab the dog’s tail and pull it up, and then insert a finger in its anus.

Doing this will surprise the dog, eventually trying to run away from the situation. But remember to stand it in a position behind the dog so that it would not attack or bite you.

4. Loud Air Horn

The loud air horn trick is another common method to stop dog fights, and it is more common in dog shelters. The sudden loud sound easily startles the dog and gives you enough time to grab and pull the dog back by its collar.

5. Hose Spray

Hose spray works as effectively as the air horn. When the water spray appears out of nowhere, it startles the dogs and can break them apart.

The dogs will tend to run further from the spray, making it easier to break the fight. However, the only problem with this method is that you cannot apply it in any location unless there is a water hose nearby. 

6. Use Break Stick

If a dog has got hold of another dog with its jaw, do not pull it away without breaking the grip first. Pulling the dog back without ensuring that it still has its teeth on the other dog can cause serious injury.

In that case, use a break stick to break the dog’s jaw grip. The break stick is a wooden wedge that you stick between the dog’s jaw and twist it, making it let go of the other dog.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What to do if you own both fighting dogs?

If both fighting dogs are yours, it can be challenging to handle them after the fight. But it is essential to make sure they do not get into a fight again. If the dogs do not get along afterward, you need to keep them separated for the next few hours or even days.

Q. How do you get a dog to release a bite?

If a dog has bitten you but will not release the bite, the best way to get them to release the bite is to grab the dog by its tail. If the dog still does not release the bite, continue to pull it back until it loosens its grip.

Q. How do you know if a dog fight is serious?

Though it is tough to tell when a dog fight will escalate, not all serious dog fights start with a lot of barking. Most of the time, such fights begin with one or more dogs silently staring at each other and growling at a low sound. 

how to stop a dog fight with one finger
Stopping a Dog Fight with One Finger

Final Thoughts

Dog fights are not something people want to be involved in. But if there is no choice but to stop it, try to cautiously use the methods mentioned above. However, it is also essential to know your limits.

It is best not to step into a vicious dog fight alone. And even if the fight seems harmless, it is important to check the dogs for injuries afterward.

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