Should I Get 2 Vizslas?

Many families acquire certain types of animals as pets. That is because they are looking for a life partner with whom they can spend beautiful moments. We know that there are many species that can be considered pets, such as dogs, cats, birds, rodents, snakes, etc. However, not all people acquire them for those reasons. 

should i get 2 vizslas
Should I Get 2 Vizslas?

As we know, dogs are the most common pets that are part of many families. That is mainly because they are very loving and loyal animals towards their loved ones, whether they are their owners or their human family members. The Vizsla is a popular breed in different countries due to the characteristics that it presents. 

Many people tend to acquire these canines for hunting reasons. That is because they are animals that have excellent hunting skills and a high level of physical activity. Therefore, they are highly demanded dogs in certain countries. In addition, Vizslas are usually intelligent and love to learn and train every day. 

However, one of the most important aspects that any Vizsla owner should consider is their personality. Vizslas are usually very loving and friendly to most people, especially their owners and members of their human family.

It should be noted that they can get along with strangers and other animals as long as they have received socialization training from puppies. That is due to the hunting instinct that this canine presents at certain times. 

Why is it necessary to give importance to any aspect of the personality of this canine? Vizslas tend to suffer from separation anxiety. This disorder affects the emotional state of the dog, making it sad and anxious.

It usually happens when the Vizsla is left alone for a long time. These animals hate being alone as they need to be and play with their loved ones most of the time. 

Due to this fact, many people claim that having 2 Vizslas as family members would help a lot in these situations. 

Should I Get 2 Vizslas? 

The first thing to keep in mind is that Vizslas are large breed dogs. Canines of this size can be a great challenge for any person or family, especially if they live in a small house or apartment. However, having only one Vizsla can also be just as difficult as having two as we have to deal with their sensitive personality. 

Although owning two dogs can be challenging for certain families, it is also true that they will provide many physical and emotional benefits. Having two active dogs, such as the Vizsla, will keep us entertained all the time as well as healthy. 

As we have already said, these dogs need the company of members of their human family or even other animals since they tend to get sad and anxious if they are left alone. Another canine companion of the same breed could help in these situations. 

In fact, many people claim that having two Vizslas is better than having just one. There are several reasons why this is true. Some of them are the following: 

Both Vizslas will Keep Each Other Entertained 

Any Vizsla owner knows that this type of dog gets bored easily and quickly. That is because this breed must be physically and mentally stimulated frequently.

Many times, when a Vizsla is left home alone for a long time, it tends to develop destructive behavior in order to release all the energy that it has accumulated. The reason for this is because they need to exercise a lot every day. 

If we have two Vizslas, these situations will be reduced. These dogs love to play and train together with their owners or members of their human family. However, having a canine companion will increase the fun time. Vizslas need to stay happy and cheerful all the time as they are very sensitive mentally. 

It is essential that as owners of these Vizslas, you dedicate between 30 minutes and an hour a day to exercise them. These animals love to run, jump, swim, play, and train. By having two dogs of this breed, the development and socialization process will be faster and more efficient every day. 

In case you are a person who does not have such an active lifestyle, having two Vizslas is a great help since both will play and exercise together, keeping each other entertained. 

The Topic of Separation Anxiety Will No Longer Be a Headache 

Vizslas are highly emotionally sensitive animals that can easily become sad. That is because these dogs suffer from separation anxiety, which is a disorder that occurs when the canine is lonely. 

This situation is especially reflected in families with a busy life. That means that the owners spend a large part of their time working or studying. For that reason, it is most recommended that these canines be acquired only by people or families who have time to dedicate to them. 

However, this situation can be fixed by adding another Vizsla as a family member. We have to bear in mind that it is not easy to reduce the separation anxiety that a dog of this type can suffer since each develops its own personality, behavior, and bonds with its owners. 

Two Vizslas help reduce the separation anxiety they may suffer as they will be able to keep each other company all the time. Both canines will provide emotional support every minute of the day and will never feel alone. 

Two Vizslas Will Give a Lot of Love to the Family 

We already know the personality that these dogs have. Generally, people who acquire a Vizsla must first know everything about this breed, especially its affectionate nature. These canines can become very attached and will follow you everywhere in the house. 

Having two Vizslas will double the love you will receive at home. That can be annoying for many people, but as we have said previously, those who adopt this type of dog already know everything about them so it should not represent a problem. 

Many families who go through hard times tend to adopt a canine to feel love and forget about all the problems. In fact, it is proven that pets help the emotional state of many people. Therefore, acquiring another Vizsla will double the love received at home. 

Having two dogs can be tricky, but they have many advantages that could balance the scale. These canines will help in the physical and mental health of the family members. Besides, the owners will be able to train their dogs more easily. 

two vizsla puppies inside a basket
Two Vizsla puppies inside a basket

Disadvantages of Having Two Vizslas 

We have commented that having 2 Vizslas is positive in many situations, but unfortunately, it is not the right thing for all people. That is because not all families that want to acquire a dog of this type live in large or spacious houses. Many live in apartments or small homes. That is a problem as Vizslas are large breed dogs that can be difficult to handle in small spaces. 

Another disadvantage is related to the economic aspect. Having a Vizsla already represents a weekly expenditure of money. Having two canines of this type will double it. Not all people have enough financial resources to keep two dogs.

Common expenses include food, grooming supplies, vet visits, vaccinations, training costs, accessories and important items (collar, leash, bed, food bowl, etc.), and more. 

Having two Vizslas will require a double effort on your part at times. Although they can be together and not be affected by separation anxiety, the truth is that they need to exercise daily.

Unfortunately, if you or a family member is not at home, these canines will not be able to go out on their own to the backyard or garden to exercise. They need a person to be with them and guide them. That is why having two dogs of this type will require you to organize your schedule and reserve enough time to dedicate to your pets. 

The obedience issue could turn into a disadvantage depending on the situation. If you already had a Vizsla which you trained and taught the corresponding obedience commands, you won’t have any problem.

The problem arises when the new Vizsla comes home. It is possible that it has not received obedience training. In that case, you will have to provide that training to the new pet since teaching the first one would have been a waste of time. 

The last but not least disadvantage is related to travel. Going on vacation with a dog, especially the Vizsla, is challenging but traveling with two such canines can be quite tricky.

The situation can get even more complicated if you don’t have a large car. It is best to leave them in the care of a dog sitter or a member of your family while traveling. In case you want to take them, you could hire a caretaker to take them in another vehicle but keep in mind that this will require additional expenses. 

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