Can a Vizsla Jump Fences?

The Vizsla breed dog is an extremely incredible animal, both in skill and in personality. This canine represents all the physical energy that a dog can possess. 

can a vizsla jump fences
Can a Vizsla Jump Fences?

Vizslas were originally bred for hunting small animals and also for large sporting competitions against other dogs. In addition, they can become fantastic companion dogs for people with disabilities. 

The Vizsla canine is desired by both hunters and many families for being a very versatile animal. This dog is always full of energy, so you will never be bored or lonely if you have a Vizsla at home. 

This precious animal is very intelligent, affectionate, playful, and incredibly agile. If you are a Vizsla dog owner, you should be familiar with the strenuous exercise and training that comes with owning a Vizsla dog. For this reason, many people are not qualified to own a pet like this since they require a lot of time to exercise daily. 

Due to the high level of physical activity that this dog presents, it is important that we take the corresponding security measures to prevent our canines from escaping. Therefore, one of the most common doubts among canine owners is related to whether Vizslas can jump fences. 

Can a Vizsla Jump Fences? 

Yes, most Vizsla dogs have the ability to jump over fences, whether they are from your home or some canine training ground. 

These animals can jump fences over 6 feet high, making them gifted jumpers. However, if you want to keep your pet safe from outside dangers, make sure to put up higher fences so that it cannot reach them with its jumps. 

Does My ​​Vizsla Dog Need a Fence? 

If you want your pet to be at home and not get lost, it is best to install a fence around your entire yard. This way, your Vizsla will be safe and secure in your home. 

However, remember that these canines are quite agile, so you should consider the idea of ​​placing high fences that prevent the escape of the animal. 

Generally, a Vizsla dog will not jump over the fences in your backyard or front yard unless it is boring or lonely. 

Why Should I Put Fences Around My House? 

When you have a dog of this breed, the most logical thing is to put a fence around your house, either in the yard or garden. That is because Vizslas are animals with a high amount of energy and need to expend it somehow, so they always want to rush out of the house at full speed. 

This method is not considered confinement for animals but is a way to protect them from outside dangers, such as car accidents or fights with other dogs. 

Even if your Vizsla is a guard dog, you need to install these fences for safety. 

Can My Vizsla Dog Jump Fences in Sports Competitions? 

These dogs are extraordinarily versatile and can excel in almost any field. One of them is hurdling, which they can do with ease and elegance. 

But, what exactly is jumping the hurdles in dog competitions? 

The operation of the obstacles in a competition involves making the dogs jump over the hurdles from lowest to highest. It can also be traversed laterally by creating an “S.” 

That is why this type of discipline requires slender and agile animals to be carried out, so a Vizsla dog is perfect for it. 

This dog has long, slender legs that allow it to go at great speed when running or propelling. Also, it is quite slim, so it can go even faster when jumping. 

If you consider the idea of ​​entering your pet in this type of competition, be sure to train it well and indicate where it can and cannot jump. That is because when a Vizsla begins to understand how to jump fences, it will believe that it can do it on its home fences as well, which is wrong. 

Vizsla dog jumping on fence
Vizsla dog jumping on the fence

Is It Good or Bad That My Vizsla Dog Knows How to Jump Fences? 

It can be both good and bad. 

On the one hand, it is good. That is because your pet will be able to participate in dog skills and agility competitions. It’s also an excellent condition to be proud of your dog. 

Instead, this can be bad because it gives your pet the opportunity to escape from home or wherever it is. A Vizsla is fast and agile, so searching for it or trying to reach it is difficult. 

However, it is good to mention that if your pet is very attached to you, it will not have the slightest intention of leaving your side, and it will not take importance to jump the garden fences. 

If your Vizsla is very close to you, it will know that the right place to be and live is with you, and it will not think of running away from home. 

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