How to Make a Squeaky Toy Quieter

Doggies love their toys, especially ones that squeak. And they have a grand ‘ole time with them too. While this is 7th heaven for your contented pooch, this might be murder on your ears. So, it’s the eternal question, is there a way to make a squeaky toy quieter?

how to make a squeaky toy quieter
How to Make a Squeaky Toy Quieter

There’s no surefire method for how to make a squeaky toy quieter. If you muzzle or remove the sound of the squeak, the dog will stop playing with it. There are many running theories, but the main one is that squeaky toys, especially ones in the shape of typical prey, tap into a dog’s hunting instincts.

Such toys are essential if you’re training your dog for hunting, guardianship, and general protective detail. Regardless of the reason behind it, here are some things you can do to reduce the noise while still allowing Fido his fun time.

Why Can’t You Make a Squeaky Toy Quieter?

Regardless of the breed or size of dog you have, its natural inclination is to chase smaller prey. It’s part of their ancestral makeup. Therefore, it’s not farfetched to assume this is a reason why dogs love them.

If you remove this aspect from the toy, the dog will lose enthusiasm for it. The dog may consider it “dead” and therefore its mission is complete. While this may be a tempting solution, it may be a little cruel depending on the situation.

Predatory Instincts

These emulate the live prey they would normally chase outside or hunt in the wild. The squeak imitates the cry this prey would make upon its defeat. Ergo, the squeaky toy serves a role within the dog’s primal nature. However, no one has been able to prove this yet; it’s still a theory.

Fantastic Interactivity

Another idea postulates that dogs simply love the interactivity of such a toy. The response is a non-threatening confirmation that provides a cause-and-effect type of game.

Are There Methods for Dealing with Squeaky Toys?

Before you take the squeaky toy away, consider the following tips and techniques:

  • Squeaky Playtime: In many ways, your dog needs at least one or two squeaky toys around to play with. So, it’s a good idea to set aside a certain amount of time every day when you let the dog go to town. You can make it so that the dog plays while you watch movies or listen to music, as a suggestion.
  • Outside Only: Perhaps you could just let the squeaky toys be outside with the dog and keep them there. Train the dog to only have them outside and never indoors.
  • Use as a Reward: If you are training your dog, for any particular thing, you can use the squeaky toy as a reward when they do a good job. This way the squeaky toy will be special and it will let the dog know he completed tasks with flying colors.

Are There Any Other Tips regarding Squeaky Toys?

Of course, one of your best defenses when buying toys for your dog is doing a full inspection on them before you make a purchase. If the dog doesn’t have the toy to begin with he/she won’t know what their missing.

Get Plush

One thing you can look for in a dog toy is opting for a plush one rather than plastic. While there will still be noise, it could have the potential to be easier on your ears. The hard, raw plastic of some squeaky toys seems to amplify the decibel range. So much so that it can even invade phone conversations.

Soft; Silent Squeaks

This brings us to the second point of inspection: ensuring it has a softer more pleasant-sounding squeak. If you can’t test the sound before you bring the toy home, leave it on the shelf at the store and move on to something else.

Some dog toy manufacturers produce a silent squeaking toy. While this may seem like an oxymoron, there’s anti-squeak technology that gives the dog the satisfying sensation of the imitated whimper while being completely silent to your ears. These toys are more expensive, but they’re worth it.

On/Off Feature

Some squeaky toys offer an on/off feature (see Amazon). You can turn them on when it’s suitable or to fulfill your squeaky toy playtime schedule. Then, you can shut them off if you need to make a phone call or because you want to go to sleep.

What Should You Do If Someone Buys a Squeaky Toy for Your Dog?

Sometimes family and friends want to buy our dogs a gift, which is cute and very thoughtful. So, you don’t want to scold someone if they happen to bring a toy that’s super loud and noisy. If it’s possible, try to mention how you don’t like noisy, squeaky toys beforehand.

adorable dalmatian dog playing with a squeaky toy indoor
Adorable Dalmatian dog playing with a squeaky toy indoor


While there’s no real way to physically make squeaky toys quieter, there are several other approaches you can take. You may have to experiment with a few until you find one that works. But, in the end, your dog should have some kind of squeaky toy to play with.

Not only will this give your dog the joy and satisfaction it seeks but it will also help hone their predatory instincts. At the very least, buy squeaky toys that have silencing features.

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