How To Clean A Pug’s Nose: A Guide To A Proper Pug Hygiene

How many times a day do you clean yourself? I bet for any neat human the answer would be “At least twice a day.” A clean body acts as a shield against bacteria-driven ailments.

how to clean a pugs nose
How to Clean a Pug’s Nose

Mankind learned from the mistakes of the past centuries when personal sanitation rituals were almost non-existent. That kind of negligence leads to various widespread diseases (like the European plague, for example). And just like people, canines need to adhere to a wash-up routine to avoid having problems like skin rashes, teeth, and ear infections.

Some breeds are more prone to those ailments just because their face structure is set up a certain way. For instance, brachycephalic breeds like Pugs constantly get nose and eye diseases since a Pug’s face is covered in wrinkles, harboring illness-causing bacteria. So, how to clean a Pug’s nose the right way to avoid those nasty things?

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How Often Do Canines Need Cleaning?

Before we jump into the Pug-specific breed’s needs, we can briefly cover general info on all mutts and their preferred hygiene ritual. 

We know that pooches need to be healthy and smell good. However, some owners may be wondering exactly how often his/her mutt needs to get into that bathtub. The answer varies on your dog’s activity level, age, breed specificities, and, of course, your schedule.

A lawyer pet mom will not have as much time to give her bundle of joy baths as a stay-at-home mom would. A Greyhound may not need the same vigorous tidying-up routine compared to a Pug’s needs, for instance. The former’s coat is very short and has no skin folds whereas the latter is covered in wrinkles. A Pug’s nose is the one place on its face where they are the most abundant.  

A good rule of thumb is to see how long your dog’s coat is and how active it is throughout the day. These factors help determine when the next bathing session should take place. The vast majority of canines need to be bathed at least 4 times a year.

Hence, every 3 months it is time to go play with bubbles. Well, yes, why not try making bath times more fun for your dog, right? It will thank you later, guaranteed. Also, a foul smell should be a good enough indicator to go dip in aqua ASAP. After all, nobody likes to have a stinky dog around. Just as gross as a smelly vagabond would be, if not more.  

If you own a Pug, you know a thing or two about them exhibiting a very unpleasant odor, coming from their body folds. So if you need to know how to clean Pug’s wrinkles the right way, stay tuned! 

Specific Flat-Faced Breeds Cleaning Requirements

Any smushy-faced breed such as a Bulldog, Shih-Tzu, Pekinese, or Pug needs very particular cleaning guidelines. Since they are known for those numerous facial folds covering their “visages” in their entirety an owner may be asking himself “How to clean a Pug’s nose properly?” Or any other flat-faced breed’s snout for that matter. 

Wipe wrinkles down regularly

There has to be a routine established where an owner has to remember to wipe down wrinkles daily. Yes, it sounds like a daunting task, especially if you are coming late from work tired. However, it is a necessity rather than a choice.

You want your furry friend to be healthy and happy for days to come, right? Set a reminder on your smartphone and try to do it every day at the same time. Pretty soon it will become a habit, like brushing your teeth. 

All you do is take a damp clean cloth or a baby wipe and gently, but thoroughly clean your Pug’s face. Concentrate particularly on the peepers as well as the snout. Then rinse the cloth well or in the case with wipes, toss them in the garbage. 

Inspect all the folds for the presence of inspection

After you are done with the wiping part, you can closely look at the skin in between the folds. See an irritation, redness, and/or discharge? This might indicate an infection. Hence it is best to schedule a vet appointment as soon as possible.

Don’t apply too much pressure

Try to be gentle with your pooch. After all, it is probably not the most desirable thing to experience for any canine. Control your pressure, and watch for any discomfort signs from your wrinkled fella. 

Dry folds after cleaning

A very important step in the whole cleaning ritual. You have to dry your Pug’s wrinkles so that bacteria won’t stand a chance of surviving in the moist, and warm environment of a Pug’s visage. Just simply take a paper towel and use gentle sweeping motions to move across the folds.

Try to get as deep as you can in between them. You can also examine the area with your clean dry hand to double-check that no spots are left untouched.

Apply oil to a crusty nose

So, how to clean a Pug’s nose for it to stay shiny and healthy? Well, you have to wipe it down and dry it the same way you would do the rest of the face. Just don’t forget about applying either coconut or apricot oil onto a Pug’s snout to avoid a “crusty nose” syndrome. 

It is very similar to a two-legged chapped lips situation. Your pout can get dry in the cold if you have a habit of licking it frequently. Consequently, you would usually apply chapstick, wouldn’t you? Well, oil becomes a Pug’s much-needed chapstick in this case.

Bathing should become a necessary routine

Pugs don’t need baths very often, usually once in a few months. Yet, if you notice that it starts to stink badly, it is time to hit the bathtub. Use a very mild, tearless shampoo, preferably sulfate- and preservative-free.

A mutt has to associate baths with something pleasant and would be reluctant to comply if a shampoo is causing any kind of discomfort. More so since Pugs are very good candidates for a skin allergy.

pugs nose
Pug’s nose


Hopefully, after reading this material you not only know how to clean a Pug’s nose the right way, but also the rest of its smushy and oh-so-cute face. It is imperative to be on top of your canine’s hygiene to eliminate the possibility of a skin rash and/or serious infection. If you follow the guidelines described above, you will have one squeaky-clean, merry dog!

And a little extra tip: for those extra stubborn bath haters, a few of their favorite treats will go a long way! They will learn to associate cleaning with something enjoyable, something they will be looking forward to.

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