Maltese and Pug Mix

What do you get if you combine two cutie-pie designer toy dogs? You get double the cuteness in a Maltese and Pug mix puppy, one of the most adorable hybrid pups in the canine world. It has a great personality in a tiny body and it makes a perfect companion dog. Especially for older people and kids. The Maltipug thrives in a human company, willing to please and crack up their owners. They are super dorky, but that just adds to their charm.

maltese and pug mix
Maltese and Pug Mix

Pug cross Maltese puppies are rarely taller than 14 inches and don’t weigh more than 20 pounds. Their lifespan is quite average among the canines: anywhere from 13 to 15 years. Colors are not that abundant actually: you can spot black, fawn, apricot, or white Maltipug dogs.

On some occasions, they will have different mixed colors. For example, a black body with a white tuxedo spot in the front). Its coat is of normal density, with its length depending on who the hybrid pup took after. If the Maltipug took after its Pug parent, then the coat length will be more on the short end. However, in case it took after its Maltese ancestor, the coat will be longer, but it will not shed as much.

 Thinking about getting a Maltese and Pug Mixed pup? If you are not sure whether this breed is the right choice for you, let’s take a look at some common breed pros and cons to find out.

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Maltese and Pug Mix Pros

  • Extremely Loyal and Social: the breed is such a goofball, it will constantly crack you up without trying too hard. It’s kind of a “class clown” dog, always up for some fun, games, and thrill. Whether a Pug cross Maltese pup sees you for the first time or not, it will treat you like you are the best thing ever! Lots of wet kisses and hugs will be coming your way when socializing with such a friendly pooch. It gets a lot of pleasure from being its master’s “tail” and participating in activities that its pet parent engages in.
  • Doesn’t Require Much Living Space: since it’s a toy breed dog, it doesn’t need a lot of roaming around the room. Any type of living environment will be suitable, be it a condo or a big two-family house. You just have to make sure that you have enough space to put a crate where your pup can go and sleep or be confined while you are away. 
  • Exercise Needs Are Low: the Maltese and Pug mix pooch will need about 25-30 minutes of moderate activity throughout the day. Just a few potty walks will be plenty. It can play with you inside or entertain itself with some cool puzzle toys available on the pet market. 
  • Children-Friendly Breed: little humans will love playing with their dog siblings! You won’t have to worry about your Maltipug snapping or growling at a child as they don’t have a mean streak in them. The hybrid pup has two very friendly ancestors as parent breeds: a Pug and a Maltese. The combo means double the amiability and playfulness. Hence it will be hard to find a better buddy for a kid, for sure!

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  • Grooming Needs Are Demanding: The Malt predecessor gave a Pug cross Maltese breed a much longer, and thicker coat, which needs to be well taken care of.  Brushing it out, bathing, and checking for parasites are all good strategies to keep it in great condition. Their mane tends to get extremely tangly because of the fact that it’s longer than a Pug’s coat. Therefore, you need to invest in a good comb to make the detangling process easier. Also, it is very important to feed your mixed pal good quality foods for the coat to be in its tip-top shape. If a pooch gets plenty of nutrients, its coat will be shiny, thick, and lustrous. Other canine counterparts are definitely going to be envious of it!
  • If not Trained the Right Way, Tends to Be Bossy: A pet parent of a Maltipug cannot “baby” the pooch too much. Otherwise, it is possible that the dog is going to feel like it’s a pack leader, not the owner. This hybrid fella tends to have a little bit of the “Napoleonic Complex” going on: big ambitions in a small body. Dogs sense weakness in a heartbeat and use it to their advantage. Don’t let the furry pal run you, you have to show it who the boss is. Otherwise, you risk getting a very disobedient, stubborn canine fella. 
  • Multiple Health Issues: This mixed pup is prone to the same health issues its pet parents are prone to. Some of them include eye, dental, skin, and bone structure problems. Occasionally: deafness, allergies, and seizures. It is best for any owner to stay on top of his/her dog’s well-being by bringing it to the vet clinic regularly.
  • Not the Easiest Breed to Raise: unfortunately, the Maltese and Pug mix furry friend inherited the stubbornness streak from its Pug parent. Therefore, it might not be the easiest dog to train. A pet parent has to establish boundaries and show who the real “boss” is without falling into the pup’s cuteness trap.  It is super hard when you are dealing with somebody this little, and fluffy. However, don’t give in to the pooch’s “tricks.” Hold your ground, be firm, but fair at the same time.

Taking Care Of A Maltese and Pug Mix Puppy

  1. Diet: you have to watch how much your Maltese and Pug canine companion eats. The reason is that it tends to gain weight quickly because of its small body size. One cup of good quality dry food a day should be sufficient to make sure it gets all the necessary nutrients. Always consult a vet to make sure you are following a proper feeding schedule.
  2. Exercise: as mentioned before, this type of breed doesn’t require strenuous types of activities, just a few walks a day. It likes to play with its human caregivers. Hence you can buy special kinds of toys both of you can enjoy. Some examples may be a bouncy ball, a frisbee, or a puzzle toy like Kong.
  3. Health: take your canine friend to the vet regularly to supervise their mental and physical wellbeing. Try to do a little preventative maintenance yourself, like brushing its teeth, detangling its coat, and periodically bathing it as well.
maltese mixed with pug
Maltese Mixed with Pug


If you are a fan of the toy group breeds, a Maltese and Pug mix should be right up your alley. It doesn’t require much living space and is very adaptable to its owner’s needs. It will be hard to find a more friendly, goofy, and devoted fella. Take care of it and it will gladly return the favor!

Happy bonding!

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