What Is A Pug Mixed With Corgi?

What is a Pug mixed with Corgi?  Is this what is called a designer dog, hybrid dog, or purebred dog?  I will discuss the dynamics of this hybrid dog in this article. Is this a good breed for you?

pug mixed with corgi
Pug Mixed with Corgi

Pug Mixed With Corgi

Pug dogs mixed with Welsh Corgi are known as Porgi dogs. There is not a lot of history of this designer breed of a Pug mixed with Corgi. For instance, both the Pug and the Corgi dog breeds separately have a long history throughout the world.

The Corgi

The Corgi can trace its ancestry and origin back for hundreds of years.  For instance, they can be traced back to the 1100s.    Corgis are one of the herding breeds and have been used to work on the farm.  They have been used to help herd sheep, cattle, and even horses.  They are extremely popular as companion dogs.  Queen Elizabeth the Second has had Corgis since childhood.

The Pug

The Pug on the other hand also has a rich ancestry.  They can trace their history back to the 1500s.  However, the Pug unlike the Corgi has mainly been bred to be a treasured lapdog.  They have a history that can be traced back to many emperors and wealthy families in China.  They became a status symbol.

So, the Pug mixed with Corgi is a fairly recent addition to the hybrid dog category.

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Pug Corgi Mix

The Pug Corgi mix or the Porgi designer breed brings many good traits from both of the breeds.  The Pug Corgi designer breed is becoming very popular.  However, they are not a recognized breed by the AKC (American Kennel Club.) However, people are willing to spend a lot of money on them.


The Pug and Corgi mix will be a loyal, devoted, loving, and faithful furry friend. They are also very energetic and need quite a bit of exercise.  The following are some of the traits that research shows they have received from both parent dogs.

  1. They are friendly, intelligent, and playful.
  2. The Porgis are easily trained
  3. They will tend to be protective of their families.
  4. The Pug Corgi mix socializes well.
  5. They love to be with their people.
  6. These dogs are very affectionate.
  7. They can be amazing pets.

Pug Corgi Dog

The Pug Corgi dog will have inherited genetic personality traits from both parent dogs.

They can become a challenge to control even though they are little dogs.  It is important that training starts right away with them.  They require consistent and patient training.  They need to be worked with every day.

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Pug and Corgi Mix

Pug and Corgi mix dogs have certain personality traits that need to be considered before making one of them a member of the family.

The Pug mixed with Corgi is a very affectionate dog. For instance, they get along well with other pets and are friendly, loyal, and very smart.  These are areas to consider.

Porgis can tend to have separation anxiety if they are left alone for very long.  Therefore, they are not good dogs to spend a lot of time alone.  They want to be companions so it is important that they normally are not left alone a lot.  One person needs to be able to be home and spend a lot of time with them.

These little dogs are also capable of barking excessively for long periods of time if they are left alone.

Life With Children

Also because of the Corgi genes, they tend to inherit the herding instinct.  This instinct can become very strong, and they think of their family members like they would sheep, etc.    For instance, they tend to want to herd their family members (especially children).

This is a reason why they are more suitable for households that have older children.   Younger children who run around a lot will likely bring out the herding instinct in the Pug Corgi mix. For instance, they will run after young children, barking at them and sometimes nipping at their heels to keep them where the dog thinks they belong.

Pug/Corgi Dog Appearance

What does a Pug/Corgi dog look like?  These little dogs tend to be adorable in looks. Their faces are flat and resemble the Pug. Pug/Corgis have dark brown eyes, however, they do not bulge. They usually have bodies that resemble the Corgi with short little legs.

These little ones usually have dark masks and curled tails like the Pug. Their ears are like the pug and flop down.

The Porgis come in many different colors such as fawn, black, red, tan, and sable. Their fur is short, straight, and dense. However, these dogs can have fluffiness on their tail because of the Corgi.

Normally they are 10 to 13 inches in height and they can weigh between 18 to 30 pounds.

Their lifespan can be between 12 to 15 years with proper care. Therefore, the Pug/Corgis are very cute little dogs.

Pug and Corgi Mix 

Pug and Corgi mix dogs can have health risks.  Due to the cross-breeding, they may develop health issues that can be severe.  Some of these issues are as follows:

  1. Pug and Corgi mix dogs can have a health problem called Achondroplasia. They have stumpy short legs.  Due to their bulky build and short legs, they can develop hip dysplasia.   This can cause them great pain if they develop arthritis.
  2. Dwarfism is also something that the Pug and Corgi mix can have due to the

Achondroplasia. The Corgi is in fact an achondroplasia dwarf.

  1. They can develop intervertebral disk disease known as (VDD). This is a

condition in which the Pug and Corgi’s back discs can herniate and cause them great pain and also can possibly lead to paralysis.

  1. Due to the fact that the Pug and Corgi mix can inherit the flat face of Pug, they also can possibly have Brachycephalic syndrome. This causes them to have the breathing problems that short snout dogs can develop.
pug and corgi
Pug and Corgi


Pug Mixed With Corgi

Pugs mixed with Corgi make very good companions.  However, no matter how adorable they are, they do better in a family with older children. They need to have someone home most of the time since they do not like to be alone. They need consistent training and careful attention to their health.   With special love and affection, they will be loyal, loving, faithful companions.  They are truly unique little designer dogs that are cherished by many people.

What is a Pug mixed with Corgi?  Is this what is called a designer dog, hybrid dog, or purebred dog?  I will discuss the dynamics of this hybrid dog in this article.  Is this a good breed for you?

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